San Diego Spider-Man Panel Live Blog


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  1. Kevin Cushing

    I feel like Cullen Bunn's trying really hard to get me to like him. I'm fine with this ;)

  2. CrazyChris

    Yeah, Don, Bertone and Stella did an awesome job. The panel itself sounds lame, not the reporting of it.

  3. EddieD

    "Fan represents the 40 year old fans. Eddie cheers." HA!!! I take back the good things I said. Now I want to punch Bertone!!!

  4. Donovan Grant

    ^You flatter us sir!This is the Miles Morales video. talked to the director Wes, and made contact with him.

  5. EddieD

    If you think the panel was a letdown, it's definitely not because of Josh and Don. Both of them and Stella work like madmen to get into panels, get behind the scenes and track down interviews and pics. After watching them do their thing in San Diego for four days straight, I'll be shocked if any of them can even get out of bed today! All three deserve a huge THANK YOU for their time!

  6. dornwolf

    True...but still mighty weak showing from Marvel and DC for that matter. This is beginning to look and sound like E3, everyone is keeping the real big stuff to announce at their own events. Is there at least another panel for Marvel coming up, I figured for sure they'd do something with NOW other than "Yup that's what we're doing"

  7. Nick MB

    Well, they've been teasing us with the title, they had saved the actual announcement of the schedule, creators and storyline for the panel. I think that does qualify as real new information.

  8. dornwolf

    Thing is we've known about Mininum Carnage for monthes, the only new thing is that it's actually a crossover and not a mini like past Carnage books.

  9. Nick MB

    Scarlet Spider/Venom crossover could be fun, that's pretty new information at least. But yeah, not sure why they didn't wait a week or two on the Alpha announcement so there was actually something big to declare on this panel.

  10. dornwolf

    Keep in mind that's not a slam on just Marvel, DC's blowing the mighty one as well outside of some seriously f-ed decisions.

  11. dornwolf

    Anyone else finding a vast majority of the things 'revealed' so far this year a kind of a bust considering they've announced most of months ago.

  12. spideyfan101

    For everyone interested, Tim did want to take Todd's mantle because of his recent death. So Tim took the Red Robin name

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