Crawl Space/OMIT Schedule Change!

Since I announced that I would be matching Marvel’s “One Moment in Time” issue-for-issue with Spider-Man: Crawl Space, I’ve been paying close attention to the release schedule on Today I’ve discovered that the release date of Amazing Spider-Man #639, “One Moment in Time Part 2,” has been changed from the originally solicited date of July 28 to August 4. All other issues have remained on their originally solicited dates.

So, what does this mean to you? Spider-Man: Crawl Space #10, “One in a Million Part 2,” will also now be released on August 4. But fear not, true believers! The rest of the schedule remains the same. We’re still just one week away from the release of the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Crawl Space #9, “One in a Million Part 1!”

For anyone that missed the original story and may be wondering what in the heck I’m talking about, I’ve reprinted the entire original story after the jump.

This July and August, a different kind of gauntlet will be thrown down for The Amazing Spider-Man to face.

These months will bring the “One Moment in Time” or “OMIT” four-part storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #638-641, a follow-up to “One More Day” written by Joe Quesada with art by Quesada and Paolo Rivera. Considering the results of the infamous “OMD,” “OMIT” seems to be poised to renew the frustrations of a large group of Spider-Man fans already disenfranchised by “One More Day.”

So this site’s original, script-only web-series, Spider-Man: Crawl Space, which is set in the original continuity and features Peter and Mary Jane Parker as a married couple, is issuing an official challenge to “One Moment in Time.”

In July and August, Spider-Man: Crawl Space will match “One Moment in Time” issue-for-issue. Every Wednesday that brings an issue of “One Moment in Time” will also bring an issue of Spider-Man: Crawl Space. This way, fans unhappy with “One Moment in Time” will still have a source of original Spider-Man material to turn to with each new chapter. Fans can compare one-to-one and decide for themselves which is better – married or left at the alter.

Continue after the jump for more on this unprecedented Spider-Man initiative!

This July and August, the release schedule will be as follows:

July 21 – ASM #638 “One Moment in Time Part 1″/S-M: CS #9 “One in a Million Part 1”

July 28 – ASM #639 “One Moment in Time Part 2″/S-M: CS #10 “One in a Million Part 2”

August 11 – ASM #640 “One Moment in Time Part 3″/S-M: CS #11 “One in a Million Part 3”

August 25 – ASM #641 “One Moment in Time Part 4″/S-M: CS #12 *Title to be Revealed*

So the bad news is that the next issue of Spider-Man: Crawl Space will not be arriving for almost another month still. But the good news is, in two months’ time you’ll get 4 issues of Crawl Space, including the oversized #12.

If you’ve been looking at July and August filled with trepidation as a Spider-Man fan, I hope you can now look toward these months – indeed, these specific Wednesdays – with a greater sense of anticipation. Spider-Man: Crawl Space has always been a labor of love for the fans, so we’d consider it an honor to be your Spidey alternative in this potentially turbulent time for our favorite character.

As always, thanks for reading – and we’ll see you in July!

CREDIT: The above image is the cover to Spider-Man: Crawl Space #9 by David Crim (aka Hambone) and bdog. Thanks to both for their hard work in the past, and especially for picking up the pace for the next 4!

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