Brad Douglas is a man with few requests. Like Getting your reviews out on time. Imagine his shock that Clone Saga #1 was online the same day that it came out. But he’s slowly walking to Zach Cubicle, where he sees his reviewer sleeping. He smacks him upside the head. Zach quickly comes out of his dream where he’s apart of the worlds premier superteam the Avengers, to turn in this review. The one which graces your computer screen this very moment.

Over a a bakers dozen years ago, (That’s 13 for those who are counting at home) Peter Parker Spider-Man 75 came out and ended the storyline that this mini series was about, around halloween (or even the Night of the Goblin)!  So here we are, with the writer of PPSM 75 (Along with the Amazing Spider-Man writer of that time, teaming with the dude that introduced Spider-Man to Obama. For ya know, the commerative dinner places that Berryman Bought this last January. Behold! It’s Spider-Man: Clone Saga #2… with Hoodies (not wife beaters like the cover), Kaine, Jack- er SPOILERS BELOW FOLKS!

Spider-Man: Clone Saga #2

Howard Mackie And Tom DeFalco-Story

Todd Nauck-Pencils

Story: Kaine vs. Ben. Peter and MJ. (Married. Shhhh!) with Jackals, Clones, and Mystery Men?

THOUGHTS: Well this issue didn’t let me down. I still give this issue a high grade (Yup You’re not getting that early.) For the record, there was somethings I didn’t like, about this issue. But it’s not one that you’re going to think of as ‘decompressed’ in anyway, in fact the complaints of the issues that I’ve heard were that this was not decompressed enough. Is it a problem? Possibly, but I gave this issue to my roommate. (With the first) He read it and I asked him if he was lost. Nope he said, they explained it in the story. As such I wasn’t bothered that we jumped to the Scarlet Spider and Kaine fight and that we jumped a few months ahead in the story. It needed to jump, and so there had to be something lost, I’d rather they (Being Marvel) use the recap more, but I can’t complain too much about it.

The best part of this issue: The quips. I loved the Quips, and enjoyed the bantering with Ben and Peter while they followed Kaine into the Jackal’s lair. It’s good stuff to read, and it’s highly enjoyable. Kudos to the Crew of Mackie and DeFalco, who really ‘get’ the character that sometimes I feel others don’t. (Past and present.) But unlike last issue, there wasn’t a awhole lot that went on this issue, as it slowed down dramatically. Next issue looks to be a continuation of this issue, so you can’t complain about that.

One of the Staples of the Clone Saga, was the Mystery Man, while your led to assume that the man on the last page of Clone Saga #1 is the Jackal, which, he is not.

Although I’m a little skeptical about the reveal, I have faith in the writers. Max. Clonage was bad the first time around, lets wait and see how it is this time around.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Spideydude heads.

(Also, I’d be remiss to say that the artwork was just as good this ish. Todd Nauck, we salute you)



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