spidermanclonesaga1GREETINGS WEBHEADS!

One of the most anticipated days of this fans collecting life has come to pass. For on this day, we got one of the most anticipated mini-series’ in the past several years, The Clone Saga’s Directors Cut. Way back in 1993, Superman was dead (And then alive) Batman was replaced (And brought back) and Marvel was getting their butts handed to them. Howard Mackie [Writer- Spider-Man, former writer of WEB] was one of the writers of the books, and Terry Kavanagh [Who replaced Mackie on WEB] came up with the CRAZY idea of bringing back the Clone. Howard Mackie took a very detailed outline that 15 years later, would prove to be monumental. Why? It’s the Clone Saga, as it was intended.  Tom DeFalco, who was editor in chief at the time and approved the story, is back as writer for this issue,and the next five along with Howard.

Spider-Man: Clone Saga

Wrier: Tom DeFalco

Art and INks: Todd Nauck and Victor Valazaba

Editor: Ralph Macchio

Story:  So Aunt May is dying. Peter is swinging to see her. MJ excuses herself to vomit. Mystrey Man runs to New York. Ben and Peter Fight. Kaine!  Mystery Man #2.

Thoughts: So much to talk about. So much. This issue is a WHOLE lot of fun. A WHOLE lot. I read this first and last. It’s been a long time that I’ve read an issue 5 times in one sitting. But I did. It was like a good meal on Thanksgiving, where you’re stuffed and you just relax because it’s so good. It’s level of goodness cannot be matched. This issue had it all. Good writing (that didn’t seem dated), great visuals (Nauck knocked it out of the park) and old elements (Aunt May, a Wedding Ring, Peter’s Class Ring) are added with new (Kaine’s Mercenary roots[which were hinted at when he was brought in and then dropped], Mystery Man #2.)

To go back for a second, the beginning flashes back to the moments after Aunt May’s Stroke, (Which is determined to be something else entirely. Hm) and to WHO is FACADE, which had the Mystery Man back ups before Web of 114. All of that is packed into this issue, and we get a visit from the smoke stack. All the Traveller stuff? Gone. This is the Saga at its core, and it’s extremely well done. Color be impressed. Kudos to Tom and Howard, and to Todd. This gets a perfect score from this former fan of the Saga, and because of the EXECUTION. The note from Tom at the beginning is simple, and gets to to the point in time where this was supposed to take place, and it takes off an keeps going til there is no more pages left. Macchio was on the books right when Bob Harras came in as EiC, so it’s nice to get an old editor to do this. Another cool thing is seeing Nauck doing Spider-Man, it’s really a lot of fun and his first Spider-Man book took place about a year AFTER the saga ended. Its full of faces that have not seen the pages of Spider-Man in a long long time, cept for Tom. 🙂

Rating: 5 Out of 5. This was an AMAZING issue, by far a great way to end an otherwise dull month in the Spider-Books.