Cops Nab Spidey In Times Square

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 6.14.25 PM.JPG“The real Spider-Man would have never done something like this,” one officer quipped…

Just about a month ago Stillanerd ran a story on our front page about New York seeking legislation to deal with costumed characters in Times Square after a series of unfortunate altercations. We also discussed it on the Spider-News podcast this month.

Hot on the heels of that hubbub comes yet another Spider-Man related misadventure in Times Square between New York’s finest and – you guessed it – someone dressed as Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, this time a Spider-Pretended decided he could take on the Five-O.

From the New York Post:

More below the fold:

Meet your Un-Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

A panhandler dressed as the iconic webslinger repeatedly punched a cop in the face during a violent Times Square tussle Saturday afternoon, police said.

It had been just another routine day of bedlam at the Crossroads of the World, with crowds of costumed characters shaking down tourists for cash — until Spidey came out swinging in a caught-on-video outburst.

The not-so-Marvel-ous comic-book creature had been demanding $10 from tourists who wanted to pose for pictures, ­police said.

“Fives, tens, or 20s only,” he allegedly demanded.

It was at about 2 p.m. when a cop overheard the outrageous prices and confronted the superzero.

That’s when the angered arachnid went anarchic, sources said.

Asked for ID, Spidey spewed venom. “F–k you! This is none of your business,” he allegedly seethed, tearing off his mask.

As the cop moves to arrest him, the tights-clad beggar bugs out.

Witness video captures him throwing at least two roundhouse punches at the male officer — the first punch knocking off the cop’s cap — as a policewoman joins in the attempt to subdue Spidey, the sources said.

So what does this mean for people who dress up as Spidey or any other costume performer while demanding money for photos? Well it’s definitely giving more weight to the calls for registration and background checks.

As mentioned in the article, nearby tourists caught the altercation on a cell phone camera. It immediately went on the YouTubes, where anything ever recorded goes. Warning: The video below contains shocking and horrific imagery. It is not intended for younger or sensitive viewers. (It’s probably okay for Spideydude to watch, though! Heh!)


–George Berryman!

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  1. Stillanerd

    @#11 irishfan -- Thanks, irishfan. I saw that video, as well, and have put up an article about on the front page:

  2. irishfan

    may be of interest. A street performer in dublin ireland has been dressing up as spiderman the last few months. Dublin has had a problem with heroin going back 4 decades that going undressed in any meaningful manner, attempts at stableizing it rather than eliminating it, its gotten to the point that addicts are now part of the scenery with some other anti social problems as a result. While st crime such as violent muggings is not that bad in the city, the general population including the addicts being friendly enough street performers generally are at rick of getting their tips robbed. Dublin Spiderman had had enough

  3. Rock33AD

    @6 Was glad to help out in anyway I can! Long time reader and listener but rare poster on the site. Got to play Peter Parker for a sec taking a photo from my iPhone. Didn't know it would create a massive file. Thank you sir and I really should try to interact with fellow Spidey fans! :)

  4. hornacek

    J.R., at the rate that list is growing, you better get your single-hole punch and make a notch in the other side of that floppy so you can put the disk in the drive upside down and use the other side.

  5. MadGoblin

    Hornacek, you're periously close to joining Tyson on "My List." And I'm keeping that list on a 5.25" floppy disk where I'll always be able to get at it and update it.

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    Rock 33AD posted the following post/image but the image was way too massive. I saved the image and resized it but for some weird reason Word Press would not let me remove the existing massive image. So I had to remove it. However, here is what Rock33AD posted, along with the resized image. Thanks Rock33AD! :)<blockquote> Thought fellow Spidey fans might get a kick outta the photo of the paper not the incident... (No pun intended.) I can almost hear good ole J.J. yelling, "He's a menace!"<img src=""></blockquote>

  7. Wwww789

    Wow, what a shoddy costume! I wouldn't even have a picture taken of me next to that guy if he paid me!I must say, if we were in the Marvel Universe, we would probably all be making idiotic accusations that this WAS the real Spider-Man by now. The Daily Bugle would have a field day with it.

  8. Tyson

    Does it irritate anyone else besides me when some idiot does something to cause police officers to have to use force to get them to cooperate and people like one of the bystanders in the video stand around saying crap like, "Harassment"?

  9. FT95

    @2 Black costume? Check. Unprovoked violent actions? Check.Highbrow language? Er... okay, uncheck. Maybe not him.

  10. hornacek

    These cops are attacking Spidey because they're the ones that framed him for the Spider Tracer killings! Oh man, I can't believe I just referred to something during Brand New Day. I need a shower.Elmo in the background looks very shocked.I feel bad for J.R. having to discuss this on the next Spider-News, but I also can't wait.

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