Webs Weekly #13

Behold! The Lizard! Superherohype has provided the hungry masses with their first look at the Lizard from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie. With these recent reveals I decided to change-up this month’s Webs Weekly topic to showcase one of Spidey’s oldest foes. The movie version looks to be influenced by the earlier designs of Steve Ditko which features a smaller more humanoid face as opposed to the elongated snout the villain has developed over time. The concept art for the movie looks much better than I originally thought after seeing the PEZ dispenser but I still wouldn’t mind seeing a version of the character with a shredded lab coat. For now this concept art will have to hold us over until Sony releases an official image. What are your thoughts so far? For more Lizard-love follow the jump for some of DeviantArt’s best work.


November 7, 2011: Spidey vs LizardComic-Coloring by RudyVasquez (pencils) and comic-coloring (colors) (left)

Rudy drew a sharp looking battle scene between Spidey and the Lizard, and comic-coloring has done a fantastic job giving it an even more professional look with the coloring job. I think Vasquez’s Spider-Man has a very Stefano Caselli look to it with how tight the costume clings to his body. I like how the Lizards’ lab coat, normally fitted to the smaller Dr. Connors, is stretched out over the stronger Lizard’s arms. The coloring of the sun filtering into the sewer is another nice touch as well. Rudy has a great collection of other sketches featuring various Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Taskmaster and the X-Men. Outside of comics there are great sketches of characters such as the Crow and Boba Fett.


November 14, 2011: Commission Lizard progress by madmagnus (right)

madmagnus did this fine piece of artwork for another member of DeviantArt, Schmolke, and offered up this piece showing it in different states. The inked-sketch is really well done, and portrays the Lizard in a more reptilian-look. The finished piece has some great details to it, such as the glowing tattoo parlor sign, the graffiti on the NYC Subway sign and the highlights on the Lizard’s outfit. madmagnus has a lot of commissions on his page such as a humorous sketch of the Hulk and Superman participating in a rock-throwing contest. The Hulk is also featured in another of his pictures which depicts a fight with the Thing. Some of madmagnus’ non-Marvel work shows characters such as Optimus Prime leading the way into battle, and my favorite Street Fighter Cammy.


November 21, 2011: spiderman vs the lizard colors by raede (left)

Welcome back, raede. We saw this artist back in the second installment of Webs Weekly featuring the Sinister Six. raede’s art style is fit for an animated show and I would totally watch a show using this art. I like raede’s Spider-Man this time around a bit more since he doesn’t have the overly stylized head he used in the Sinister Six piece. The torn coat on the Lizard is also a nice touch. If you didn’t check out raede’s page the last time to see the Mickey Mouse/Galactus mashup, make sure to head over there to see some nice team pictures of Scooby Doo with his mystery-solving friends and another of Voltron and his team.


November 28, 2011: Spidey vs Lizard collab by dartbaston (colors) and spiderguile (pencils) (right)

There must be a template for drawing Spider-Man and Lizard battles. Spider-Man swings in from the left, the Lizard is crouched menacingly in the lower right corner, tail lashing out. spiderguile is no stranger to Webs Weekly, this time following along the typical Spidey-Lizard poses. dartbaston, a newcomer to Webs Weekly, did a fantastic job coloring guile’s piece this time around. I like the shading throughout the piece, especially on the Lizard. The black-suited Spider-Man must be hard to shade and highlight but dartbaston does a good job with it as well. The background is also nicely done and is different from the typical Spider-Man/Lizard sewer setting. dartbaston’s profile shows off his preferred way to spend his school day, by sketching pictures of some classic comic scenes such as Bane breaking Batman’s back and Iron Man and Captain America facing off during the superhero Civil War.


There you have it. A couple different looks at Hollywood’s next biggest baddie. What are your thoughts on the movie concept art? Would you have preferred to see the Lizard take on a more dinosaur-esque look or do you like this more humanoid-lizard style they appear to be going with? I think it’s a safe bet to say that we’ll be seeing at least one fight scene take place in the sewers during the movie though. 

“Remember that one time during the fight when it looked like you might actually win? No? Me neither.” – Marvel vs. Capcom 3
“Did I mention I beat up Firelord once? No, seriously. Firelord.” – Ultimate Alliance 2
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