Podcast 262-Ultimate Spider-Man Venom and Venom Bomb Reviews

Podcast262In this episode George reviews two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.
*He reviews the season one episode Venom.
*He also reviews the season two episode Venom Bomb.
*Learn about an interesting drink called mead
*Find out Venom origin involves coming out of the toilet. 


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(5) Comments

  1. George Berryman

    Yep, at some point we'll get there. Right now we're doing two shows per week. When we started the second season was already underway, so we picked up from the most recent episode for the second season - which happened to be almost in the middle. At the same time we started doing the first season from episode one forward. The next episodes we'll review, just so you have sort of a reference, will be Season Two, Episode 20 (Game Over with Cap, Wolverine & Arcade) and Season One, Episode Seven (Exclusive with Hulk & Zzzax).

  2. daniel kibler

    Hey George I was wondering are you going to review the carnage episode or the sinister six one because I would love to hear your impressions of them.?

  3. Daniel Kibler

    Great episode guys but in actuality in the Ultimate comics venom's only weakness is electricity I don't know why but that's what happened in the comics and apparently in this show too.

  4. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Kev Cushing - No new Slayer was ever called to replace Buffy between BtVS s5 & 6 as Faith was still alive, albeit incarcerated of her own volition. Buffy was an anomaly and diverged from the Slayer hierarchy after she drowned (even it was just for a few minutes) at the end of s1. Kendra was mystically activated when Buffy drowned. Faith was called after Kendra's murder by Drusilla in the penultimate ep of s2. There you have it.

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