Podcast 259: Reviews of Superior 19 & 20

Podcast259NOvpicThe gang reviews Superior Spider-Man # 19 & 20. 
*We discuss the pros and cons and give it a grade
*Thoughts on the end of Horizon
*Was Mary Jane out of character? 
*Thoughts on Spock getting accused of stealing Ock’s ideas for his thesis.
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(4) Comments

  1. hornacek

    Like most random things in life, I learned about Schadenfreude from watching the Simpsons. "Man, those Germans have a word for everything!"

  2. James sciaccotta

    How to save spiderman How to fix brand new day and end superior spiderman Well Pete is dead on his way to the afterlife When mephisto calls him a cheat and says he tried to welch on the deal That made brand new day ..... I've got more for one Peter Parker year in hell Also how he gets out

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