209912-1“Good night, Miguel…”

WRITER Peter David
ART Will Sliney
COLOR Antonio Fabela & Andres Mossa
LETTERER VC’s Joe Caramagna
EDITOR Devin Lewis

In which we say “Goodbye–for now!” to our much beloved future Spidey…

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SW2099We’re only two issues into the latest bloated crossover event du jour for the Marvel Universe, but at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con Marvel writers are already talking about the plans for what follows in the “aftermath.” I put that in quotes because none of this sounds “aftermathy” so much as it does “prolonged non-aftermath.” We’ll focus on the Spider-related news because… well because we’re a Spider-Man site. Heh!

The Marvel panel featured Peter David, Charles Soule, Editor Katie Kubert and Marvel Content Development Director Sana Amanat. First up – Spider-Man news. From CBR:

Spider-Man fans who enjoy Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s relationship will get a series for themselves which features the pair’s everyday life with their daughter Annie. Things will go awry when their domain leader, Regent, goes after Peter’s family, forcing him to head underground. “It’s a great adventure story, but also a great story about Peter and Mary Jane,” said Amanat, who also teased that Venom will appear in the series.

That’s all we have to go on so far.

Peter David also addressed the question of whether or not Secret Wars 2099 will feature Miguel O’Hara or not (again, via CBR):

David then spoke about his other series, “Secret Wars 2099,” saying that it will star Miguel O’Hara and feature a world wherein all heroes are employees of Alchemax. “If you do not work for them, you are a supervillain, no matter if you’re doing good or bad,” said David. “This storyline will focus on the Avengers of 2099: Captain America, Black Widow, Hercules, Hawkeye, Iron Man and the Vision. My favorite is Captain America, who is a female. [Artist] Will Sliney made her a typical, Wonder Woman-esque superheroine. I said hold on a minute and said we should assume she took the same super solider serum Steve Rogers took. He went from skinny to muscular, so I wanted this Captain America to turn into a muscular woman. I sent him pics of female bodybuilders and he modeled her after them.” David noted that Hulk 2099 will appear in the series, but characters like Ravage, Ghost Rider and Punisher won’t.

You can read more about the Secret Wars aftermath at CBR. For example – Marvelites who didn’t get enough of their favorite heroes acting ridiculously out of character the first time around can rejoice! ‘Civil War 2′ is headed your way.

–George Berryman!

This August, 2015, Secret Wars continues to rage on…and so do the Spidey-Solicits!

•  To protect his family, Spider-Man takes the fight to the god-like REGENT!
•  But that doesn’t mean his daughter will sit back and let her dad have all the “fun!”
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

• The Spiders of the multiverse are in a race against Mayor Norman Osborn to discover what exactly brought them all together!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

• The madness continues as Venom and his squad of monstrous heroes wage all-out war on the SPIDER-QUEEN.
• To reclaim a Manhattan completely overrun by the Queen’s spider-army, Venom’ll need a little help from his friend.
• Which friend? We’ll give you a hint: Thwip!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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Press Conference for Ender's GameThe Blemish – a clickbait celebrity news (i.e. gossip) site – is mad that the Spider-Man films are not taking the proper turn for social justice, damnit! And Lindsay Mulhollen wants you to know about it!

I’d never heard of this site before today. We routinely consult the Googles to find Spider-News for you folks, and every now and then we find something well and truly off the rails. Yesterday the site posted the following regarding the Asa Butterfield Spidey rumors:

Another rendition of Spider-Man, another skinny, nerdy, white dude playing Spider-Man; such is the way of the world.

It’s nearly set in stone, 18-year-old Asa Butterfield is allegedly our next Spider-Man. This name may not be the hugest surprise for up-to-date followers of potential candidates, but it comes as a huge blow to followers of the nearly five-year-long #donald4spiderman campaign. “I just want Spider-Man to be dope. That’s all I want,” lamented Glover over the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man.

I think all Spider-Man fans want Spidey “to be dope,” as it were. Either way, now you know why we shy away from the clickbaity stuff here, Crawlspacers!

Since Marvel redoes Spider-Man with the frequency of Kardashian marriages, this rendition is set to focus on a new, lesser-seen, aspect: the post-bite, high school Peter Parker, which will not be a stretch for baby face Butterfield. Heads up to Butterfield though, the time between remakes is getting near exponentially less: Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield was a 5 year stretch but, Garfield to Butterfield will only leave 3 years or less between. Keep your plastic surgeon on speed dial, Asa.

Where to start? You’d think someone writing for an “entertainment” website would understand the difference between Sony and Marvel when discussing the Spider-Man movies. But you’d be wrong!

The new Spider-Man is set for a summer 2017 release, but we may see Butterfield enter the Marvel universe even sooner in the next Captain America installment. Why will Captain America be hanging around early high school students? Only time will tell. 

Here’s to next time, Donald. At the rate it’s going, we’re probably only a month away from another new Spider-Man; it’s going to be you next time for sure. 

Except that any deal the future Spider-actor makes will cover several pictures. But hey, whatever floats your boat, Blemish! And with their article, ‘The Blemish’ joins such illustrious company as Time Magazine and Forbes (who can’t be bothered with the hyphen!) in their disappointment over a white Spidey.

–George Berryman!

Hey Everyone,

Have a huge and I do mean HUGE collection on EBay right now. I am selling my entire Geoff Johns Green Lantern collection. From Green Lantern: Rebirth to the end of his run on Wraith of the First Lantern. and an original Hal Jordan sketch by Green Lantern artist, Doug Manke. I’m selling off the entire collection due to some house repairs (entire sump pump system broke). The set is as follows:

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Collectors for 5-17-15. See more comic strips at


AsaButterfieldThat’s what both Umberto Gonzales and Kellvin Chavez of Latino Review are claiming.  Back in April 29 of this year, and as posted by George Berryman, the 18-year old star of The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (2008), Hugo (2011) and Ender’s Game (2013) was considered to be one of the front-runners to play Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for a new series of Spider-Man films as part of the deal between Sony Entertainment Pictures and Disney/Marvel Studios.

Now the movie-news rumor website is reporting Butterfield is all but confirmed for the part, with Gonzales stating on his Instagram, “Marvel has officially entered into negotiations with Butterfield’s reps” but that the “paperwork has not been finalized yet.” Chavez also added the following:

Our sources on the ground don’t yet have details of the scope of the new Peter Parker role, but Marvel has said earlier in the year that the character would debut in next springs Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production.

We’ve known to be on the lookout for the many names on the various “short lists” that have come out over the past months as the potential Spider-Men have been whittled down to Butterfield.

However, according to Deadline, while Butterfield is the favorite, there are still other, yet unnamed, actors who are also the running and are current talks with studio execs:

Sources say Ender’s Game‘s Asa Butterflield is one of a select group of actors being strongly considered for the gig. Other insiders estimate that about actors in total are up for the webslinging role, and that Butterfield currently stands as first among equals, though nothing is set in stone.

Likewise, Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit relayed the following posts on his Twitter Feed:

What I know: Asa Butterfield was due to test for SPIDER-MAN this week. But so were a few others. Is Asa Peter Parker?

Are they done testing? What I know: There certainly is no offer. Yet. What I also know: There are certainly many rooting for Asa.

In short, nothing has been made final, and just because an actor is rumored to be testing for the part doesn’t mean he’ll get the part. So for now, consider this to be unconfirmed rumor.  We here are the Crawlspace will keep you posted as this story develops.

SOURCES: Latino Review, Deadline


SecretWars(2015)#2--cover“What is this place?”

And thus, the Marvel Universe of old is no more. But before you can sing, “And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low?” an All-New Marvel Universe is reborn to take its place: Battleworld! Or as I like to call it, the All-New Westeros.

“Secret Wars Part 2, Doom Messiah”

WRITER & DESIGNER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Esad Ribic
COLOR ARTIST: Ive Svorcina
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
PRODUCTION: Idette Winecoor
COVER: Alex Ross
VARIANT COVERS: Esad Ribic; Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi; John Tyler Christopher; Kevin Nowlan; Yasmine Putri
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jon Moisan & Alanna Smith
EDITORS: Tom Brevoort with Wil Moss

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A little while back, Brad was contacted by Power Up Box and I volunteered to review it for the Crawl Space. I have since received my shipment, and I am honored to review it here for your pleasure. Each Month starting at 16.95,* you can receive a box of awesome at your door. If you do not like going to mall for your favorite Superhero collectibles, you can have them delivered to your door! It’s awesome. It’s like your birthday… Each month if you so choose! Got that special person in your life and want to surprise them? Then this is the deal for YOU.
You like Nerdy or geeky gifts? OF COURSE YOU DO. Read on True Believers, and don’t forget to look at the bottom of the post for a special offer, only available for you, our readers!

SIDE NOTE: I received this box the last week of April.
*Stay tuned for a special offer!*
So, you might ask: How does it work?
From their FAQ Page:

Power Up Box is a monthly subscription service that includes geeky, gamer, and pop culture gear. The Power Up Box team goes around the country searching for the best gear there is to assure an epic box every month, every time. We want you to have a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience,” 12 times a year!

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All-NewCaptainAmericaSpecial#1--cover“Looks like it’s up to you, me and a team of hormone-ravaged teenagers.”

So after Spidey and everyone else wondering where the Avengers were at when some former golden-age superhero turned madman showed up, it looks like just one Avenger happened to fly to the rescue. And unlike the Nuhumans (who, like Spidey, have names we barely remember), the All-New Captain America actually gets to do some meaningful stuff along with our favorite wall-crawler.

“Inhuman Error, Part 3”

WRITER: Jeff Loveness
ARTIST: Alec Morgan
COLORIST: Nolan Woodard
LETTERER: VC’s Joe Sabino
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

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SG4 In the penultimate chapter of the first arc, we find ourselves taking a break from the action to spend a little time in the Parker household. Have you ever read The Conversation (ASM #38, Vol 2) by JMS & John Romita Jr? That’s what you’re in for here.

Spider-Gwen #4: Most Wanted Part 4 (of 5)

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist/Cover: Robbi Rodriguez

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

 Designers: Idette Winecoor & Jessica Pizarro

Editors: Devin Lewis & Nick Lowe

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso 

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SecretWars(2015)#1--cover“The Marvel Universe, 1961-2015; The Ultimate Universe, 2000-2015”
–Jonathan Hickman

–Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man of Earth-616

“What the–?”
–Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man of Earth-1610

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.” Or at least I would be if I knew what in the name of Stan Lee was going on, and how this was going to affect our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most confounding apocalypse since Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s Secret Wars.

“Secret Wars, Part 1: The End Times”

WRITER & DESIGNER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Esad Ribic
COLOR ARTIST: Ive Svorcina
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
PRODUCTION: Idette Winecoor
COVER: Alex Ross
VARIANT COVERS: Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi; Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor; John Tyler Christopher; Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts; Butch Guice & Andy Troy; Esad Ribic; Skottie Young; Chip Zdarsky
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jon Moisan & Alanna Smith
EDITORS: Tom Brevoort with Wil Moss

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The Parker Family Swings Into the WARZONES! Your First Look at


New York, NY—May 11th, 2015— Father. Husband. Hero. The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you! Today, Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Mother’s Day to any and all Moms who happen to frequent our little corner of the Internets.

–George Berryman!



Best of Collectors for 5-10-15. Guess who’s coming to visit this weekend… See more comic strips at



The end of the 616 Spider-Man as we know it. Universes shall collide and our last glimpse of the web headed wonder in a universe we’ve all known as love will be…COMPLETELY FORGETTABLE….and before you ask no Silk isn’t in this book at all but this issues variant cover is better than the rest of the book entirely. So way to go Cindy Moon you actually improved a Spider-Man book.

“The Graveyard Shift, Part Three: Trade Secrets”
“Repossession, Part Three: Nothing Left to Lose”

WRITERS: Dan Slott & Christos Gage
PENCILER: Humberto Ramos
INKER: Victor Olazaba
COLORS: Edgar Delgado
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER ARTISTS: Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado
EDITOR: Nick Lowe Read the rest of this entry »

HerbTrimpeSpideyLongtime Marvel artist Herb Trimpe, one of their workhorses, passed away last month at the age of 75.

Back then I commented:

Sad news today. Longtime Marvel artist Herb Trimpe, who drew the first Wolverine in Hulk #181 in 1974, has passed away at age 75.

Trimpe was mostly known for his Hulk and early G.I. Joe work, but he also worked on Spidey stories in Marvel Team-Up and an arc on Spectacular Spider-Man, in which he co-created the Spot.

Today, brings word that Marvel plans to pay tribute to the late artist.


I understand that in next week’s Marvel’s comics, the publisher will be running a tribute page to Herb Trimpe, the comic book artist who worked at the publisher for decades, with the headline “In memory of a giant among legends”.

Featuring Captain America, Hulk, Daredevil and the Human Torch, it uses this photo by Luigi Novi.

–George Berryman!

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#18--cover“Sajani was right. I am a terrible person.”

So the 616 and Ultimate universes are destroyed in Secret Wars—but not before Peter’s company gets destroyed as seen on the cover of this issue. And I must say, I can’t think of a more apt metaphor for this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man than showing complete and utter wreckage on the front cover.

“The Graveyard Shift, Part Three: Trade Secrets”
“Repossession, Part Three: Nothing Left to Lose”

WRITERS: Dan Slott & Christos Gage
PENCILER: Humberto Ramos
INKER: Victor Olazaba
COLORS: Edgar Delgado
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER ARTISTS: Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

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spideymoviedirDeadline Hollywood’s Mike Fleming, Jr. has posted what he says is a short list of possible directors for the upcoming second Spider-Man reboot.

Via Deadline:

In the wake of the massive opening of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it’s no surprise that the audition process everybody’s talking about is the selection of a director for the next iteration of Sony Pictures’ live-action Spider-Man franchise, the first one that teams rights holder Sony Pictures with Marvel Studios genius Kevin Feige (after Ultron became Marvel’s ninth straight hit, is that designation overstatement?)

There are all kinds of rumors raging about the wall crawler, including that Feige and his producing accomplice Amy Pascal are planning an arc that will tell the Spidey story over three to four movies, each covering a year of high school for Peter Parker, who’ll already have been bitten by the radioactive spider so we don’t have to see that all over again. The tone they are searching for in the coming of age tale is John Hughes humor and emotion, plus all the superhero stuff.

Here are the filmmakers I’m told are seriously in the mix right now. Don’t take this as being all inclusive, but it sounds like things are moving quickly and they could make a decision by the end of next week and make a final choice with studio chief Tom Rothman. There is 50/50 and Warm Bodies writer/helmer Jonathan Levine; Ted Melfi, writer/director of Golden Globe-nommed St. Vincent; Pitch Perfect helmer Jason Moore; John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein, the directors/writers of the updated version of John Hughes’ Vacation; and Napoleon Dynamite and Don Verdean writer/director Jared Hess.

Noticeably absent from the list is Drew Goddard. Goddard (a Joss Whedon protege) was tapped as the showrunner for Daredevil before abandoning Marvel for Sony in order to take over their ailing Spider-Franchise, which was listing and taking on water after the disappointment of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Our very own Stillanerd looked into what Sony and Goddard had planned for the Sinister Six movie and at one point Goddard was rumored to be taking over the MCU Spidey – but now Goddard’s name seems to be out. Based on the Sony emails released on Wikileaks, there may have been some bad blood between Goddard and Marvel after he quit Daredevil.  The deal between Disney Marvel and Sony may have removed Goddard from Spider-consideration.

–George Berryman!

ASMAN21Marvel’s Tim Stevens has posted a list of ‘Eight Amazing Moments from the Spider-Marriage.’


For Dan Slott, that aspect of the Webslinger has remained untouchable for years. Thanks to Secret Wars, however, with artist Adam Kubert, the writer can finally chronicle the adventures of a very married Wallcrawler in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS.

To welcome back Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker—and remind fans why people loved their union—we now look back at eight Spectacular moments from their romance.

Spider-fans don’t need to be reminded of the reasons people loved them being married. We’ve remembered it ever since Marvel wrecked it.

On the list are (in order):

Web of Spider-Man #31 (Kraven’s Last Hunt)
Spectacular Spider-Man #245
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19
Amazing Spider-Man #300
Spider-Man: Blue #6
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #220
Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21  (Wedding Issue)

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 hits your local comic shop on June 3.

–George Berryman!

A2WhedonSpeaking on an Empire Magazine podcast, Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon mentioned that he wanted to have Spider-Man and Captain Marvel for the ending of the Avengers sequel.

Via Yahoo UK:

“I wanted all of those people [who do appear]. I said, ‘It would be great if we could just add a few more. If we could have a Captain Marvel there.’ And they talked about it,” Whedon explained.

“And I was like, ‘And Spider-Man, we could do that too, because Sony had approached us during the first movie about a little integration. So, I would have put both of them in, but neither of the deals were made.”

It was during production however that those properties became part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel announced a ‘Captain Marvel’ film for Phase Three last year, and then in February Sony and Marvel announced a joint agreement to bring ‘Spider-Man’ into the fold as well.

“Then they’re like, ‘We’re making a ‘Captain Marvel’ movie and we’ve got Spider-Man as a property,’ and I’m like, ‘I’ve already locked my film you f**kers! Thanks for nothing,’” added a joking Whedon.

We’ll just have to wait for Cap 3!

–George Berryman!

NatashaWhat follows is not a review of the new Avengers movie, which I flat-out loved. It does, however, contain some spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it’s not Spidey related. But it does need to be said. It is an editorial, and it’s strictly my own view.

Back in April, Avengers director Joss Whedon attacked the trailer for Jurassic World, implying it was sexist. Whedon took to Twitter (which he has since deactivated) and said: “… I’m too busy wishing this clip wasn’t 70’s era sexist. She’s a stiff, he’s a life-force – really? Still?”

Later, he admitted that this attack was “bad form.” Not for its content but in its visibility.

Flash forward a few weeks. Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theater screens and suddenly the very people Whedon supports and defends are attacking him for his “sexist” portrayal of the Black Widow. The mounting attacks aimed at Whedon by the angry feminists he always champions may have now chased the director off Twitter.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. And having said that, I will now defend Joss Whedon from his detractors.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is not sexist. Not in the slightest. Hell, it introduces the Scarlet Witch – one of the more powerful Marvel heroes – and she damn near gets the Avengers to fall like a house of cards. The furor has been manufactured by people who not only want to see sexism but who desperately need to see sexism in anything and everything to justify their own vitriol (and who, in some cases, make money off of the debate). They are angry that Natasha “needs” a man to “rescue” her. They are angry that she’s playing bartender at a party. They are angry that she reveals her origins as a spy left her sterile and incapable of having children. They are angry, angry, angry!

Let me break it down for the feminists that cannot (or who choose not to) understand what’s going on with Natasha in the Avengers sequel.

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I review the Free Comic Book Day issue of Avengers that will launch after Secret Wars this fall and will feature Miles Morales as one of the main characters. The book is very refreshing and well written and illustrated. I give it very high marks.

After last year’s release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, artist Mauricio Abril posted a piece of art summarizing his feelings about Spider-Man being closed out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Poor Spidey’ quickly made the rounds across the Interwebs:


I suppose this is what happens when you cross fan art with social commentary. I came up with the idea for this gag illustration after watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ on opening weekend, but only just now got around to finishing it. It pretty much summarizes how I felt about the new franchise, the larger Marvel cinematic universe and the realities of binding contracts.

Last week the artist provided an update – ‘Spidey Reunited’ – complete with Disney and Sony represented in the background:

Spidey Reunited

Reunited and it feels so good! When I created the first “Poor Spidey” piece, it was a gag illustration after the dismay of watching Amazing Spiderman 2 and never did I think it would’ve been posted and reposted so many times across the internet.

BUT the craziest thing I found out from someone who works for a popular website that went through the hacked Sony emails is that my “Poor Spidey” was attached in a chain of emails throughout the company. So of course I wanted to create a followup after the news of the deal went public. With that said, I hope you’re all excited cause Spidey and the Avengers are reunited.

We’re pretty happy about it too, Mauricio!

Hat-tip to for posting the update!

–George Berryman!

The love story of a husband, a wife and a comic book collection. Collectors is a sunday-style color comic strip published online every Sunday, written and drawn by Eddie deAngelini. See more strips at


PrintWikileaks has dumped thousands of additional emails from the Sony Hack. One particularly sad one came from an email exchange between Amy Pascal (then Sony co-chair) and Sony producer Doug Belgrad in March, 2014 – just a little over two weeks before the film’s London premiere. In the exchange, Pascal notes that she’s troubled with the Spider-sequel (sic):

you knOw the reAl problem

In my heart I know the truth and I just keep wanting someone to not think what I think and have always thought

In reply, Belgrad asks:

Which is what?
Not cool enough, action not groundbreaking?

Pascal replied with a long litany of problems with the picture, most of which were picked up by critics and fans after its release, and even questions the direction & casting (sic):

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spideyfigureiO9 has posted a look at the new Play Arts Kai Marvel Spider-Man action figure from Square Enix – and they were puzzled as to why this figure needed Spider-Armor. As am I.

From iO9’s James Whitbrook:

But then again, there’s the four little metallic pieces of armour covering his shoulders and then an extra two pieces… on either side of his pecs? I have no idea why they’re there. I guess the argument against any sort of Spider-Man armour is that his Spider-Senses let him dodge things easily enough so he doesn’t need it, but even if Peter Parker did need armour, I’m sure he’d use a lot more than just six tiny pieces that doe a really bad job of actually protecting anything vital. Giant Spider-shaped bullseye over his vital organs? Fine. But thank god a third of his pecs are armoured! It breaks up the colour scheme of the figure for no real reason, and just doesn’t add anything to the design at all. Needless tinkering on a great looking figure otherwise.

What do you think, Crawlspacers? Is this armor rad or is this armor bad?

–George Berryman!


podcast369picJR takes us back to April 1973 for this month’s Spider-History. Granted it’s a day late to technically be called April. In this episode JR takes a look at 
*Amazing Spider-Man # 119
*Marvel Team Up # 8 which has the first appearance of the Man Killer. Yeah, she hates dudes. 
Brad also gives an update about the hiatus of the podcast for April and May. 


You can also subscribe to the show on itunes with this link.

Once you listen to the show please share your thoughts on this thread on our message board.  

ASABDifferent news outlets including Forbes and IGN are running a Latino Review rumor that says Asa Butterfield is the current front runner to play Peter Parker in the upcoming Marvel & Sony films.

From Latino Review:

So who is the front-runner? Asa Butterfield Leads the Bunch. We have reached out to Asa’s reps who have given us a “no comment.”  We have also reached out other industry sources who have confirmed that he is indeed the front runner including one who believed that he already had bagged the role, by stating: “Marvel had liked him since day one.”

Benjamin Moore at Forbes had more to add:

While The Wrap previously reported that Marvel was looking at five names for the role – Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars), Liam James (The Killing), Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game), Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea), and Timothee Chalamet (Interstellar) – Latino Review is now claiming that it’s Butterfield’s role to lose. According to one of LR‘s sources, Butterfield may have even already “bagged the role.”

I don’t have particularly strong feelings about this, though he’s probably my first choice of the five on the shortlist. Obviously, the most important thing here is that Marvel casts a good actor, and Butterfield has proven several times over that he’s more than capable in that regard.

Having said that, I do wonder how funny he can be. Butterfield could absolutely handle the emotional core required of Peter Parker – the constant guilt, the fear of collateral damage, the awkward nerd stuff – but how impressive is his quip game? Can he pull off Spider-Man’s patented rapid-fire jokes? I haven’t seen every movie he’s ever been in, but as far as I’m aware, he’s pretty much only played it serious.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t play funny, it’s just not the first thing that pops into my head when I think of the guy. Otherwise, he fits the age range that Marvel wants for the character (he’s 18, but he could easily play 15-16) and more or less looks the part.

What do you think, Crawlspacers? I have no familiarity with Butterfield’s work. I only know that he was in Ender’s Game, which I didn’t see. And, as always, take all of this with a big ol’ grain of salt.

–George Berryman!

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