Crawl Space Avengers #4

Crawl_Space_Avengers_5_cover_by_Balla_BdogHey folks, we have a new issue out, with bigger CSA4variantrevelations, more action, and intense moments as the CSA take on Mark Stone.


Story by: Zach Joiner

Art: Gerard Delatour I(Left) and Enigma_2099(Right) and Brandon DP on Colors.

Story: “In the Beginning” Part 4 of 4. With the first move made, Brad Douglas is trapped by the man known as Mark Stone. As the CSA launch a counter-attack, familar faces make apperances, and we start setting up point that carry the title into the end of the year. And who could take on JR, Zach, George, Kevin and Stella?

Click on the cover for a bigger image.

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