Podcast # 314-Vinny Romita, Ditko Ebay, Axis Hobgoblin, Gillan Spider-Girl

Podcast314picHere are the Spider-News topics we’re tackling this month. 
*Two new Avengers/ X-Men Axis Spider-Man related mini series with Hobgoblin and Carnage. 
*Stan Lee insulted by Comics Alliance writer, and the increasing disrespect about  his contributions to Marvel. 
*Karen Gillan wants to play Spider-Girl? 
*If you want to cosplay in Times Square, you may have register. A superhero registration act could actually happen. 
*You’ve heard of John Romita and his son John Romita Jr, but what about Vinny Romita. And is an E-Bay auction from Vinnie worth $17,000? 
*A 1969 Steve Ditko letter is going for $15,000. Would you buy it? 
*We also discuss copyright laws with costume characters and a recent statue that is wanting to use the Superman symbol. 


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  1. herbiepopnecker

    I posted a story about the Superman logo on the little boy's memorial statue not too long ago. I'd be interested in knowing what the podcast had to say.

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