Podcast 258- Spider-Jeopardy 2013

Podcast258PicOur yearly tradition continues with our  annual Spider-Jeopardy. The categories this year are, 
SPIDER SATELLITES (not just the current ones)

Will Kevin win another year or will Don surprise us? Will Brad win for the first time after multiple attempts? Will Chris spank JR in Spider-Knowledge? Find out by downloading the show. 


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Please visit our sponsor Dynamic Forces. The book I advertise on this episode is located right here. It’s a signed Amazing Spider-Man #600 by John Romita Jr. 

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(3) Comments

  1. Bertone

    What Kevin said. On the DVD some of the episodes are split up. For example, if an episode had two segments ("Golden Rhino" and "Some other Spidey story whose episode title I forgot") they are counted separately on the DVD. It all depends on how you count it, but I'm going by episodes. IMDB and Wiki both say 52 so that's what I put. Either way JR still won!

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey Gang, to your Spider-Man question of who voiced him the longest in an Animated series is Paul Soles from the 60's cartoon series. Christoper Branes may have voice him the longest of the modern toons, but I happen to have the very Animated series of the sixties right hereto prove it: .When I heard the question it made me wonder as well? I went and counted all of the episodes and all together their are seventy seven of the sixty seven animated show.

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