Spider-Man: Crawl Space #6 - Spider-Man Black Part 4

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Spider-Man: Crawl Space #6 - Spider-Man Black Part 4

Post by Kevin Cushing » Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:10 pm

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Spider-Man: Crawl Space #6
“Spider-Man Black Part 4 – Richard and Mary Parker: Agents of SHIELD”
By Kevin Cushing
Cover A by Scott J. Larson
Cover B by Enigma_2099 and Brandon DP

Previously in Spider-Man: Crawl Space - Following the shooting death of Aunt May, Peter and Mary Jane Parker were able to reverse their deal with Mephisto that had wiped their marriage from history. The shooter, Killshot, told Peter he was hired by a man with no face. After murdering Killshot in his cell, the Faceless Man was given back his lost memory by his employer, the Black Spider. The Faceless Man has now returned to his original identity, that of Gabriel Stacy, the Grey Goblin. Meanwhile, Harry Osborn has returned after his apparent death years ago and taken the life of his father, Norman Osborn. When the now deceased Green Goblin's will was read, all parties were shocked to find he had left everything, including his company, to Peter Parker. The Grey Goblin, having attacked and left the Black Spider, had a brief run in with Spider-Man, in which he gave him one of the Black Spider's gloves. Peter took the glove to Oscorp for DNA testing, and the results are in - the DNA is a match for a sibling relationship with Peter himself - though Peter has not seen these results yet. Before he could get to them, the Black Spider showed up out of costume and introduced himself to Peter. His name is Simon Parker - Peter Parker's brother.


Panel 1: Full page. Mary Jane lies on her bed looking bored. There are shopping bags beside the bed.
Ok, had coffee with Carlie, saw a movie with Carlie, went shopping with Carlie, had hotdogs with Carlie, came home to find Peter still gone.
Yep, it’s official, I’m honeymooning with Carlie Cooper.
I’m sure Peter’ll be home soon.
Oo, maybe Hydroman and Sandman teamed up again. Mud is kinda sexy.
Of course, he’d have to tear his suit to get any on him.
Man, I don’t wanna sew Spider-suits on my honeymoon.
He’s probably just webbing up the Hypno Hustler for crashing senior singles night at the disco bar…


Panel 1: Oscorp. Peter has Simon by the arm and is walking him past Menken. Peter speaks to Menken. Menken is gesturing to a nearby door with one hand while holding out a file with the other. Peter is taking the file with the hand not holding Simon’s arm.
Yes, of course, right through here, sir.
And here are the DNA results you requested.

Panel 2: In a large office (hereafter referred to as “Peter’s Office”) Peter is forcibly sitting Simon down in a chair on the outside of the desk.

Panel 3: Peter sits down in the chair behind the large desk and he sets the file down.

Panel 4: Simon straightens his jacket, but is unphased. He is still smiling.
Pleased to meet you, too, brother.
My parents died a long time ago, leaving me an orphan. I do not have a brother.
I’m waiting for you to tell me who the hell you are.

Panel 5: Simon settles into his chair, ready to spin a yarn.
Fine, I understand.
Story time.


Panel 1: Flashback. As this issue is predominantly flashback, this will not be noted again until it changes. The setting is CIA headquarters roughly 30 years ago. Sitting behind her secretary’s desk is a smiling Mary Parker, as Richard Parker leans with his hand on it, smiling charmingly.
“As I’m sure you know, Richard Parker and Mary Fitzpatrick met working for the CIA.
You are too forward, Mr. Parker.
Mary, you’re beautiful and I’m a secret agent. Give me one good reason we wouldn’t be a couple so spectacular they’d tell stories about us.
Because they’ll all be classified.

Panel 2: Close up of Richard with one eyebrow raised and an even bigger smile.
But you say “will” rather than “would.”

Panel 3: Largest panel on the page. A collage of Richard and Mary’s lives, beginning on the left with the two kissing in wedding clothes, flowing into Mary rescuing Richard (in scuba gear) from the sea, into the two holding newborn Peter, and finally Nick Fury handing them his card.
“They did become the stuff of legend. Epic romance, international intrigue, the birth of a son who would grow up to do great things, and charter membership in SHIELD, still the greatest espionage agency on Earth.

Panel 4: Richard stands talking to Nick Fury deep inside a SHIELD base. Fury holds a file in his hand.
“But that’s when the fairytale came to an end…
We’ve got a Red Skull problem.
Our agents have confirmed he’s headin’ up a new organization in Algeria, and he’s startin’ to bug me.
It’s in Africa.
I know. And – exactly. Why would an old Nazi set up shop in Africa?
That’s the thing. We’re pretty sure Johann Schmidt is dead. Which begs the question,
who the hell is this guy and why is he callin’ himself the Red Skull?

Panel 1: Fury hands the file to Richard.
That’s your job.
Get in, get his trust, find out what’s goin’ on.
I want Mary with me on this one.
Look Parker, I know she wears the pants in this marriage, but –
Nick, the international man of mystery thing is great for charming women in bars out of their secrets, but not for gaining the trust of a paranoid leader of a crime ring.
Particularly not one crazy enough to impersonate the Red Skull.

Panel 2: Richard gestures with the file, making his case, and Fury looks contemplative.
If we go in as man and wife, it shows stability and helps create back story.
Let’s face it, when he’s deciding whether or not to trust me, he’ll be thinking a spy couldn’t possibly have the balls to bring his wife along on an undercover mission.
Those you definitely have.

Panel 3: Richard and Mary’s bedroom. We see the two from the neck up, kissing.
“So they shared one last night of marital bliss as the Parkers before going deep undercover.
Yes, you were probably in the other room. Try not to visualize.
I love you.
I adore you.

Panel 4: Algeria. The office of the Red Skull. The Red Skull is welcoming Richard and Mary.
“They insinuated themselves into small work with the Red Skull’s henchmen, eventually gaining their trust and the interest of the Red Skull himself.
Welcome to the Red Circle!
I’ve heard great things about the two American expatriates. I do hope you can live up.


Panel 1: Richard and Mary’s small bedroom in the Red Skull’s mansion. Mary is on the bed looking frightened, and Richard is facing away from her (towards the audience) while cleaning his gun. He looks as carefree as ever.
Well if you’re not feeling well I can do tonight’s run by myself, sweetheart.
No, Richard, you’re not hearing me.
I got sick this morning.
As in morning sickness.

Panel 2: The same, but Richard’s face is shocked and he’s stopped cleaning his gun.
Honey, I’m pregnant.

Panel 3: Richard is by Mary’s bedside, holding her hands.
Are you sure? I mean, couldn’t you have just had too much to drink last night?
Sweetie, I’ve been pregnant before. I’m sure.

Panel 4: Richard is sitting beside her on the bed, looking lost. Mary’s arm is around his shoulder.
I’ve gotta get you outta here. We’ve gotta get you home.
So the Red Skull can torture you when he thinks I’ve gone to report to our superiors?
No Rich, we’ve gotta stay here. We’re too deep now. If one of us leaves the other is in a world of trouble, and if we both leave no one’s ever going to get as far as we have again.

Panel 5: Close on their faces. Mary has her finger under Richard’s chin, holding it up so he meets her loving gaze.
Hey, our cover is as a married couple.
The timing just means exactly what happened – we spent the night together shortly before we came here. There’s nothing odd or out of the ordinary about that. We’ll be fine.


Panel 1: The Red Skull’s office, close on the Red Skulls face, furious and screaming.
RED SKULL (burst):
Who are you?!
“Eventually, of course, someone in The Red Skull’s own spy network found out that Richard and Mary weren’t who they said they were.

Panel 2: Richard and a very pregnant Mary are sitting on the other side of the Red Skull’s desk trying to look like they don’t know what’s going on.
What the hell are you talking about, Malik? You know us. We’re some of your best earners!
You do not get to use that name!
I am The Red Skull to traitors!

Panel 3: The Red Skull has come around the desk and punched Richard in the face hard enough that he is falling backwards in his chair. Mary looks on, crying with her hands over her mouth.
What does SHIELD know, you arrogant American bastard?!

Panel 4: Close on Richard’s face, looking up and smirking.
Everything, Malik!
They’ll be here any minute!

Panel 4: The Red Skull is shooting Richard in the head. Mary is screaming with tears streaming down her face. There are two henchmen walking into the room.
MARY (burst):

Panel 5: The two henchmen are grabbing the still-screaming Mary as the Red Skull kneels down rifling through Richards pockets.
Cut the thing out of her.
Bring me her body when you’re done.


Panel 1: Richard and Mary’s bedroom. The room is a mess after having been tossed by the Red Skull. He stands in the middle of the room holding two ID cards.
“As I was brought into the world to the sound of our mother’s screams, the Red Skull confirmed what he already knew.

Panel 2: Small panel in tight on the two ID cards, which are Richard and Mary’s SHIELD IDs.

Panel 3: Exterior. Day. A biplane is exploding in the air.
“He loaded their bodies into a plane he’d rigged to blow. The pilot probably didn’t even know it was a one way trip.

Panel 4: The Red Skull is behind his desk talking to one of his agents.
Leak to the Algerian and American newspapers that Richard and Mary Parker were the two people on that plane and that they were my agents.
SHIELD won’t risk admitting that they had spies on Algerian soil, and the Algerian authorities won’t give up the bodies if they don’t.
Case closed.

Panel 5: In a little Algerian shack a young woman is holding baby Simon.
“I was taken care of by his henchman’s wives for the first part of my life.


Panel 1: A battle outside the Red Skull’s compound. Albert Malik’s henchmen are exchanging fire with Johann Schmidt’s, and Malik’s are taking heavy casualties. In the middle of the field, the Red Skull (Schmidt) is shooting the Red Skull (Malik) in the chest.
“Not long after, Johann Schmidt, the original Red Skull, returned to the surprise of everyone, most especially Albert Malik, who’d been posing as the Red Skull this whole time.

Panel 2: Close on the Red Skull (who will always be Johann Schmidt from here on) taking another shot toward the bottom of the panel (Malik is just off panel on the ground getting shot in the head).
“Schmidt laid waste Malik’s entire organization, and killed him for his impersonation.

Panel 3: The Red Skull is holding baby Simon in Malik’s (now his) office.
“He found me to be a curiosity, possibly a unique asset.

Panel 4: Baby Simon is being passed from the Red Skull to an Algerian woman dressed as one his operatives.
“No one really knows why he maintained a base and operatives in Algeria where Malik’s organization had been.
I like to think it was because of me.


Panel 1: A very military looking room. Simon is about 3 years old, sitting behind a table taking a written test.
“I was raised by the Red Skull’s operatives as Simon Schmidt.
They tested and trained me both mentally and physically from an early age.
I did very well at both.

Panel 2: Young Simon is sitting at a table studying pictures of the faces of several world leaders.
“From what I’m told, our intellect is comparable, Peter.
We just have different areas of specialty.
Where you excel at the physical sciences of chemistry, biology, physics, my aptitude was always in the study of people.

Panel 3: Same, but Simon studies a photo of Captain America.
“Give me a face, I can tell you everything going on behind the expression.
I can read motivation, intention, secrets, lies.

Panel 4: Simon is about 10 years old, sitting behind the same table, and being handed a new photo.
“One day I was given a picture to study unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Panel 5: We see from behind Simon’s head that the picture he’s studying is of young Peter Parker, crying outside his house as a cop is telling him his Uncle Ben’s been killed.
This is fascinating. What’s the officer telling him?
He’s an orphan, like you. He’s lived with his aunt and uncle all his life. The policeman is telling him his uncle has just been murdered.

Panel 6: Focusing on Simon’s face. He is intrigued. Excited by this new picture.
He’s crushed, terrified, and angry as you’d expect. But – he’s going to take revenge. He doesn’t just desire revenge like anyone else would, he actually knows exactly how he’s going to take it and absolutely intends to.


Panel 1: As the henchman stands (we only see from his lower torso down) Simon looks up to his face to address him.
I must have more pictures of this boy.
Don’t worry. He is to be your new project.

Panel 2: Simon, a little older, sits at his table with pictures spread out in front of him of things like Peter going to school, talking to Betty, kissing Gwen, hanging out with Harry. A wide variety of images from the Ditko-Romita days.
I got to know you this way, Peter. I witnessed every triumph and tragedy, and through your face got to experience your feelings about everything.
But it came to a point when things started taking a darker turn, and I didn’t understand why.

Panel 3: Simon is in a little office looking very despondent, talking to a psychiatrist.
Now with any other subject I was given to study, I was to report my findings to my superiors and they went on up the chain to the Red Skull himself, I was told.
With you, I was assigned to a psychiatrist simply to help me work through what I learned.
Gwen’s Dad died today. I just – I feel so bad for her. I wish I could comfort her.

Panel 4: Simon, slightly older, is in the psychiatrist’s office again, this time bawling his eyes out.
Of course, before long the doctor couldn’t keep up with me, he didn’t understand what I do. But he was someone to vent my feelings to.
She’s dead! God, that monster killed Gwen!
I don’t understand why these terrible things keep happening to us!
To us?
To Peter. Why they keep happening to Peter.


Panel 1: Young Simon in front of his table again. There are pictures of superheroes scattered all across the table, but he is holding a picture of Spider-Man.
“Now, the Red Skull had me constantly studying the faces of superheroes to try to glean little bits of information.
I think he generally sold my findings to the highest bidder.
But my favorite was always Spider-Man. The full face mask made him one of the only people in the entire world who was a true mystery to me.
I could see an image of Spider-Man in a fight, and I knew what looking at something like that was like for everyone else.
It was exhilarating.

Panel 2: Simon, at his table, holds an image of two Spider-Men in Shea Stadium.
“So imagine my curiosity when I got a picture of two Spider-Men fighting in a stadium.
I thought one must be an imposter, but even I couldn’t tell which one.

Panel 3: Simon, at his table, holds two photos. One of Peter and Mary Jane together, and another of Ben Reilly boarding a bus.
“Only someone who was studying both Peter Parker and Spider-Man so closely could have put it together.
Shortly after two Spider-Men were photographed, two pictures of Peter Parker were taken in completely different places at the exact same time.”

Panel 4: The present, in Peter’s office. Peter looks understandably lost in a whirlwind of thoughts. Simon is leaning forward to reassure him.
Don’t worry, Peter. I’ve kept your secret.
I still thought I was Simon Schmidt back then but, brother or not, I could feel the connection between us. I’ve been protecting you ever since.


Panel 1: Peter has the DNA results folder in his hand, about to open it.
You think I’m Spider-Man –
I know.
You think I’m Spider-Man and, you’re not talking like it, but you’re Algerian. African.
My God, you’re –

Panel 2: Peter has the folder open, and there’s rage on his face. Simon is trying to explain quickly.
Yes, yes I’m the Black Spider, but –

Panel 3: Peter is lunging over the desk about to attack Simon, who is cowering back.
PETER (burst):
You killed her!!!
The Grey Goblin was lying to you! Stop! Stop!
I didn’t kill May!

Panel 4: Peter has stopped over the desk, leaning both hands on it, looming over Simon, angry. Simon is still cowering.
Think about it! The only time you met me, I led you to one of his crimes!
I did associate with him, but it was a mistake! He turned on me when I found out what he was doing and wouldn’t go along with it!
He’s framing me, Peter!

Panel 5: Peter is sitting back down in his chair, but not happily.
Just listen to your spider-sense. If I was this big scary villain, wouldn’t you feel the danger from me?
He’s right, I don’t feel anything from him. But even if he figured out who I was, how does he know about that?
Once I figured out your secret, I was able to figure out what those unexplainable looks on Peter Parker’s face were that I saw sometimes. They were the same thing that let Spider-Man avoid punches and bullets. A spider-sense.
That sounds ridiculous.
And the denial is moronic. Can I continue?
Go ahead. But be convincing.


Panel 1: A collage of images of tragedy in Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s lives. Pictured are Harry’s “death,” Ben Reilly’s death, Jean DeWolff’s death, Peter’s parents’ return, MJ crying after losing the baby, and others.
“Over the years, I wept for you, Peter.”

Panel 2: Simon, a little older, is in the psychiatrist’s office.
He tries. I know he tries his best. But still all these terrible things happen.
I can’t take watching them all suffer!
He needs to be better.

Panel 3: From the end of Captain America #1 (current volume), we see the Winter Soldier shooting the Red Skull in the head.
“Then, without warning, everything changed.

Panel 4: Simon, close to his current age, sits in front of a little TV screen. On the TV is a video of the Red Skull speaking directly to him.
“The Red Skull had recorded a tape to be delivered to me in the event of his death.”
…but the real reason you’ve been training all your life, perfecting your American accent, and studying a worthless nobody like Peter Parker – your real name is Simon Parker.
Peter is your brother. Which makes him a perfect gateway for you to infiltrate American society and continue my work now that I’m gone…


Panel 1: Simon is walking down a non-descript street, coming up to a little storefront filled with TVs playing the news.
“It was a seismic shift for me. I was let out of the compound for the first time in my life, and I wanted to move around and do some personal investigations on a few details I didn’t quite get yet before coming to meet you.”

Panel 2: Simon, along with others, stands looking at the storefront as Peter’s public unmasking from Civil War plays.
PETER (on TV):
My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen.
“I have to admit, I was disappointed you shared our secret with the world.
But I also a felt a little vindicated, even a little special.
You weren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.”

Panel 3: The present, Peter’s office. Peter is shocked, Simon is back to being nonchalant.
You – you remember that?
Yeah, see why the protestations are kind of a waste of time?
He’s one of the two Loki warned me about.* But I still don’t feel any intentions of harm from him. I guess Loki never specifically said the two that remembered everything would be a threat to me, did he?
*Spider-Man: Crawl Space #1

Panel 4: Simon is in Norman Osborn’s Paris mansion where the Stacy’s lived, sometime after they have left it.
“I wish now that I had come straight to you. But I went all over the world investigating things I had only seen in pictures.
I was in Paris, looking into the Stacy twins when –

Panel 5: The same setting, but Simon is on the ground, clutching his head.
“ – you made a deal with a devil and took quite a bit of my memory away.


Panel 1: Largest panel on the page. Simon is being dragged in the front door of the same mental asylum we saw Gabriel Stacy in, screaming at the top of his lungs, out of his mind.
“With so much of my life about the study of you and Spider-Man, and the entire point of my life at the time being investigating and finding you, too much of me went out the window when you changed the world.
I broke.”
SIMON (burst):

Panel 2: Simon is sitting in a padded cell in a straight jacket, completely crazed.
“My life went on that way for a little while. A doddering idiot who only knew little slices of his life.

Panel 3: View into the hallway of the asylum from inside the little window on Simon’s cell door. In the hallway we can see Gabriel (faceless) tossing off guards as he runs, in an obvious display of super strength.
“Though there was one other inmate who interested me…”

Panel 4: Simon and Gabriel are standing in line together in the cafeteria. While Simon shows interest, Gabriel keeps looking straight ahead.
And you do not remember how you lost your face at all?
I can’t remember a thing.


Panel 1: Simon is in a dingy room of the asylum being strapped to a table by two guards. There is a large electronic device at the head of the table. This doesn’t look like the kind of room procedures are usually done in, it is very seedy and dark.
“One day the guards took me to a back room, a room I’d never seen, and strapped me down.”

Panel 2: At the door of the little room, the two guards are leaving as the black clad man from last issue stands in the doorway.
Thank you, gentlemen.
“I was terrified. They just left me there, strapped down, with no word about what was going on.

Panel 3: The black clad man is standing beside Simon’s bed now, looking down at him.
“Then he came.
Mr. Schmidt, I am sorry about this. The doctors here are more than a little unscrupulous and I’m afraid they’ve allowed me to perform my experiments on their patients.

Panel 4: The man is fitting electrodes to Simon’s head.
“He wore black from head to toe. To this day I have no idea who he is. He doesn’t seem to want to take any credit for his work.
As I’m studying the applications of this device to targeted memory retrieval, you were one of the two most interesting cases in this hospital. And since you were the one who came in screaming he knew the identity of Spider-Man, you won out.

Panel 5: The man has his hand on the switch of the machine. Simon is so scared he’s about to cry.
I’m truly sorry you captured my interest. But don’t worry, I’m fairly certain my last test subject’s death gave me all the data I need to keep you alive.


Panel 1: Simon is convulsing violently from the electroshock.
SIMON (burst):

Panel 2: Simon lies still on the table. The man is coming over to him.

Panel 3: The man is helping Simon, who looks very drained, sit up.

Panel 4: Simon looks over to him, smiling.
I have one more thing I want to do here.
Might you be available for a job when I get out?

Panel 5: The man is standing as Simon takes the electrodes off his head.
I’ll find you.
“My best theory is that he knocked something loose in my brain, powerful enough to override whatever your deal did to it.
Because I remembered everything.


Panel 1: Simon is sitting across from Gabriel at a table in the cafeteria, talking to him.
Are you really content to just sit there, eat your jello? You?
I don’t see a lot of other alternatives, do you?

Panel 2: Simon leans in to talk to Gabriel quietly.
I’ve seen what you can do.
I have resources outside of here. I can find out who you are.
I think we can both help each other.

Panel 3: Gabriel reaches across the table to shake Simon’s hand.
“Brining in Gabriel was a mistake.
But like you with that mask on, he was a mystery. Not the lack of skin on his face, I could still read him like a book. It was the lack of memory. The curiosity over who he could be. How he might react differently with his memories. I let my curiosity get the better of me.

Panel 4: Simon and Gabriel are near the front door of the asylum, with Gabriel tossing guards around like toys as Simon utilizes his hand to hand training on others.
“So we walked out of the place.
Between Gabe’s goblin juice and my Red Skull fight training, the guards really couldn’t stop us.

Panel 5: The two are coming out the front doors of the asylum. The guard has rushed after them, but Gabe is punching him in the face. Simon reaches for the guard’s gun, which has gone flying out of his hand.
“I should have seen the mistake I made with Gabe then and there. He was a complete wild man.

Panel 6: The guard is down on the ground, having been knocked out by one punch from Gabe. Simon stands over him with the gun he has caught, shooting him in the head.
“But I kept him from going too far.


Panel 1: Simon stands on a street corner in a ball cap and sunglasses looking across the street at Peter, who is looking in the paper at the classifieds.
“After I broke out, I went to find you, Pete.
And man, what I saw was incredible.

Panel 2: Simon looks on from across the street as Peter goes through the door into Aunt May’s house.
“MJ was gone, you were living with Aunt May again, and you couldn’t even find a job. I felt so bad for you.

Panel 3: We see Peter setting up his camera outside the house that Bobby Carr and MJ are staying in.
“And then MJ came to town, and I finally realized that you two didn’t even know each other anymore!
You’d screwed with your own memory, too!

Panel 4: Largest panel on the page. Simon is in the Black Spider’s cave, wearing his costume and holding his mask in his hand.
“I knew I had to do something. I had to help you. Save you from yourself.


Panel 1: The present, Peter’s office. Peter is sitting back, looking quizzical, and Simon is leaning back in his chair just telling his story without a care in the world.
It took me a little time. Deals with Mephisto are a little out of my usual philosophical depth.

Panel 2: Simon is leaning forward a bit, smiling.
But I finally got it.
I figured if I recreated the event that I’m sure must have led to you making that deal, then this little charade would break down in your head.

Panel 3: Close on Simon’s eyes, reflecting an evil grin.
So yeah, I had Aunt May killed.

Panel 4: Close on Peter, eyes wide, fury on his face, too overcome to react immediately.
You –

Panel 5: Out of a shadowy corner just adjacent to Peter’s chair steps the black clad man, hands not visible at his sides.

Panel 6: As Peter is popping up to lunge at Simon, the man jams two syringes into either side of Peter’s neck. There is shock on Peter’s face.


Panel 1: Peter is slumped over the desk, knocked out, as the man stands over him with the two syringes, empty and removed from Peter’s neck. Simon still sits in his chair unphased.
You always have to be so dramatic]/b].
If you had waited one second longer I would be a bloody mess.

Panel 2: Simon has risen from his chair, and the man is replacing the syringes in the folds of his black outfit.
You were right, he couldn’t feel it coming.

Panel 3: The man is hefting Peter’s limp body onto his shoulder as Simon grabs the file folder off the desk..
Well, thank God that Norman Osborn was enough of a psychotic bastard to create a spider-sense numbing gas.
And thank whoever-it-was that he’s dead.

Panel 4: With Peter over the man’s shoulder, the two of them head to the door of the office. Simon is concealing the folder under his coat.
I wouldn’t want somebody out there that could do things like that.
Though I’ve gotten the impression over the years that Venom can beat spider-sense somehow.
He’ll need to be first on my list.


Panel 1: Full page. Simon and the man are casually strolling down the hall outside Peter’s office in Oscorp, with Peter over the man’s shoulder. Simon is passing directly beside Menken, who he hands an envelope full of money.
Thank you for your services, Mr. Menken.
We’ll take it from here.

NEXT ISSUE: Now that you’ve got a full account of how we got here, it’s all about the here and now! Spider-Man is held captive by The Black Spider, but what are Simon’s plans for his brother? The Grey Goblin might’ve been able to help, but he’ll be a little busy when the Goblin King catches up with him first! And what will Mary Jane do when she decides her husband has been gone for too long? Get all the answers next issue in the penultimate chapter of Spider-Man Black!

*This issue’s soundtrack: Obviously I’ve been working on this thing for so long that quite a few songs have gone into the production. But I think my favorite song to go along with this issue is “All in the Suit That You Wear” by Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a great rock song with some really interesting lyrics, and I just like the idea of the title to go along with the Black Spider/Spider-Man thing. There’s really not a whole lot of strong tie between the song and the issue, but you should all listen to it anyway.


And don’t forget to stop by the discussion thread and let me know what you thought!

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