Ultimate Spider-Man Series returning for season 3

SPIDER-MAN The Daily Marvelite reports that Caitlyn Taylor, voice of White Tiger, tweets her involvement in what will be Season 3 for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Thoughts on this shocking development? Comment below!

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  1. Devon P

    I hadn't checked on Netflix, but USM season 3 episodes 1-8 are already on the websites AnimeFlavor.com and dubbed-scene.com. You can see those there for now, Amelia K. You will enjoy episodes "Cloak and Dagger" and "Agent Venom". I myself found the episode "Savage Spider-Man" to be TOO good!

  2. Amelia K

    I haven't seen the episodes for season 3 yet. But all these reveiws are keeping at the edge of my seat. I hope that the season 3 series of Ultimate Spider-Man get on netflix soon. If you know when they will let me know I've been dieing to know :) thank you!

  3. DevonP

    i know right? thank you, steve. Im 19 and I like it too. I watched episodes from season 3 and i can honestly say its gotten even better than the 1st 2 seasons and even older audiences will enjoy some of the new aspects it offers

  4. steve

    Wow, there's so much hate on this series for how childish it is. HELLO ITS A KIDS SHOW MADE FOR 7 YEAR OLDS ITS NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME . Btw I'm 12 and I think it's awesome. Why there so much hate? It's just a show

  5. Geoff

    The existence of Spectacular Spider-Man and the 90's show is what justifies my constant disappointment and dislike of this show. That is all.

  6. Chris

    Idk about you guys but I really enjoyed the humor in this series like Drake bell as Spiderman is perfect but I do agree young justice needs to come back asap

  7. George Berryman

    Well with such sound logic as "you're all haters" in answer to the many valid criticisms presented here, it's pointless to construct a reasonable counterpoint. But dropping in to hate on the hating haters for hating just makes you a hater. If hating haters also makes you a hater who is hating, is being a hater really what you want to be known for?<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mXPeLctgvQI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  8. DevonP

    Okay, to those of you who actually showed respect and appreciation to this show, I deeply respect you. Now for the rest of you, what dafuq is your beef with this show?! Sure it has flaws, but it has many satisfying and enjoble episodes to watch. Even for a KIIIIIIIIDDDDDDS SHOOOOOW, it can be very fun and entertaining to watch with friends and family. So either the haters realize that sure its not better than Spec Spiderman, its better than no Spidey show at all. Or, you can just whine and complain about it until the series is finished. Your call, haters

  9. carter stephens

    I think they should make 167 seasons. I love this show they got to make more seasons.

  10. steven powell

    If they cut out the stupid stuff, and stop spidey from acting out of character it would be so much better, i mean only she-hulk and deadpool are supposed to break the 4th wall not spidey. Spidey had his best showing on avengers earth mightest heroes than his own show. I have seen some good episodes, i thought he was 17 in the show, atleast thats how he was in emh's. Spidey doesn't need to copy other heroes abilities to sell the show, just have spidey do his wisecracks and let him be him, i know its a kid show, but in the end parents, sometimes have to watch this kind of stuff. They also should never dumbed down peter either, perfect example, when electro was controlling the city power, peter was still trying to use his electric power webshooters, instead of his manual ones, it's moments like that, that kills the show, peter's mind has always been one of his greatest strength's and it should stay that way.

  11. sebastian18

    this anime is cool but i really wish to see spiderman turned into a giant spider like in the old series in 90.

  12. Mavel Fan

    Although in the beginning the show lacked a story line but as more episodes aired the show went from comedy to somewhat realistic . I loved the 90s show and i found that compared to all series only the 90s and ultimate series featured cameo of other characters heroes or villains . in short anything is better than nothing .my only question is why do they have to mix amazing ,ultimate , noir and others together .

  13. Gordon Marshall

    I love this show. I think number 12 put very nicely. And to number 14 I think venom was awesome. I mean at least he was better than spiderman 3 venom.

  14. MarvelMontano

    I was skeptical too, but after they put season 1 and 2 on Netflix I decided to give it a shot. I'm not going to up-sell it by saying it wasn't hard to sit threw the first season but you could definitely tell after Season 2 episode 16 "Ultimate Deadpool" that the show heard the fans plea. after Deadpool broke the 4th wall with Spider-man they started putting the soul back into spider-mans character. after that episode venom's symbiot was thrown into space, Normon Osborn became the Iron Patriot ( as he was always meant to be; F U Iron Man 3) guardians of the galaxy, Spider-man stopped acting like a little fan boy when one of the avengers showed up and actually started to lead them, you could easily tell that Spider-man's attitude is much more matured by the last episode of Season 2. I know alot of you wont take the time to read this and even fewer of you wont take what I say seriously, but try watching one episode after "Ultimate Deadpool". Its on Netflix for your conveniences and I guarantee,coming from a Spider-man fan growing up with the 90's TV show, that you will be hooked.

  15. QuilSniv

    Ultimate Spidey is one of those mixed bags, though slightly leaning towards a negative continuity of the Web-Slinger. Though they do introduce some characters in a reasonable manner, most of time it's just random slapstick, no appreciation for the original material, and some really, REALLY bad humor, the show's three biggest flaws. One of the main aspects of Spidey is his sense of humor, which is explained in the comics. Here, his humor is NON-STOP. In moments he needs to be serious and understand the situation, he just copy and pastes from Idiot Superhero for Dummies. Spectacular did a good job of balancing out those moments that he needed to be serious, and delivered them rationally, and it usually turned out to be really touching. Another flaw: Peter being in no financial problem whatsoever. In most adaptions, Peter works for the Daily Bugle at some point to earn money to help May, now that Uncle Ben is gone. And in some adaptions, it's where Peter first meets his first love interest, Betty Brant. Apparently, the writers said, "To hell with that, let's make it one of the times when the characters get money from nowhere". Granted, he works for SHIELD, but that doesn't mean he gets paid. They state nowhere within the series of a salary in the show, so where do they get the money needed to survive?One of the qualities I despise the most is the Spider-Friends. All they do is act like a teenaged version of the FF, and even then they sound stupid enough to be children in Teenage bodies. And granted, judging by the lack of variety of emotions on this show, that's probably the best theory we have. Nova is a total smart-ass, White Tiger just insults Spidey at every chance she gets, Power Man just talks like a stereotypical black man, and Iron Fist just talks about finding your inner peace. They aren't superheroes, they're just stereotypes of stereotypes, which is annoying if you think about it.Overall, while the show has some good qualities, they're quickly overshadowed by the negative side. It's a show I would say is like Spongebob... It's a show that you watch to kill time. Other than that, Disney made a horrible mistake creating this abomination. We have spoken, screaming "Give us Spectacular back!" , and Disney looks down and whispers, "No."

  16. ThatOneGuy

    I gave it a heck of a shot. I saw the entire first season, and several episodes of the second. There are moments of cleverness, of brilliance that I really enjoy, and moments where Spidey has some genuinely deep moments. MJ and Harry, for the short amount of time they're actually in the episodes are rather good, as are a variety of the villains, even if they aren't quite how you remember them. But there's 5 minutes of random jet pack scenes crammed into a six minute interval, characters reintroduced every episode despite the fact that they've been in every episode, and writers who seem terrified of spider-man getting into a meaningful relationship with anybody. It combines to make a type of story telling that is very flashy, shallow, and low on substance overall. If anyone does want to see one of the better episodes I'd recommend season2 E4: Kraven the Hunter.Also as a matter of personal opinion the show seems very heavily focus on Spider-Man rather than Peter Parker, where as previous shows seemed to have better illustrated how the two persona's were instrumental to developing each other. I know in the case of hero's like Batman and Captain America the hero persona is the real persona but I don't think it was supposed to be that way for Spidey.

  17. jen

    I pretty much just stopped watching it all together after episode 3 of the second season. Let's face it, it's not going to get that much better. Who ever is in charge obviously isn't getting that kids aren't as stupid as they think and that they can handle in depth, multiple episode story arcs that are thought out, well-planned, and well written. This show is pretty much just all about selling toys. And even then that's a stupid idea. This is SPIDER-MAN!!!! He sells himself. And honestly this show is BORING it follows the same tone and pacing; there's a bad guy, Peter messes up in some way, shape or form, there's some kind of lesson or morale forcibly stuffed like an elephant in a smart car, the good guy wins in the end without ever learning anything, and any depth is lost because of stupid humor and the fact that hardly anything is ever set up and it's all very episodic an moronic. So yeah, at this point. I don't care, I'm just waiting for a new Spider-man show to come along but until then. I am helping this show get cancelled by NOT watching it.

  18. kelsey

    I personally love this show, it's not often that I find a show with Nova and Iron Fist in it let alone White Tiger or Power man. I think it's a really good show and I hope it continues. Everyone who hates it needs to calm down a little. This is the first time I've seen spiderman actually part of a team (not counting that appearance on Avengers Earths Mightiest Hero's). This show deserves some recognition for that. It is disappointing however that Earths Mightiest Hero's was canceled and I hope that wasp and black panther rejoin the Avengers in the new series. Anyway just think on this, haters of Ultimate Spiderman.

  19. SpiderboyN2Jesus

    I loved this show at first, but not anymore. I still enjoy it, but get aggravated with the over-the-top just sometimes--that and the whole SHEILD trainee team program--especially the part with Coulson being the principal and being an idoit--I didn't like it to begin with, but ever since he died in Avengers, I found his stupidity in this show to be in very bad taste). Generally speaking, I'm fine with it getting another season, bu in light of bloody AMAZING shows like Young Justice and Avengers EMH (Avenger's Assemble is sort of a continuation, but the style is closer to Ultimate Spider-man, but not quite as bad--Hulk Agent os SMASH is somewhere in between...) are cancelled before they're finished, it does kinda suck... Anyways, I think most of you are too hard on this show. Sure, it's not amazing, but I don't think it's that bad either. I mean, like #17 C.J.W. said, they are high schoolers. You have to keep in mind that high schoolers are pretty stupid. I heard people complain about the characterizations in Young Justice as well, but it was the same thing there (albeit, they go out of their way to make it over-the-top in this show). You really have to cut them some slack for that at least.I actually like what they did with the villains. I can't remember what exactly they did to Carnage, but I think I was a little dissapointed with that, but I thought Venom was pretty cool. they made Eddie Peter's friend in Spec Spidey, so making Harry Venom really isn't that much different, lol ;P.But I DO hope it gets a little better. Also, just read the premise for Teen Titans Go and tell there's not any way on god's green earth that that show isn't WAY worse than this show. The fact that that show replaced Young Justice (immediately and irreverently at that o_O) just adds insult to injury. THAT show needs to be cancelled. The premise of that show alone (especially considering that it replaced the amazeballs Young Justice show) keeps it from even deserving to be given a chance. I refuse to give that flaming pile prison a#&amp; a chance! Seriously, the Teen Titans shorts were fine; they were a simplified version of a show that didn't ever really impress me in the first place. It also helped that they were shorts, but this show is a dumbed down version of that and it's a whole half an hour! Of all the cool shorts they could have turned into a show, THAT'S what they go with? Really?...Sorry, we were talking about the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon? lol ;P

  20. Juanita

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  21. SteevTH

    Over here in the UK, this is broadcast at the crack of dawn on a Sunday and twelve episodes from season one are on DVD- after being left gutted at the premature end of Spectacular, my kids and I RELUCTANTLY went in to the DVDs... it's not good, is it? 'Doomed' had a lot of good visual jokes that my kids enjoyed, but since then they've all been pretty dreadful- with a possible exception being made for that one with the Hulk fighting Zzaxx, which was fun.I can't believe how many they've made of these- and am horrified it's run this long and our beloved Speccy was curtailed after two series.

  22. ThatOneGuy

    I've seen about 8 episodes of this series. Also seen about 8 episode of My Little Pony and somehow out of the two of them this was the kiddy show. It's kind of annoying to see a show purposely written badly for fear of not alienating the audience, thus alienating the audience.

  23. Jordan

    I like the spectacular spider-man better. In this Peter jokes around to much when he needs to be serious

  24. D.A.V.E.

    @21 That kind of backwards thinking is why animation is dying.Not to mention you have no idea how ratings and cancellations actually work.

  25. Julian

    SOOOOOOO whaat if you guys don't like it you know why? Beacuse it's a kid show thats why most shows get cancelled bcause of adults ratings. So leave the cartoon watching to kids it doesn't matter if it saies 10+ IT'S FOR KIDS god.

  26. C.J.W

    Personally I love the ultimate spiderman and just because it is differnt then the others does'nt mean it is bad. Plus he is in highschool It starts with them being what 16 i mean vome on do you really want romance plus it is more centered towards kids.....C.J.W

  27. Jen

    I'm surprised that this show is actually getting a third season because of how bad the first season was and, although the second season is showing some effort to improve it still hasn't really developed enough for it to be considered good. The first season was just horrible with only a very few actually good episodes, the second season brought some more of the classic Spidey villains and gave them some pretty cool designs and it seemed like this time they were trying to give a message to viewers. But the problem was that those episodes with morales is that they tried just too hard and it felt really forced, stiff, and preachy as opposed to being delivered in a believable and subtle way that could have really made the show a whole lot better. At least in season 2 there is a lot less of breaking the fourth wall which does make the show a lot more tolerable. Granted the show is still bad and is just one of those shows to watch if you're bored and there's really nothing else on on TV, in other words it's in the same category as Spongebob. But still... to actually be getting a third season? I have no idea how they are going to pull that off. They could use the third season to sort of revamp the show and have it take a more serious tone, or at least get some better jokes and try to use a few more continuing story arcs, kids actually like those and it doesn't have to be major just slight changes or developments that carry on and show that these characters are being developed instead of just being cut and pasted out of "Idiot's Guide to Being a Super Hero". Unless they seriously change a few things about this show, they should just let this show die with some dignity that way we can wait a few more years before someone else takes a crack at making another Spidey show and THIS TIME gets it right.

  28. Nick

    I think most of us miss spectacular but like # 12 said we should be thankful i guess like many said its a show for kids even though they ruined carnage and venom

  29. Kassady86

    This show sucks. Got through season 1 but gave up after a couple of episodes into season 2.I really miss Spectacular Spider-Man.

  30. Sam

    I wasn't too impressed with it when it first arrived. I DVR'd the first few episodes, and then gave up on it. Then they put season 1 on netflix, so I gave it another shot... and found out I like it. Could be my whole 'not much of a critic' of anything these days, since I'm not in the greatest health these days, and 2012 was a bad year for my family, lost 4 relatives... that sort of makes you start to realize that life it too damn short, so I gave up on being critical of things, and learn to just enjoy what I have and what I didn't really like before (like DC comics) hehe. But that is just me, everyone is entitled to their opinion on things, and if you don't like it, that's cool too. Me, I've grown fond of it, so I'm happy about the third season. OK that's enough of my long winded post... I'm on some serious meds for the pain, and they do seem to make me rattle on...(so the wife tells me) haha.Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

  31. Aziz

    Not shocking tbh, I don't think the people behind it like the rating it gets for nothing, or just lying about it getting good ratings. Twilight gets good ratings, I hardly see compliments or even meh on it, grand majority of comments on it is "**** this stupid ****, burn it, BURN IT" . If season 3 is another 26 episodes season, or even 20, it will make it the longest running Spider-Man show to date, hated by most Spidey fans online or liked . I don't think this is the worst show ever, or even the worst Spider-Man show, we have Ralph Bakshi to thank for that with his puke green/yellowish sky, 500 scenes of stock footage, awful villains with nothing to do with the comics, recylcing a few episodes of his predecessor to make some of the most useless episodes, Spider-Man apparently worship cats (don't say a figure of speech, that's worship, and shouldn't be thrown like that) . And yeesh, just because this continues while superior shows get canned before completion shouldn't make this world cruel and unfair to live in, they are in the end children cartoons, all of them

  32. D.A.V.E.

    @#6That was actually a leftover from the second season, "Powerless". It also happens to be the worst episode in the show, which is why it wasn't missed by any.But yeah, awful how this show is now going to outlast even the 90's show.

  33. Sbee613

    Right now I need those two stupid angel and devil spiders on my shoulder like the show to help me decide if I should be disappointed or frustrated.

  34. Wes

    I want to live in that alternate universe where Spectacular Spider-Man gets a 3rd season.

  35. Nick

    George ur the greatest and Im a huge fan but i don't know if avengers actually got cancelled cuz a new episode came on last week and now that u mentioned those two shows how bout young justice it was just starting to kick ass.

  36. George Berryman

    I don't want to live in a world where this gets to continue but Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Star Wars Clone Saga were ended. Damnit that's not fair.

  37. Nick

    I agree this is the worst spiderman ever but this bs continues with no build up in plot nothing involving mj or gwen but spec gets cancelled at its highest point.

  38. hornacek

    I think about the amount of plot progression and story arcs in the first season of the 90s show and in the Spec Spidey show. Then I compare it to this show. It's very sad.

  39. BD

    I couldn't get through season one. Congrats to the team involved for getting the ratings to continue, but it's not for me.

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