Banana Pants: A Look Back at Peter’s Famous Phrase

Those of you who have read Superior Spider-Man #2 might have noticed the stand-out dialogue line of the decade, courtesy of Peter Parker’s ghost: “It’s crazy town banana pants!” But what really might have caught your attention is that, according to both Mary Jane and Carlie Cooper, “crazy town banana pants” is a long-time parker catchphrase.

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If you’re like me, your reaction was “What? Peter’s never said that. He never would say that, seeing as how he’s not a crackhead.” But you’d be wrong! I went back and did the research, and it turns out Peter has been using this beloved catchphrase throughout the ages. Check it out. More after the jump!

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  1. Ebonyleopard

    DAMN IT! How can you be so mean and make me, who currently has the flu, laugh! Do you know how painful that is? Do you? It's so hurtful it's like crazy town banana pants!

  2. Mike 13

    I can't believe get so crazy-town banana pants-up because of a catch-phrase that could have simply been used between issues... between panels... christ...

  3. krankyboy

    I also remember when Peter Parker used to work in a diner with Linda Lavin and tell the cook, "Kiss my grits!"He always said that, didn't he?

  4. James

    I'm just glad I was born in the 70's so that my childhood memories are of a better time when Spider-Man wasn't a piece of shit comic.

  5. CrazyChris - Post author

    @18, if this line appeared in the Ultimate cartoon, Spider-Man would have actually turned into a banana while he said it.

  6. hornacek

    I agree with Vanessa - this site and the daily strip are the only joy I have out of Spider-Man nowadays. Well, I guess the Ultimate cartoon - it may not be great but that and the daily strip are my only source for true Spider-Man stories now.

  7. B-Mask

    @13- woah, hold your horses, hombre. This is taking one little line that everyone has agreed is really out of character compared to what's written on the page, and had a little fun with it. That's not a ridiculous effort to rip his work to shreds. That's a five minute job to slap him on the wrist :V

  8. George Berryman

    @13: "Your captions were hilarious, but geez, people who don’t like Slott really do make ridiculous efforts to shred his work."These really didn't take a "ridiculous" effort; they were made pretty simply. And when writing goes off the rails this bad it begs - nay, demands - to be satirized. To not do so would be... well it'd be crazy town banana pants.

  9. matteo

    "Let's find every little conceivable thing to dissect and tear it apart"Your captions were hilarious, but geez, people who don't like Slott really do make ridiculous efforts to shred his work.

  10. MK

    Hilarious--and I mean crazy-town banana pants kind of hilarious. I'm sure there's more examples, like when Pete was told he was the clone, how could he not have said "crazy town banana pants"?

  11. Erik Lexie

    Oh man. I'm actually in pain from laughing because I woke up sick this morning. This is seriously hysterical.

  12. Lee Swain

    I enjoyed the issue. Again I'm reading with the interpretation (which I believe will turn out true), which is that Peter is still Peter but with Dock Ocks memories making him THINK he's Dock Ock. And the "ghost" Peter is just Pete's subconscious fighting off his ock memory induces Schizophrenia.But I do have to say, this "crazy-town banana pants" thing was terrible writing.

  13. Donovan Grant

    "If you’re like me, your reaction was “What? Peter’s never said that. He never would say that, seeing as how he’s not a crackhead.”XDThe Post-Coitus JMS one is my favorite

  14. Eddie

    This is phenomenal. What I like best is what it says about the state of ASM. One of the most horrible things that could ever happen to Peter has happened. He's dead and a homicidal, megalomaniacal psychopath has taken over his incredibly powerful body, puting in danger all the people he loves and it's so serious and so heart-rending that it's, it's crazy town banana pants.Brilliant work, counselor.

  15. jdp13

    Well of course, everyone knows this. Next to "with great power....." this is probably his most notorious catchphrase.

  16. Vanessa

    LoL! I'm so frustrated with the current state of Spider-Man... that I think you guys and your posts here are currently the only thing Spidey related that manages to put a smile back in my face. So thank you. This really is hilarious.

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