March 2012 Questions... answered here!

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March 2012 Questions... answered here!

Post by Spideydude » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:15 pm

Since I won't be able to come on the show due to last minute work commitments, so I couldn't leave you hanging high and dry.
BertoneBeatle wrote: Zach:

If the "Scarlet Spider" comic is successful, we may have Kaine surpassing Ben in terms of amount of issues in the Scarlet Spider mantle. Thoughts on that?
You know, I don't mind. It's a good hting that someone who is a legit legacy character get the mantle. Sure the MVP clones were, ya know, clones, but there is an intimate connection between the characters.
tnr105 wrote: Zach: Though cured of his degeneration, Kaine still retains the Mark of Kaine, as he used the ability on himself to basically get a shave. Is this cool or nonsensical?
The Mark of Kaine was originally just Peter's wall crawling ability, simply augmented. No problems. Although that scene where he cuts his hair could've been a little more clear. Superman used to give himself shaves using his laser vision and a piece of his ship that brought him to earth, so its cool with me.
Proto Goblin wrote:Zach: Do you think it would have been better if they made Harry the mastermind behind the clone saga or do you think Norman proved to be the better choice?
I explained this in the 11th episode of Clone Saga Chronicles. (found here.) But the jist was this: In Blood Brothers, the evidence was all pointing to Harry. But Bob Harras was the one who stepped in and said that Harry wasn't capable. (Even though he had done so in stories such as Lifetheft.) So Norman proved to be the long term better choice, but I think Harry would've worked better as Gaunt. :-)
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