Just went you thought we couldn’t get another Secret Wars tie in, here it is. Right from Newsarama: This July, Marvel is launching a new three-issue limited series titled Red Skull with Joshua Williamson and Luca Pizzari. Featuring covers by Riley Rossmo, Red Skull follows a unique team of characters as they venture into the Secret Wars dominion known as the Deadlands to find out, once and for all, if rumors about the Red Skull’s death are true. A team composed of Magneto, Winter Soldier, Lady Deathstrike, Moonstone, Ultimate Electro and Jack O’ Lantern assemble to track down the Red Skull.

“This team is angry and has nothing left to lose,” says Williamson. “They are forced to hunt down one of the most evil figures in Marvel’s history. Any story about the Red Skull will have a disturbing feeling.“ “The Red Skull’s identity is part of the mystery of the book, so I can’t say just yet. He’s still one of the most evil bastards in the Marvel Universe. Still someone to hate. A master manipulator with a black heart,” says Williamson. “Which works for me because I love writing dark stories with characters that lean more to the sinister side. And Luca Pizzari’s skills make him awesomely suited for this gig.“

Thoughts on this, especially considering the recent news about Miles Morals and now we are getting Ultimate Electro.


The last few days, Marvel has been revealing their new line up for one of their front runner books after Secret Wars. Marvel quickly ushered out an official look at the new roster and the full Uncanny Inhumans cover on Wired UK Thursday morning.

The All-New All-Different Avengers shows the full team, it will be comprised of “an” Iron Man (Wired’s wording), Sam Wilson Captain America, Lady Thor, Nova (Sam Alexander), the Vision, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and the Spider-Man from the Ultimate universe, Miles Morales!

Although not listed, the earlier leaked version of this cover listed Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar and Laura Martin as the book’s creators. Asrar has confirmed his involvement on social media that he will be on All-New, All-Different Avengers but didn’t comment any further. No word yet from either Waid or Martin on their involvement. All-New, All-Different Avengers will be part of Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd along with the Uncanny Inhumans by Charles Soule, which will have Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four joining The Inhumans’ street team.

So what does everyone think? Miles Morales is officially part of the Avengers, which means the Ultimate Universe might be indeed over after Secret Wars. Or how about Johnny Storm heading over to Uncanny Inhumans?

SpiderIslandSecretWarsCoverIn an exclusive with Comic Vine, Marvel Comics announced another Spider-Man related title for Secret Wars called Spider-Island.  The main story, written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Paco Diaz, takes place in a New York City in which the Spider-Queen (the villain from the original event) won, Peter Parker is captured, and Flash Thompson, as Agent Venom, leads an underground resistance force.   The series also contains a back-up continuing where we left off Mayday Parker since “Spider-Verse,” which will chronicle her adventures as the new Spider-Woman of the MC2, and will be written and illustrated by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.  The official solicit from Marvel reads as follows:





  • The Spider-Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of Spider-Madness and Peter Parker has lost, thanks to Spider-Scribe CHRISTOS GAGE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) & rising star artist PACO DIAZ (WOLVERINE, SCARLET SPIDERS).
  • With Spider-Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson, A.K.A. VENOM stand a chance?
  • All this, plus visit the MC2 patch of BATTLEWORLD! Mayday Parker and her Spider-Family are back courtesy of classic Spider-Girl team TOM DEFALCO, RON FRENZ & SAL BUSCEMA!

40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99

Gage, DeFalco and Frenz also went into greater detail about what readers could expect from the series.

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11001792_859099094146151_746955209787899836_nCelebrating ladies who love Spidey. 

A Disney animator sent me a cool e-mail with a link this video he made of Spider-Man moving to the country. This reminds me a bit of Amazing Spider-Man # 267 where he chases a crook to the suburbs. Very well done and check out his website. 

The Collectors offices have moved! While we continue to unpack (AKA searching frantically for all of my art supplies), enjoy this Best Of strip for Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy more Collectors comic strips at


I review Gerry Conway’s return to Spider-Man and the latest issue of Spider-Gwen giving both books high grades.

Podcast366picIn this month’s Friday Night Fight we take you back to a great Hobgoblin fight from 1986. Hobgoblin gives just as good as he gets in this fight with Spider-Man. Who comes out on top and who gets framed? 
Take a listen to the fun play-by-play with Brad and George. 


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If you missed the other shows in March, here’s the links. 

Podcast # 365-Message Board Q &A
Podcast # 364-ASM 13, 14, 15 Reviews
Podcast # 363-Spider-News


The return of one of the premier spider scribes…Gerry Conway. To what new heights and adventures shall he take our fabled web-head on in this new era? 


“Spiral, Part One”

WRITER: Gerry Conway
PENCILS: Carlo Barberi
INKER: Juan Vlasco
COLORS: Israel Silva
LETTERER: VC’s Joe Caramagna
EDITOR: Nick Lowe Read the rest of this entry »

AmazingSpider-Man#16.1--Cover“Army? Arsenal? Gang war? More please!”

Oh, great. It’s another one of Marvel’s “point one” gimmicks. I wonder what pointless filler we’re going to be subjected too this ti—what’s this? Gerry Conway is listed as the writer? Gerry “That Guy Over There” Conway is back on The Amazing Spider-Man? And he’s doing a another story involving Spidey fighting organized crime?! Yip yip yahoo!

“Spiral, Part One”

WRITER: Gerry Conway
PENCILER: Carlo Barberi
INKER: Juan Vlasco
COLORS: Israel Silva
LETTERER: VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER ARTIRSTS: Arthur Adams & Sonia Oback
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

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Cindy 2Silk #1 is the strongest of the Spider-Female debuts in my opinion, taking a character who was in desperate need of a direction in life and giving her a decent one with some strong characterization. Does she escape the sophomore slump?

Silk #2: Chasing Threads

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Stacey Lee

Colorist: Ian Herring

Letterer: Travis Lanham

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Editors: Devin Lewis & Ellie Pyle & Nick Lowe

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

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gwen 2This is a glorified reminder to buy Spider-Gwen #2 when you visit your comic store, it’s worth it.

Spider-Gwen #2: Most Wanted Part 2

Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Robbie Rodriguez
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Design: Idette Winecoor & Jessica Pizarro
Editors: Devin Lewis & Nick Lowe
Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso

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ASMSpiralGerry Conway’s return to Amazing Spider-Man starts tomorrow with Amazing Spider-Man #16.1, in a story arc called Spiral.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and Marvel’s criminal underworld is no different. takes a look at the criminal heavies who are now clashing with one another to be ‘the Big Boss’ with Wilson Fisk no longer in control.


Whether you have the squeakiest-clean business or the sleaziest, most underhanded, having more than one person talking to folks like they work for them can be a nightmare. With Kingpin out of the picture, a whole host of lowlifes have risen to the occasion, all of them striving to be criminal numero uno.

Before the “Spiral” saga by legendary writer Gerry Conway kicks into high gear in this week’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1, get acquainted with the upstarts trying to usurp Wilson Fisk’s empire!

The Circus of Crime: Lacking the hilarity—and abject terror—of traditional clowns, the majesty of large animals riding small vehicles, or the whimsy of a French circus, the Circus Of Crime demands respect. Corralled by their on-again off-again leader, Ringmaster, these nefarious foes of Spider-Man have returned to town with no plans of moving on anytime soon.

Black Cat: Descending from a lineage of famous criminals, Felicia Hardy possesses the charisma, experience, and persuasive qualities one would need to excel in the underworld.  Plus, she’s made the right connections in her long career on both sides of the law—and the wits to exploit them all.

Hammerhead: Hammerhead legitimately fits the bill of a crime lord—as well as the most likely hood to use the word “see” after every sentence whilst flipping a coin. Draped in dapper duds, the titanium-skulled, tommy gun-toting, wise guy refuses to play second fiddle to anyone. The “Roaring 20’s” might be long gone, but this guy’s planning the blood soaked revival.

Tombstone: One of the underworld’s most ruthless gangsters, Tombstone waited for the day he’d finally be called the boss. A former flunky of Kingpin and Hammerhead, Lonnie Lincoln grew tired of being the best number two in the game. With his teeth filed as sharp as his ambition, Tombstone possesses the chops to become an even more fearsome master than his predecessor.

Mister Negative: Created the same day as Cloak and Dagger, Martin Li—the man later known as Mister Negative—did not get his name by being a cynical pessimist.  Powered by the Darkforce, this savage criminal mastermind tangled with heroes and villains on his rise to the top. His organization waged war with the likes of The Hood and battled Spider-Man on numerous outings.

I’d dare say the current ‘Murder Murder Kill Kill’ Black Cat can’t possibly have many connections left on the right side of the law. Nevertheless, I was struck with a longing for Superior Foes of Spider-Man after reading this tonight. All of the players here (except for the Circus of Crime) were prominently featured in the recent Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber Superior Foes comics, and some of them were fighting against one another for control of the Maggia. Sadly, I doubt Spiral will acknowledge any of that.

Me personally? I am pulling for either Hammerhead or Tombstone. The rest are a bunch of candy asses who never could have outfought Santino (heh!) I exempt Black Cat from this because Marvel’s current take on the character is so wildly off base.

Either way – something to actually look forward to! And to celebrate so many great street villains, here’s a blast from the plast with my favorite song from Bugsy Malone.

–George Berryman!

For the month of June, the Spidey-Solicits are all Secret Wars all the time!  Well, mostly anyway.

• Not even The Amazing Spider-Man is safe from Secret Wars! In this new Marvel Universe, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and their daughter have to scrape by to make ends meet, but they have each other…  
• Face front, True Believers. This is the one you’ve been asking for.
32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T …$3.99 (EACH)

• As the crime war in New York continues to heat up, The Amazing Spider-Man finds himself caught between a cabal of super criminals and his ally The Wraith!
• This issue he has to face the Circus of Crime who are back and deadlier than ever!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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RYVArt1“A difference… between what your readers want and what your readers need.”

Entertainment Weekly has remarks from Dan Slott about the upcoming Renew Your Vows storyline, as well as preview art from Adam Kubert.

Some highlights: (Emphasis mine)

EW has the first details about the Secret Wars tie-in that will bring back Peter Parker’s marriage and child for what’s being billed as “The Last Spider-Man Story.”

“There are legions of Spider-Man fans that are passionate about changes that have happened to Spider-Man continuity,” says Renew Your Vows writer (and current Spidey scribe) Dan Slott. “They are upset that the baby went missing, that the marriage went away. Spider-Man has been around for fifty years, and the marriage was around for twenty-five. So now we’re seven or eight years into a world without a married Spider-Man. It’s a big itch that people want scratched.”

In fact, one of the most popular Spider-Man spinoffs, Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz’s Spider-Girl, was set in a world where that baby definitively survived and grew up to replace her father. In Renew Your Vows, Slott is particularly interested in really diving into how the role of husband and father would affect Peter’s heroic mission.

“Spider-Man, when you get down to it, is a character about responsibility. And the second he’s a father and a husband—he has a responsibility to share his powers with the world, but suddenly he has two people that are his whole world. That changes everything, the complete dynamic of what it means to have great power and great responsibility,” says Slott. “You need to be there for your daughter, you need there for your wife—in a way that he hasn’t had to be there for anyone else. And that drastically changes what it means to be Spider-Man.”

So yes, Baby Parker is a pretty big deal to both fans and the general goings-on behind Renew Your Vows. But, as Slott notes, there’s a purpose to it all, and it’s probably not what you think it is.

That’s something I’ve been warning people about recently on our message boards. Don’t expect any of this to last. Expect it to stick around long enough for Marvel to pour salt in the wound, piss you off again and then switch to something else. 

More: (Emphasis mine)

“With any story where you give people what they want—there’s a difference, as a storyteller, between what your readers want and what your readers need. In a good Peanuts story, you want Charlie Brown to kick that football. But if Charlie Brown kicks the football, it’s over!” says Slott. “All the best stories in serialized fiction–it’s always about teasing the greatest wishes and wants, but monkey-pawing it. Always giving you what you want, but not the way you want it.”

“You haven’t seen Spider-Man’s classic villains the way you know and love—I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eddie Brock as Venom in this story,” teases Slott. “Or Sergei Kravinoff as Kraven the Hunter in this story. There’s going to be a lot of bullets in the gun for things you wanted to see in a Spider-Man story that you haven’t seen in a while. This is the ultimate classic feel. This is the last Eddie Brock story. The stakes have never been higher for Peter Parker because he’s never had so much to lose. So he has never been this close to the edge. And these are the Last Days.”

You can read more at EW’s site, which also has more preview art.

–George Berryman!

podcast365picThe Spider-Panel tackles your dozens of message board questions. Highlights include:

*What Marvel universe characters would you cast in a Cannonball Run remake?
*What new creative team would you put on a Spider-Girl title?
*What’s the best collected edition of Spider-Man?
*Compare the 1999 Spider-Man reboot versus the 2014 one.
*What happened to Ollie Osnick?
*Who should replace Dan Slott on ASM? 


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If you missed the other shows in March, here’s the links. 

Podcast # 364-ASM 13, 14, 15 Reviews
Podcast # 363-Spider-News

podcast364picThe Spider-Panel reviews three issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic in this episode. We tackle

*ASM # 14
*ASM # 15
*ASM # 16


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Once you listen to the show please share your thoughts on this thread on our message board.  

If you missed the other shows in March, here’s the links. 

Podcast # 363-Spider-News

AmazingSpider-ManSpecial#1--coverGorgon: “Where are the real Avengers?”
Spider-Man: “I dunno, Mr. Tummus. Where is Narnia?”

As it just so happens, The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #16 wasn’t the only issue of Amazing Spider-Man to come out this week. There was also this extra-sized Amazing Spider-Man Special that, if you believe the hype, will not only “tie disparate elements of the Marvel U a lot closer together,” it will be the beginning of “one of the coolest epic action adventures of the year!” But what you’re probably wondering if this comic is just as good (or rather bad as the case may be) as that other issue of Amazing Spider-Man? Or is it actually (gasp!) better?

“Inhuman Error: Part 1”

WRITER: Jeff Loveness
ART: Luca Pizzari
COLOR ARTIST: Nolan Woodard
LETTERING: VC’s Joe Sabino
COVER ARTIST: Jamal Campbell
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

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image“Your family has kidnapped me.”

Miles and his loved ones-captured by Hydra! Someone else reveals they know Spidey’s identity! Black Widow vs. the Fly Twins! And…Doom! (but only for two panels)

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Color: Justin Ponsor

Lettering: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Art: David Marquez with Justin Ponsor

Production: Irene Y. Lee

Assistant Editors: Emily Shaw and Chris Robinson

Editor: Mark Paniccia

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podcast363picHere are the topics discussed in this episode of Spider-News:
*Slott insults KFC a Marvel advertiser
*A man gets a tattoo of a web shooter on his wrist
*Should there be three different types of Spider-Movies
*Sony Selling it’s parts. FYI, this podcast was recorded in early February, so it was before the Marvel/ Sony team up news broke
*How much protein should Spider-Man eat to have organic web shooters? 
*End of the Ultimate Universe? 
*Spider-Man 2099 ending?
*Spider-Man love letter statue
*Spider-Man needs a roomate? 
*Secret Wars Battleworlds
*Ditko explains why he left Spidey? 


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Once you listen to the show please share your thoughts on this thread on our message board.  

I review Amazing Spider-Man #16 the beginning of the end for Parker Industries using my new green screen special effects. Despite some highs, the continuing “evil” Black Cat story and the ignoring of Spider-Man 2099 continuity brings my grade down a bit. Enjoy.

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#16--AltCover“We’re the very picture of a serious, professional company.”

What’s this? A Spider-Man comic with only one Spider-Man? Impossible! Either that or everything is back to normal for our favorite wall-crawler. But you know what they say about being careful what you wish for…

“The Graveyard Shift, Part One: The Late, Late Mr. Parker”
“Repossession, Part One: Stolen Memories”

WRITERS: Dan Slott & Christos Gage
PENCILER: Humberto Ramos
INKER: Victor Olazaba
COLORS: Edgar Delgado
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER ARTISTS: Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

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image“Because being a super hero is way more than facing bad guys, Gwensday…sometimes you gotta face real life.”

As Gwen deals with the aftermath of her first confrontation with the Vulture, her private and super hero lives continue to get more complicated! Will she ask anyone for help, or has she already invented them?

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Robbi Rodriguez

Color Artist: Rico Renzi

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist: Robbi Rodriguez

Variant Cover Artist: Sara Pichelli

Design: Idette Winecoor & Jessica Pizarro

Assistant Editor: Devin Lewis

Editor: Nick Lowe

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ASM2014016-DC11-164f9If you thought Morlun and the inheritors were Spider-Man’s biggest threat to date you don’t know the magesty, and eviiil of IGUANA. You know Iguana from Spectacular Spider-Man 32 in 1979. Curt Connor’s pet Iguana? Anyone? ANYONE?

WRITER: Dan Slott and Christos Gage
PENCILER: Humberto Ramos
INKERS: Victor Olazaba
COLOR: Edgar Delgado
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
EDITOR: Nick Lowe Read the rest of this entry »

ASM2MaxLOLFrom the “how can a movie making $700 million be a disappointment?” file.

Deadline Hollywood is doing a retrospective where they look back at 2014’s Top 20 blockbusters while also ranking and analyzing them from a money perspective. Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes it towards the bottom of the list at number 18.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve explained this on the podcast or here on the main page. Deadline does a pretty decent job of it though they don’t get into the part about why Sony wanted – no, needed – to make a billion dollars. From Deadline (emphasis mine):

THE FILM: Another big-budget effort that was designed to gross a billion dollars, and didn’t. The 3D film sure opened huge — a $91.6 million opening weekend when it bowed May 2 — and yet Sony is again overhauling the Spidey franchise, for the third time. How did the movie really do?

THE BOX SCORE: Here are the costs and revenues as our experts see them.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Some say that this has to be the most maligned movie ever that turned in a worldwide gross of $708.98 million, including $94.4 million of that from China. But tell-tale signs of franchise fatigue are evident. Consider how the Spidey numbers have descended. The original Sam Raimi movie grossed $821.7 million worldwide, including $403.7M domestic and $418M foreign. The sequel did $783.8M worldwide, $373.6M domestic, $410.2M foreign and the third one jumped to $890.87M worldwide, with $336.5M domestic and $554.3M foreign. Then, Raimi decided no more and (500) Days Of Summer helmer Marc Webb took over, with a compressed amount of time to work up a new version before the rights clock ran out and the franchise would have reverted to Marvel at Disney; Andrew Garfield inherited the Spidey suit from Tobey Maguire and Emma Stone took over female lead. Their first film had a worldwide gross of $757.9M, with $262M domestic and $495.9M foreign. Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s $708.98M worldwide fell short of that, and its $202.85M domestic was off and the $506M foreign was good but that enjoyed a boost from a burgeoning marketplace in China. The biggest problem, according to our data, is that the movie cost too darned much at $255M. That left Sony Pictures with a $70.38 million net, or a 1.12 cash-on-cash return, and 18th place in the 2014 rankings.

Marvel’s The Avengers had a $200 million budget. Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a $170 million budget. Iron Man 3 had a $200 million budget. All three of those films were far, far more epic in scope than ASM2, which was just telling a story about Electro, Peter’s parents and the Harry Goblin. No alien invasions, no super teams, no massive intelligence organization being infiltrated by another and threatening the world with superweapons, no armies of flying armored suits. Avengers, Cap 2, Iron Man 3 – all cost less money to make and brought in more money than ASM2.

Now to the bit Deadline missed. Why did Sony need ASM2 to hit a billion and make a billion (i.e. ‘big boy money’) like The Avengers and Iron Man 3? Because Sony has a money problem and the studio needed those extra millions to help make future Spider-Man films, such as the announced Amazing Spider-Man 3, Sinister Six, Venom – and oh yes, Untitled Aunt May Film. I once pointed out on one of the podcast episodes that Sony could announce Spider-movies all the live-long day, but that didn’t mean they were going to be produced. That was proven correct earlier this year, when Sony finally decided to let Disney Marvel & Kevin Feige show them how it’s done.

If Sony had made a billion with the second Marc Webb film (again, which they needed to do) then maybe February’s capitulation to Disney Marvel might not have happened. Sony might have decided it was in a fine spot with the rebooted Spider-films and would have continued on with feeding us poorly written Spider-Man flicks. While the Sony Hacking Scandal was very damaging, it alone would probably not have been enough to make Sony wave the white flag on Spider-Man. At the end of the day it was driven by money, or in Sony’s case, a lack of it.

–George Berryman!

Howard1“It’s my face! My face is on your body!”

Our extended “slow Spider-news” cycle continues today, though we can alert you to a Spidey sighting this week.

Hot off the heels of his Guardians of the Galaxy cameo last summer, Howard the Duck is returning to comic shelves with his own book this week. Howard the Duck #1 will hit stores this Wednesday, with a story that has Howard (now working as a criminal investigator) on the trail of the now laughably out-of-character Black Cat.

Of course this means Spidey and Howard cross paths along the way. has several preview pages as well as previews of the four trillion variant covers for Howard this month. Writer Chip Zdarsky says he’s hoping to utilize the character much like Howard’s creator Steve Gerber did:

“I think keeping the tone is important, but it’s been a while since Howard’s been on the scene. There’s a whole new world of stuff to be exasperated by! I just keep re-reading his previous appearances to get a rhythm to it, y’know,” he notes. “Howard isn’t my character, he’s Steve Gerber’s, but Steve used him to explore weird things and ideas and that’s what I’ll do as well. Hopefully. Unless I just go ahead and make him an X-Man.”

So welcome back to your own series, Howard. No word yet on if the title will end before the upcoming Secret Wars event reboot. If so, then Howard can look forward to being renumbered by issue #12.

–George Berryman!

Isw 5n this true first issue of the series, Jessica Drew struggles to find her purpose in life. Does this series find a purpose outside its connection to Spider-Verse?

Spider-Woman #5: Ordinary

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Inker: Alvaro Lopez

Letterer: Travis Lanham

Editors: Devin Lewis & Charles Beacham & Nick Lowe

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My 1990’s crush just named dropped Spider-Man. Tiffani Thiessen from Saved By the Bell was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Check out the clip.

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