Scarlet Spider cancelled at #25

Scarlet Spider 25There’s been no press-release on the subject, but today’s Marvel Comics December solicitations reveal that Scarlet Spider #25 will be the fan-favorite series’ final issue. Here’s the full solit (cover to the left):

Cover by Ryan Stegman
• It’s over. Kaine did his best to be a hero. He failed.
• What about Houston?! Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? The answers will surprise you.
• Two years and 25 issues have led to THIS! Guest starring: MEXICO!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

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  1. Marko

    This is not right let continue scarlet spider but in year 2099 and benjy parker peters son from the future must return his father not be a superior spidey how about for marvel to begin saga scarlet spider 2099

  2. Trobb

    Well, that's sad but better a completely awesome "mini"-series than bitch Gwen, pact with the devil, spider-octopus and this kind of things, Scarlet Spider could easily be an awesome graphic novel.

  3. Nick MB

    It sounds like Captain Marvel is probably getting some kind of relaunch/revamp. Maybe an "All New Captain Marvel" with the same writer and a better-known artist? But yeah, even a badly received event mini will sell in huge amounts. One glance at the sales figures will tell you why they keep doing them even though message boards might complain.

  4. Eddie

    So, I just glanced at some sales numbers. Is Captain Marvel getting cancelled? It has consistently sold roughly 5K less issues than Scarlet Spider. BTW, those numbers are depressing. The worst was Age of Ultron. I had no idea that sold so well - of course I was one of the suckers that contributed to those obscene numbers. Superior Spider-Man is selling like hotcakes, too. Daredevil rarely breaks 40K.

  5. Ryo Vie

    @24 and @22 Also, the Hawkeye trades (Vols 1 & 2) were the number one selling trades when they were released. That has to count toward keeping a comic around as well. Not sure where the Scarlet trades ranked or how well they sold. What bothers me most is that Marvel is clearly cutting all of their "low" selling titles in order to fund more Avengers-type comics. I don't read Avengers, so I guess I will be spending more time with the independents.

  6. Nick MB

    @22 According to recent sales - - Hawkeye has actually gone up from low-30s to low-40s. So yeah, critical acclaim is having a tangible effect there, it's probably not in any danger, but good reviews alone rarely get a book into the top ten. You need a big creator/character or an event tie-in for that.

  7. spiderfreak

    Seriously... the last one? So Marvel just basically took away any reason for me to keep buying their comics now :(

  8. scarletspider77

    I wish we knew what the digital numbers were. I mean, the book hovered around 22,000 but what about us digital only people? that money has to count too. Honestly, I hate to have a job trying to decide exactly what would hit and miss in the industry these days. Everyone, including me raves about Hawkeye, but I think its only doing around 30,000 print. I'm so astonished at how well Batman sells, I mean the regular series is super event driven and people pop up like crazy for that thing. Superman Unchained is killing it while Action and Superman slum it in the top 40. Crazy. Bye Kaine, love ya man. Not as much as Ben though. ;-)

  9. sthenurus

    Thank you marvel for helping me saving money. My pull list used to be this: ASM Avenging SM USM SS Venom. I ditch asm 5 issues after superior. USM is canceled Venom is canceled SS is canceled. Guess it means I'll have about 20$ extra in my pockets a month.

  10. AmFan15

    It figures Marvel would cancel the one and ONLY book of theirs that I've been picking up. Great job, Marvel. Seriously though, Yost did a FANTASTIC job writing this series, and made me actually enjoy something that came from the clone saga...Quite an accomplishment, to say the least. I hope he goes on to do something just as good in the future.

  11. Ryo Vie

    I just can't understand this. Sales were down, but not THAT down. Scarlet Spider is the best book Marvel offers and they are cancelling it? What the heck is that? So instead of Scarlet Spider, we are getting no less than 6 point one issues of Spider Man (when he was PETER PARKER) and I'm sure a couple of new Avengers titles to boot. Great job, Marvel. I am so glad that I am reading more independent titles. This is ridiculous.

  12. Nick MB

    Shame, but the sales were pretty grim, so can't really blame Marvel here. Wacker posted on CBR saying we'll see more Kaine soon, so maybe he's getting a team gig or a guest appearance somewhere. Or hell, even a relaunch.

  13. Sbee

    Well with both venom and now scarlet gone marvel doesn't have one spider related comic worth my time. I truly hope this backfires at them and they lose tons of readers and they finally realize where all the real spider-book fans were at. Oh and ill still have battle of the atom so I'm not completely at a loss.

  14. Eddie

    Really a bummer. Kaine and his supporting cast was one of the best things happening at Marvel. I have had some of the best comics moments in recent years with Kaine and Aracely. That leaves only one book I'll be faithfully picking up from Marvel every month - Hawkeye. I'm still reading through Infinity, but I'm not sure I'm going to continue either Avengers or New Avengers after that. I'm also not going to pick up any Spider-Man titles until Peter returns. So, there you go Marvel. You used to get at least $22 a month from me. Now, you're only guaranteed $3. I might reconsider and pick up Thor, everyone is raving about it.

  15. krankyboy

    Don't be mad at Marvel, guys. Comic readers had their chance to support Scarlet Spider. And just like Venom, they didn't. Instead, they went with the usual "event" books (once every few months it seems) and titles where Marvel editors/writers are openly bragging about trying to make the readership "mad" like The Superior Doctor Octopus. It's a shame this book got cancelled, but everyone knew it was coming. You snooze on titles like this, you lose. And yeah, I'm just as disappointed as everyone else.

  16. stillanerd

    Yeah, I figured this was going to happen when Marvel announced that Venom was cancelled, considering how the sales estimates for both Venom and Scarlet Spider were around the 20K mark. Real shame as I was really digging the series.

  17. NorthernRedStar My reaction to these new. Thanks a lot Marvel, I was really enjoying this and Venom. This was a top quality book, gotta wonder why audience wasn't as interested as you'd believe.

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