Venom Ongoing Cancelled at Issue #42

venom  In interviewing writer Cullen Bunn, confirms that #42 of Venom will be the series’ last. The series began with writer Rick Remender and continued throughout the storylines of the Thunderbolts, Spider-Island and Minimum Carnage.

About the end of the series, Bunn remarks : “At the end of VENOM #42, though, Flash will find himself in a position he would never have expected—or wanted.”

Click the link to read more on Bunn’s thoughts on the Venom series, his run and the Flash Thompson character.


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  1. Sano

    Good now give Flash some robot legs, stop fooling around and make Eddie Brock Venom again. KTHANXBYE.

  2. Doc Wyoming

    I'm in favor of ending all of these ersatz spider-men book actually, I would like to see Flash/Venom continue as a character even if he doesn't get his own series.

  3. webhead

    You think we'll get a title like "Superior Venom" in the near future? That seems to be the trend I'm noticing after Superior Carnage

  4. Doc Wyoming

    I really like Flash as Venom but the only storyline that really interested me was the backstory with the supporting cast. Moving Flash out of NYC was moronic for this reason alone. I want to see his story continue in some format, even if he doesn't get his own book.

  5. Tom Winston

    My understanding was that Erik Burnham was going to start scripting Yost's plots for a few issues, then take over the series, but the November solicit really did sound like a final issue.

  6. Tom Winston

    My guess is that Spider 2099, Venom and Scarlet Spider will get relaunched in Marvel Now 2 in a team book. The last solict for Scarlet sounded very final, and with Chris Yost stepping down, cancelling can't be far behind. Maybe all the Spider-man copies team up to bring down Superior

  7. Max A. Frankow

    What? Seriously?! This was one of my favorite books in my pull list... Am I the only one who loved Flash as Venom?

  8. Enigma_2099

    ... does this mean they're gonna try and re-bond it with Brock? Cause I don't think it's gonna just go away.

  9. Mycroftian

    Shame to see it go. Bunn and Remender's was pretty handily the best take on Venom in a darn long time. Hopefully Flash makes it out of Darkest Hours intact and still with the symbiote.

  10. sthenurus

    That s a shame, I have been enjoying Venom. I dont get why this is canceled and yet thunderbolts keep on going. Well, i'll put the money marvel is helping me save toward more important stuff i guess. I just hope Scarlet spider won't follow.

  11. Big Al

    This will probably lead into Venom's appearance in Superior. I think the quality of this book kind of justified the cancellation. Unless someone else could turn it around I think it's time Venom went back to being a bad guy, although with Slott I doubt it will happen since he's not fond of Venom

  12. Nick MB

    Cullen Bunn doesn't sound like he thinks he'll be back if the book does return. Wonder if we'll get some kind of big Venom status quo change in the Superior arc, or if that was written on the assumption that he had an ongoing to go back to.

  13. E

    I feel like the drama of the wearing symbiote was completely taken away during Bunn's run which is a real shame. Maybe it's time for a new Venom and a return to his villainous origins.

  14. JGC

    That's too bad. I thought the title was picking up after the lull when Bunn took over. Hopedully it's relaunched in Marvel Now! Two.

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