Crawl Space Avengers #6!

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Crawl Space Avengers #6!

Post by Spideydude » Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:35 pm

Zach and Kevin were starting to get over their differences, but as they were rudely interrupted, by Ninjas. Stone is being bad. Stella has just got back from her date with Danny Rand, the owner of Rand Corperation.

Enigma’s Bar—

Kevin and Zach both held their guns close at the Ninja’s started to circle the men. The readied themselves for an attack, before the men separated out to reveal the leader. Kevin and Zach started to lower their guns, and looked back at one another. The leader sat down, and was brought his beverage.
“Sit. We do not wish to quarrel with you.”
“Don’t look like it.” Zach said looking around
“My name is Hassan. I have been sent here by The Hand to assist you.”
“In what?” Kevin asked annoyed.
“You and your friend in great danger. We’ve been attempted to become part of the Program several months ago. We are aware of what Mr. Douglas is doing with the unclean.”
“Unclean?!” Zach said angrily grabbing him by his collar. His men moved closer before he was waived off. Kevin tried pulling Zach back. Before their eyes met. “We don’t have the ability to beat all of them. Stand down.” Kevin said telepathically. Zach nodded. He looked at the leader of the pack.
“What do you mean?”
“You have abilities that are above the likes of mortal men. You’re not normal. Perhaps my phrase that I used was wrong. I apologize. I must say though, I’m impressed by the amount of intelligence that you have.”
“We have very little intel on the Program.” Kevin said.
“You don’t, but he does.” The leader said pointing at Zach. “SHIELD isn’t just one man, but if it was, it would be THIS man.”
“Get out.” Zach said.
“Am I pissing you off?” He asked gingerly.
“Yes.” Zach said before knocking everyone down. The Ninjas began to attack the two men.
“Is it true?” Kevin asked.
“Somewhat…” Zach said Dodging the attacks of the ninja.



Written By: Zach Joiner
Art by: Gerard Delatour II
Colors from Brandon DP

Zach dialed the Douglas Tower, John Hall, the front office manager answered.
“I need Brad ASAP.” Zach said dodging a Katana
“Who’s speaking?” John asked without stopping what he was doing.
“Zach Joiner.” Zach replied.
“Who?” John said puzzled.
“Zach. Joiner.” Zach said, much more angered this time. He finally held his hand up, and made the men start to calm down, doing it for himself as much as for the sake of the ninja.
“I don’t have you on file.” John said sobbily.
Zach angerly gave the phone to Kevin. “Get. Brad. On. Phone.” Kevin chuckled before walking off. He tapped his Zach Blackberry Off button, handling it back to him.
“So what do you want?” Zach asked while googling the people in front of him on his Blackberry. Realizing he was possibly making a scene, he told Kevin to do it on his iPhone telepathically. Kevin nodded approvingly.
“So what do you want?”
“We need to know about a test subject your father knew. He was my brother. I have not seen him since he left for the institute.”
“Which one?”
The phrase hit Zach like a ton of bricks. His father wasn’t over that institute for very long, but the horror stories that he saw via his fathers mind were nearly unspeakable. Zach closed his eyes, seeing the faces of the people who went there. He knew that his father had attempted to shut it down for malpractice, but to his knowledge, he doesn't know if it’s still open.



“What’s the Institute?” Kevin asked softly, paying Enigma extra for trashing the place. "We'll get back to you on the damage." Annoyed, he took the money and Kevin's card with his number.
“It was established in 1989. There were many unexplained deaths in that place. The Meta humans were sent there if their powers were out of control." Zach said paying for his tab. "There was a physic there who foretold of terrorist attacks, alien invasions, parallel universes similar to ours. His cellmate had raped and tortured him to the point his mind shattered. It had bottled up inside of him, to where the anger made him want to blow up the place. It was nearly wiped off the map. It was replaced a few months later with a new building."
“Which is why we never heard of it?”
“There were 6 stragglers that survived. None of them were the same ethnicity of the leader we just encountered. Unless he was adopted by the man’s folks, which I didn’t get that vibe from him.”
“We going to help them?”
“Yes. For the record, the only reason we don’t know about it…” Kevin inquired as to have Zach fill in the Blank.
“…is because it was a government program.” Zach said as he got out of the car. “It wasn’t like it was going to be on the eleven o clock news. It was something that people were going to hear about because of cases of rape, murder, uncleanness. “
“Your father involved?” Kevin asked. Zach nodded. “Not for long.”
The two had reached the Tower. Stella had ported ahead of them, walking quickly towards the elevator, her backless gown sparked. Zach smiled saying..”Who’s the lucky man?”
“His name is Danny. And don’t probe my head for anymore Intel buster.” She said before looking at turning around and smiling. As the doors opened and the trio stepped in the elevator. “So you resolved your differences?” Kevin replied sarcastically. “We took on some Ninja!” Zach said as if he was a hyperactive little boy. Stella looked at Zach quizzically.
“Explain later. So what interrupted your date?” Kevin said pushing the button for the top floor. Stella shot him a look. Zach too. “It was obvious you’re here urgently. Brad must have something for you to come back to. It’s pretty obvious by the way you’re acting and the way you’re dressed, especially what time it is.”
“Or it’s just a bad date.” Zach chimed in. “Eligible bachelor with a lot of money and power. Not usually the type to give bad vibes. Plus this isn’t your first date with him either, given a backless dress isn’t the normal.” Zach said smiling before seeing the look on Brad’s face, pale, with blood drained away from his face.
“Its.. Your father Zach.” Brad said handing him a folder with DVD in it.


Zach watched the video on the private jet. He looked up to see Stella coming into the cabin. She sat next to him, looking at the screen. His father’s face was on the screen. Zach removed one of his white earbuds.
“You look like him. Move like him.” She Said
“I take heavily off my father’s side.” Zach replied.
“Can we talk?” She said tilting her head to the side.
“About?” Zach said watching the cam
“You and me.” She said looking down at the cabin. “I have felt… different since we mind melted when we went after Stone. I have had more thoughts of you and me than I ever have. What I’m asking is… Did you implant something when we mind melted?”
”Melded. Mind Melded.”He said before continuing. “I can understand your concern. It’s something that a lower man would do if in my position.” He looked out the window. “I did get a glimpse of your thoughts on the other hand. I know how you feel about Kevin.” She looked up staring at Zach, but Zach smiled. “You feel like you’ll never be able to get close to him, because he’s a vampire, and Danny, he’s just interesting, but you can’t see a future with him.”
“Then there’s the mystery man, Not the type of guy you would want to be involved with. You can’t tell what I am because I don’t open up. That’s why you volunteered for this mission. You want to get to know me more. My question is: Why didn’t you just ask?”



Douglas Tower—

Brad looked at his shareholders, smiling.
“Our partnership with the Rand Corporation and Stark Industries will be extremely lucrative. Their various divisions will enable us to expand our outreach, and to expanding the way we can do business. I do hope you guys will support me in this venture.”
“Are we being bought out?” Julio Bertone, one of the shareholders asked.
“No. We’ll just be partners. It will be announced at weeks end if you support it.”
“What about our stocks?” Brandon DelPour asked adding. “Do you think it will go up?”
“Yes, this will enable us to have access to more capital. They’ll be investing in a new bank, were we’ll each deposit money and capital.”
“I’m not sure that I completely understand…” Gerard Delatour asked.
“You’ll just have to trust me.” Brad said, before Wendi, his secretary on duty signaled that he had a phone call. He quickly adjourned the meeting, stating that they would meet again before a vote would be tallied.
“Who’s on the phone?”
“A man named John Black. He wishes to discuss a new Program to the Meta humans.” His secretary replied.
“I’ll take it in my office.” Brad said looking a bit puzzled, before figuring it out himself. He dismissed the meeting for another time.
Upon reaching his office, he quickly grabbed it off the hook.
“You’re pretty clever Black. Using terms that I would see differently than everyone else.”
“I thought you would like that Mr. Douglas. It’s good to finally talk to you.”
Brad quickly tensed up and sat down looking off into the distance. “What is it you want with me?”
“You’ll want to know that Sir Spider escaped.” Black said. “I also will let you know that Stella and Zach are his next targets.”

He hung up. Brad looked at his phone, before dialing Zach .

“Are you guys in Texas?”
“We’ve arrived. What’s up?”
“You need to get what you’re needing to get and get the hell out of there!”
“What are you talking about?” Zach asked. Before looking in his rearview mirror of his Mercedes Benz. Looking, he saw a flash of red before Sir Spider leaped in front of him, Zach swerved to miss him barely succeeding in doing a 180 to a stop. Zach grabbed his gun out of the console, a CIG P20. Zach used the door as a shield.
“What do you want?” Stella asked Sir Spider.
“Him. You can leave.”
“She has no idea where we’re going. I know who you want more than me. I know that you’re wanting to come after Stone, just like us. We’re a mile out. I’m not asking your trust, but I am promising you that I will be a man of my word.” Zach took his Mag out, and took the one out of the chamber as a sign that he was serious. Spider’s mass started to shrink as he started to walk towards the car. He grabbed the gun and loaded it and got into the back seat.


Joiner Family Home—
55 miles outside of Amarillo.

Daniel Joiner Jr. was looking after his father, who lay in his bed. It’s been four months since he slipped into his coma. His mother Denise had just arrived home from her job as a nurse.
“How is he?”
“The same.” Junior replied.
“You need to get ready for workouts. Your team lifts are in an hour and your brother will be home soon.”
“Zach’s in town?”
“On his way. I’ve got Victoria working on dinner.”
The doorbell rang.
Daniel went to answer it, before it was kicked in by one of Stone’s henchmen.
“Your father home?” Stone asked. Junior looked at Stone and became enraged.
“He’s in a coma… BECAUSE OF YOU!” Junior said as he lunged toward him.


Los Angeles California has just experienced something we’ve never seen before… A large Aircraft hovering outside the city, slowly moving towards the coast. More on that as it develops…

Stone sidestepped Junior, and his men quickly rounded him up. Holding him back. Stone took out a syringe and gave it to Zach’s father. His eyes opened. He shot up.
“Mark! What are you-“ Before he could get the phrase off, the door opened and Sir Spider stood in the doorway. As he lept towards Stone, he was stopped midair. Unable to move, Zach walked in holding his hand out.
“Stella get everyone out of here.” She complied, porting in and out of the room taking his family out of the house. Stone henchmen walked out of the house. “Seems you pissed off your buddy Stone, what leaving him to die and thinking he’s dead are two different things. That and drugging my father wasn’t your finest move. What did you think you could get your intel using Chris (The Crazy Guy) to get it out of my father, who is far more advanced than your petty little physic. He has mental blocks that only the most powerful telekinetic can break through. And I know that you don’t have any of those on your payroll.”
As Zach said this, a knock came to the door. The man in black was standing in the doorway. When Zach opened it, Sir Spider attacked him, seemingly these two had a history.*
• See Issue 4, for more Details.
With Sir Spider Distracted, Zach took his chance at disabling him. He grew more in size, and subsequently threw him into the car he drove in with. After seeing the results, Stella ported in to capture Stone, but he had disappeared again, leaving Zach’s Father in the room by himself. She quietly escorted him out, having her back outside to him.
Zach’s clothes were torn and tattered, but his skin was not visibly hurt. Grabbing a shard of glass mentally, he threw into Sir Spider’s skull, instantly killing him. Black had disappeared, but he could still hear his voice.
“Black I assume.”
“You’d be correct. I’m glad you finally fulfilled your destiny.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Your friends are investigating the tip I gave them in New York. You track down Stone, and end up saving him from that beast, who isn’t the real Sir Spider. Watch.”
The Avenger looked at his kill as it started to form into it’s native form, a green skinned wrinkled chinned alien.
“Congrats Zach. You just committed an act of War.”



To Be Continued.
Next issue: War of the Worlds… a 3 Part Event where it’s the coming out Party for the Crawl Space Avengers. And if the Skrulls are here, are the Kree too far behind? It’s the Kree-Skrull war, as you have never seen it, by the end of this issue… you’ll not look at a member of the CSA the same… AGAIN.
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