Secret Invasion #6 Review

Wow, look at that cover. Gorgeous. Gotta give that credit. Looks like the boys are back in town! But are they Skrulls??

Probably not.

Will the plot move along for once and can we go for an entire issue without seeing the Savage Land?

Probably not.

Brian Michael Bendis
Leinil Yu
Mark Morales
Laura Martin, Emily Warren and Christina Strain
LETTERS: Chris Eliopoulos

We start by seeing Marvel Boy flying away from his prison, when he encounters a tired and wounded Skrull-Captain Marvel, who passes away telling Marvel Boy to defend Earth.

Now we get several shots, most showing tie-in plots.
-X-Men in San Fran (pointless tie-in)
-The Inhumans in Attilan (Haven’t read it but Medusa looks like she’s giving birth)
-Black Panther in Wakanda
-Shanna and Zabu in the Savage Land (Like we haven’t seen enough of that place)
-Sabra in Israel

Then we go Camp Hammond, home to the Initiative, where the Skrulls meet up with Skrull-Pym and the Queen, who is residing as Spider-Woman. They realise that the heroes are now probably heading towards New York. A secret weapon in Janet Van Dyne will not be used unless as a last resort. Uh oh.

The Avengers (both teams) are cramped into a Quinjet flying, and discuss Spider-Woman and how they will defeat the Skrulls. A lot of guilt, fear and confusion is felt in the group and they are nervous for the fight ahead. Oh yeah, Spidey wisecracks some more. That’s new.

Skrull ships start to unload soldiers, while some civilians worship the Skrulls as their saviours, however, the Secret Warriors, the Young Avengers and what’s rest of the Initiative disagree as they teleport in to fight the armada, with Nick Fury leading the heroes with one hell of a gun. The Hood’s syndicate also looks on wondering whether to attack and if Nick Fury is dead or not.

SUDDENLY, a bolt of lightning hits Central Park! It’s Thor! Meeting with Captain America! The Avengers show up and Thor summons the battle to Central Park, Skrulls, Syndicate, Thunderbolts and all gather to fight. Norman Osborn tells his Thunderbolts to concentrate on the Skrulls and not on the unregistered heroes. Banter goes back and forth and then…


-Art is gorgeous, Yu kicks ass!
-One panel of Savage Land, big improvement
-Final battle is built up well
-Thor and Captain America…the boys are indeed back in town
-Did I mention the art?

-Wisecrackin’ Spidey
-Not much else

Okay, we finally get something this issue. Kudos to Bendis. This issue builds up the tension and turns it up to eleven. We get the feeling that this is a worldwide event, with the flashes to the tie-ins and situations around the world. There is an interesting point raised here too, maybe some don’t want the Skrulls to leave. Considering the image of a human and Skrull shaking hands, appearing on many covers. I hope we see more of this. Now, let’s deal with the art.


It is amazing! There are a couple of splash pages that are just stunning. Why have I never seen this man’s art before? Okay, look it up on Google, buy the book, photocopy it off a friend, I don’t want to know how you do it. See these splash pages. Thank me later. Come back and tell me what you think. I hope you are as astounded as me.

There is one thought though, did it really need six issues to get us here? Considering these are expensive books, I think the number could have been cut down to six issues for the series. Ah hell, nothing’s perfect. Show me a completely perfect series and I’ll eat my hat.

AVENGERS: Avengers Assemble!!

That was a geekgasm and a half

4.5 webheads out of 5

Nice, very nice