Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #9 Review: Stillanerd’s Take

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#9-AltCoverSPIDER-MAN: “Why me?!”
BEN REILLY: “Because you’re the greatest of us all.”
SPIDER-MAN: “What?!”

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…are you ready, at last, to see “every single Spider-Man ever?” Or least the one’s Marvel are legally allowed to use? And the one’s who haven’t yet been killed off? Because look out! Here’s comes the Spider-Verse! Or as I’m beginning to call it, “The Many Deaths of Spider-Man.”

“Spider-Verse, Part One: The Gathering”
WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Olivier Coipel
COLOR ARTIST: Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

“Spider-Verse: The Feast”
WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILER: Giuseppe Camuncoli
INKER: Cam Smith
COLORIST: Antonio Fabela
LETTERER: VC’s Travis Lanham

EDITOR: Nick Lowe

STORY #1: We open with Peter being woken up by a phone call from J. Jonah Jameson demanding he get some pictures of a “super-powered punk” at “Armstrong Park.” Peter, as Spidey, arrives at the park and finds Morlun waiting…who then drains Spidey’s totem energy. Turns out this Spidey is from “Earth-449,” a world where humanity has colonized the Moon. After his meal, Morlun returns to “Earth-001” or “The Loomworld” where his brother, Daemos, and sister, Verna are waiting. Verna decides to go hunting on a world with “young spiders” taking along her “hounds,” which are feral versions of Puma, Kraven the Hunter, and Silver Sable. Daemos wants to hunt on “Earth-616,” but Morlun tells him no, as he claims that Earth “his” and that he’s “saving it for last.”

Meanwhile, on Earth-616, a surprise appearance by Cindy Moon/Silk wakes up Peter. As he changes into Spider-Man, Cindy tells Peter her “solution” to their “problem” of wanting to have sex when they’re around each other—Peter can move somewhere else while she takes over looking after New York. She also says that something aside from their attraction drew her towards him after a week, as if “all the threads of the Great Web were drawing [her] towards him.” Spidey and Silk then go out on patrol, and they spot the Looter, along with SpOck’s spiderlings, robbing a bank, using one of SpOck’s spider-walkers as a getaway vehicle. As they start to take care of the Looter and crew, they’re soon joined by Jessica Drew, Anya Corazon, Miquel O’Hara, Spider-UK, Mayday, and Spider-Ham. Shocked and skeptical at first, Spidey is told about Morlun’s return and his brother, Daemos’ arrival, thus prompting Spidey and Silk to follow the other Spiders into a dimensional portal.

At Mount Wundagore, Daemos has made short work of the New Warriors and is about to feast on Kaine, when suddenly several spines from Kaine’s forearm impale Daemos in the chest. Daemos, much to his delight, realizes Kaine is “The Other” and assumes this was the reason Morlun didn’t want him on Earth-616. Only just as Daemos is about to finish Kaine off, another portal opens, and to the rescue comes “Old Man Spider from Earth-4,” the Bruce Banner Spider-Man from Bullet Points, Spider-Gwen, and…Ben Reilly! The Spiders rescue Kaine, but at the cost of Bruce Banner. All the Spiders meet up on Earth-13, the home dimension of the “Cosmic Spider-Man,” i.e. a Peter Parker who still has is Captain Universe powers, so long as he stays on Earth-13. He’s also been looking after Mayday baby brother, Benji. Cosmic Spidey, Spider-UK, and Ben Reilly explain to Peter that they’ve gathered a “little over twenty strong” to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Inheritors, and that Peter is their “secret weapon” and “the greatest one of them all.” Finally in the Ultimate Marvel universe, with Miles Morales his mom’s grave, thinking how him taking on the mantle of Spider-Man has cost him his family, while Jessica Drew—Peter’s female clone—tries to offer some reassurance. It is then that Verna arrives with her “hounds” and attacks.

STORY #2: On Loomworld, an alternate version of Jessica Drew is ordering wine barrels from an alternate version of Robbie Robertson in final preparation for the Inheritors’ banquet. At the banquet itself and seated at table are Daemos, Jennix, the twins Brix and Bora, and, at the head of the table, is their father, Solus. The Inheritors are waiting for the arrival of Morlun, much to his siblings annoyance, while on the table are the blooded and barely conscious bodies of the Bullet Points Spidey, a vampire Spidey, and a Man-Spider. The Great Weaver is overhead, whom Solus uses as council along with allowing the Inheritors access to the various “threads” of the “Great Web.”

Morlun arrives with a Spider-Man from an Earth ruled by Egyptian Pharaohs, but before they can “eat” Solus tells his children to say which Spider they’ve brought to the banquet. As they do, this, Brix and Bora bicker over who has the most points, Jennix expresses concern about the other Spiders joining forces, and Morlun and Daemos bicker over the later going to Earth-616, and how Morlun was twice “sent back” after Spidey defeated him. At this, Solus demands a stop to the bickering, telling them that, thanks to the Great Weaver, he “knows the location of The Other, the Bride, and even the Scion.” He also asks each of his children what they think the Great Web means. Brix and Bora consider it a game, as the Weaver told them they would play “until the end of time;” Jennix thinks it’s a mystery which the Weaver told him would be one “he’ll never solve;” Daemos considers it “license” to do what he wants, as the Weaver told him that, despite being the oldest, his siblings would outlast him; and Morlun considers the Web his legacy and, as Solus’ heir, his “obligation.” Solus says Morlun is close, but that the Great Web mean that they are “the Inheritors of all creation.” However, the Egyptain Spidey manages to tell them they’re all wrong—the Inheritors are thieves and that Spiders will stop them. An enraged Morlun, however, “reminds” the Egyptian Spidey they’re nothing but “food.” And with that, the Inheritors begin their feast.

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#9--p.16THOUGHTS: For those of you who’ve been reading my past reviews of Amazing Spider-Man, you may have noticed my assertions that, ever since the title relaunched back in April of this year, the comic, and Dan Slott’s writing in particular, has been, for most part, pretty lackluster in the storytelling department, and didn’t have the same amount of energy and zeal as his Superior Spider-Man, or even Slott’s earlier work on Amazing Spider-Man pre-Superior Spider-Man. I surmised this may had something to do with Slott wanting to save up his energy for “Spider-Verse,” seeing as this appeared to be the pattern in the lead-up to other Spider-Man related events such as “Spider-Island,” “Ends of the Earth,” and Amazing Spider-Man #700. Now that the first chapter of “Spider-Verse” has hit the stands, however, we may have to wait a bit longer. Because as an opening salvo for such heavily-promoted, event-driven story, this had a lot of smoke and colorful pyrotechnics, but still a misfire all the same.

What is perhaps the most interesting element to take away from Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #9 is it would have been a far more effective read if there hadn’t been any “Edge of Spider-Verse” back-up stories or one-shots beforehand. Furthermore, it’s a far more effective opening if you haven’t been reading Spider-Man comics for the last several years, including Slott’s own stories. But since we’re expected to have been reading Amazing Spider-Man up to this point (and recent sales estimates suggest people have) including the “Edge of Spider-Verse” back-ups, then “Spider-Verse’s” opening chapter is not only a rather slow read, it’s also, at times, rather dull. For example, Dan Slott appears to write the opening scene showing “Spider Moon-Man of Earth-449” with the assumption readers will be entering “Spider-Verse” cold and thus doubly-shocked over not just Morlun’s “return,” but the “reveal” that scene takes place on a different universe. Except, since even new or lapsed readers going into this comic already know “Spider-Verse” is a story dealing with alternate realities and timelines, whatever intended surprise is lost even before the opening scene even ends.

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#9--p.7It also doesn’t help that a fair number of pages get devoted to Spidey bantering and teaming-up with whom Marvel oh-so-desperately hoped would be their breakout new female character, Silk. If Slott’s intent was to make readers endear themselves to Cindy Moon (the better to pick up her upcoming ongoing series, of course), then he’s utterly failed in that regard. Slott clearly wants us to see Cindy as flirtatious, headstrong, and unpredictable like the Black Cat (she even calls Peter by Felicia’s pet name for him, “Spider,” at one point) except the way he actually writes her, she’s an insufferable know-it-all, made all the worse in that she’s more effective in bringing down the Looter’s hired goons than Spidey himself. The scene where she surprises Peter by waking him up in his bedroom also tries very hard to hammer home what “sexual chemistry” they have, including beefcake shots which show Peter sleeps in the nude, and Cindy watching Peter dress as she lounges on Peter’s bed like a pin-up girl. Again, its trying way too hard in getting readers to like her as a character when all you really want is for her to just go away and never come back. Also, do I really need to explain why Cindy suggesting Peter should leave New York and let her take care of it so they can avoid having sex is so inane? And if the rumors are indeed correct that Peter, after “Spider-Verse,” will be lost off world, then her comment is also a bit of clumsy foreshadowing, as was her callback to the opening scene about how he should try living on the Moon.

Where the issue genuinely starts to gather steam—and where the fun really begins—is when Spidey, and later Kaine, start meeting their various doppelgangers from other parallel worlds, and seeing just which version of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman appears. Some , such as Miles Morales and Marvel’s genuine breakout new female character, Spider-Gwen, are to be expected. Others tapped into long-time fan nostalgia, such as the Ben Reilly Spider-Man. Others stem from based an intriguing premise, such as the Cosmic Spidey (who, of course, will be forced at some point to join with the other Spiders in their “final battle for survival” and have to leave Earth-13, thus lose his powers and, as a result, becoming yet another meal for the Inheritors). And there are others who you assumed were one version of Spider-Man, but turn out to be quite another, such as the one dressed in costume a future version of Spidey wore in Amazing Spider-Man #500 who is officially dubbed Old Man Spider (and given how the narration underscores how his identity, unlike the others, will be kept “hidden for now,” odds are this version of Spidey is really Uncle Ben). Even more of a surprise was seeing alternate versions of Spidey’s supporting cast and villains who are being forced to serve and work with the Inheritors. Also, the appearance of Mayday allows for some genuinely touching moments, especially the scene where Spider-Ham reassures her that the other Spiders are her and Benji’s family now after the murder of her parents.

(Another brief Spidey Speculation—I suspect that Karn, the outcast Inheritor from Superior Spider-Man #32 and #33, is really Peter Parker of Earth-001, or another Peter Parker from another dimension. After all, not only does he have to use a two-pronged spear to siphon off totem energy unlike his “siblings,” but, looking at the back-up in Superior Spider-Man #33, his face bore an uncanny resemblance to Peter himself.)

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#9--p.30Unfortunately, just like he’s done in the “Edge of Spider-Verse” back-ups, Slott can’t help but re-introduce alternate versions of Spider-Man only to just kill them off moments later. It would’ve been nice to see more of the Bullet Points Spider-Man involved in the story, especially since he’s also an alternate version of Dr. Bruce Banner who never became the Hulk. But nope! Just like Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends or Mayday’s dad, he and other Spider-Men are nothing but cannon-fodder to show just how unrepentant and eee-vil Morlun, Daemos, and the rest of Inheritors are, even though it’s been done so many times already its no longer the least bit shocking or horrifying. It’s gotten the point where I’m short of past caring which version of Spider-Man gets killed next, especially if Slott ends up doing what I fear he might do at the end of “Spider-Verse:” have the Great Weaver re-spin various threads to bring the slain Spider-Men and Women back to life. After all, if he can, as shown in the back-up in Superior Spider-Man #33, destroy strands from the Web of Life, then he’s certainly capable make new threads and patterns to resemble the old ones.

And this leads to the biggest problem this issue, along with “Spider-Verse,” has to date—the Inheritors themselves.  Whether you liked him or not, and even though he was essentially Dracula by any another name, there was a time where Morlun was a genuinely scary and menacing villain. Having now seen the rest of his family and his relationship with each of them, however, Morlun’s been reduced to just another member of a bunch of decadent, spoiled-brats who always have to be kept in-line and disciplined by their aged and overly-demanding father, Solus, who, of course, is all but hidden in shadow, save for his glowing red eyes and shaggy beard, to make him look more menacing. (Get it? Solus is a homonym for “soulless.” Oooh, spooky!) After reading the main story and the back-up, this family of steampunk vampires are about as scary and menacing as the Addams Family and the Munsters, only not as entertaining and without the depth. Not only do they kill various incarnations of Spider-Man, their presence kills off whatever momentum the comic had been generating, especially during the redundant, exposition-heavy ten-page back-up story where the Inheritors are literally just sitting around and waiting to eat dinner.

The only thing of genuine interest resulting from “The Feast,” apart from having glimpses of even more alternate Spider-Men courtesy of the Master Weaver, is the Inheritors regard certain Spiders as priority targets. We know Kaine is “The Other,” and Silk is the “Spider-Bride,” which leaves the identity of the “Scion” unknown. Best case scenario is that it’s either Mayday or her baby brother, Benji; worse case scenario, and one I’m praying will be wrong, is that it’s Peter and Cindy’s child from a possible future. After all, why else would Slott keep bringing up how Peter and Cindy, as Peter himself puts it, “feel the urge to mate…like spider-bunnies” aside from making a cheap gag? I expressed my misgivings that Cindy was being set-up as yet another “chosen one” in my review for Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #4, but now it seems she’ll be one of three, possibly four, during this story. Also, in keeping with stories which are dependent upon “destiny” to help our heroes win the day, you just know that the Weaver’s prophecies about the various Inheritors will result in ironic “twists of fate” which are nothing like what they assumed they would be.

AmazingSpider-Man(2014)#9--p.20And speaking of priorities, let’s not forget who is supposed to be the “star” of this comic, Peter Parker himself. Even though Peter and the reader are flat-out told he is the “greatest” of all the Spider-Men, nothing in Slott’s own writing up to this point backs this up. Heck, even Peter’s response to this assertion reads like even he thinks it’s bullcrap. Ever since the relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter has all but taken a backseat to his own comic, and at worse, comes off looking like an incompetent, immature buffoon. It’s all the other Spider-Men and Women who come off looking more interesting, and, as in the case of SpOck and Silk, more skilled. Perhaps the idea Slott is going for is, just like he attempted to argue towards the end of Superior Spider-Man, is that even if other Spider-Men have better skills, a higher intellect, or more maturity, Peter is still the “greatest” because of his “heart,” his sense of personal responsibility, and his compassion for others, and thus trying very hard to recast him as the typical “unlikely hero.” That, too, would also be in keeping with how Daemos, in the back-up story, considers the 616 Spidey to be “a bland, flavorless totem,” the better to set up his hubris and how underestimated Spidey is, of course. Even so, this doesn’t excuse the fact we’ve seen little evidence of Peter’s “greatness” since his return other than the occasional lip-service to the fans. If Slott really wants us to convince us that Peter is “the greatest superhero of them all,” then he needs start writing Peter as if he were one, and soon. It also doesn’t help that Peter’s dialogue in particular reads like a poor-man’s version of Brian Michael Bendis, with his constant utterance of “Me?! Why Me?!” and a tendency to repeat whatever others have said verbatim in the form of a question.

There is, however, one very strong selling point for Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #9, and that is, of course, Olivier Coipel’s art. Too simply describe his illustrations as gorgeous wouldn’t be doing it true justice, because not only does everything have a proper scene of scale, proportion, and illusion of movement, Coipel draws almost every single panel and page with intricate, painstaking detail. The costumes actually look like fabric instead of appearing to be “painted on,” facial expressions conveying genuine emotion, and, along with Justin Ponsor’s use of color, excellent usage of light and shadow effects. It also helps to make such great moments of the issue stand out even better, such as Spider-Ham punching SpOck’s former goon, the arrival of Old Man Spider, Bruce Banner, Spider-Gwen, and Ben Reilly to rescue Kaine, and of course the double-page spread showing Peter meeting all his counterparts on Earth-13. Giuseppe Camuncoli work in the back-up story is decent, even if there is some irregularities such as the character of Solus having shoulders wider than his head, but it doesn’t quite match the level of quality Coipel brings.

So yes, Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #9 still has a lot to offer, and to be fair, it’s just the first issue of a six-parter, complete with various tie-ins to expand the story, such like any other comic book event. Since the next suggests Peter will come face-to-face with SpOck, their first confrontation since Superior Spider-Man while not occupying the same body to boot, this should be a guarantee for “Spider-Verse’s” cannons to really start blazing at full volley. At the moment, though, looks as if the powder still has ways to go yet before it gets dry.



  • So if people living on the Moon in Earth-449 are called “Moon-Men” or “Moon-Women,” then what about a possible Cindy Moon from Earth-449? Given how Cindy is short for “Cynthia” and is also a variation of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Moon, then that would mean the Silk of Earth-449 would be literally be “Moon Moon, the Spider Moon-Woman” And as if we didn’t have enough Moon, we also have Peter “mooning” us on panel, while talking to Cindy Moon, who suggests he should live on the Moon. Argh! That’s too many moons!
  • “Ah right. You don’t set off my spider-sense.” Um…wasn’t it your spider-sense which allowed you follow her when you two first met, Pete? And isn’t it that very same spider-sense which has compelled you both to want to have sex with each other? Which means that, yes, she can set off your spider-sense! But even if you’re right about Cindy not being able to set off your spider-sense, then how can you set-off hers since, as your own first-person narration pointed out in Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #4, it was her “faster” spider-sense and agility which made it possible for her to dodge your webbing? Jeez, Peter’s spider-sense has been depicted so inconsistently for so many times even he no longer knows how it works anymore.
  • “Cindy Moon. The girl who claims we were bitten by the same spider.” Claims, my foot—you saw her being bitten by that same radioactive spider, Pete, when you had those visions of her past in the “Original Sins” tie-in [Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #4 again]. Granted, it did stretch beyond even comic book levels of credulity when, as according to Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1, both you and Cindy were bitten during the same “split-second” before it died, so your skepticism is understandable.
  • In case you’re wondering, yes, Peter and Mayday have met each other before years ago in the two-part “Spider-Girl Meets Spider-Man” as shown in Spider-Girl #10 and #11 where Mayday accidentally went back in time to the events of Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #25. And it turns out she did travel to the actual 616 since that’s the only way Peter would even remember her. Also, since Mayday called Peter “dad” during that story, then Peter also should know Mayday is his daughter from an alternate future, as well. So if all this time, Peter has known that, one day, he was going to have a kid one day, did he also know beforehand that Mary Jane could potentially be “the mother?” Or any relationship he’s ever had with any other woman, including Betty Brant, Gwen Stacy, Black Cat, or Carlie Cooper? Cause it’d be a little weird if all this time he’s gone out on a date, he’s been thinking, “This woman could be my future daughter’s baby momma.”
  • Having read Scarlet Spider, I’m very much aware Kaine, thanks to merging with “The Other,” has Wolverine-esque bone spears the can protrude from his forearms, and can turn into a ferocious were-spider just like when the 616 Bruce Banner gets angry and turns into the Hulk. But I don’t recall The Other allowing for Kaine to have multiple elongated spines growing out of his arms as if he were Carnage. In short, the Other is not a symbiote.
  • You know, Spider-Gwen makes a very good point—just why are all the different Spiders referring to each other by their real names within earshot of everyone else when they’re supposed to have secret identities? Maybe after berating Old Man Spider for doing so, she can berate Spidey for calling Spider-Woman “Jess” and Spider-Man 2099 “Miquel.” Or Spider-UK for calling Spider-Ham “Peter.” Or for Spidey calling Spider-Girl “Mayday” and Mayday herself for unmasking in public. Sure, the other Spiders need a way to get the others’ attention without calling each other “Spider-Man” or “Spider-Girl” or what have you without getting confused. Then again, since most of them are also “Peter Parker,” even calling them by their real names is bound to get confusing after a while.
  • Here’s a question for the comic’s humble narrator: how come we readers were berated for looking at Peter’s butt, yet we weren’t berated for looking at the Betty Brant Spider-Girl’s (from What If? #7, by the way)? Because damn! To quote Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Baby got back!” Fair is fair, after all. And aside from Betty…
  • Is that also Spider-Monkey and Spider-Man Noir with Cosmic Spidey and Spider-UK’s group? Aren’t they still supposed to be with SpOck? Other version of Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Monkey? Or did SpOck’s eight-person crew decide to join the other Spiders at some point off panel?
  • So either Miles Morales and Ultimate Jessica Drew in this story are from an alternate Ultimate Universe…or somebody forgot that the official designation for the Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe is “Earth-1610,” not “Earth-610.” Oops!
  • Now we’ve been told by Marvel they couldn’t use certain Spider-Men for “Spider-Verse” due to licensing issues with Sony. Yet, as seen in the Great Weaver’s Web of Life during the back-up, they can have a Lone Ranger Spider-Man, a Tarzan Spider-Man, and a Rorschach Spider-Man? I call shenanigans!
  • Oh sure, seeing Spider-Man versions of the Hulk, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Human Torch, Cable, and Deadpool might seem pretty cool. As would no doubt seeing a Werewolf Spidey, a Venom-Spidey, another Doc Ock Spidey, a female “Big Time” Spidey, a black costumed Spidey, or the original Scarlet Spider. But nothing can compare to the sheer level of awesomeness that is Supaidāman, or the live-action Spidey from Japan! Well…there’s also the Spider-Man from the Ralph Bashki’s 1960s cartoon, I guess. But come on! Just look at Supaidāman in action and tell me I’m wrong.

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  1. Daniel

    Another spot on review. Agree Slott has sort of ruined Morlun with the petulant child characterisation along with his siblings while all your predictions like Karn being a Peter, Old man being uncle Ben, cosmic dying all pretty likely. Keep up the good work!

  2. RDMacQ

    @#23- Well, given the fact that it is about the fifth instance of a possible unintended rape subtext the series has had in the past seven years, I'm not surprised.

  3. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#10 Big John -- You're welcome, good sir! And thanks for the compliments. @#12 PeterParkerfan -- <blockquote>On a side note, Mr. Copiel should be the main artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. His art is fanfastic.</blockquote> In a perfect world, absolutely. Although, given the obvious attention to detail he puts into his work, Copiel may be more suited to a monthly schedule instead of a twice-a-month one. That's probably why he, as far the solicits go, is doing the first two parts of Spider-Verse and, with the exception of the covers, Camuncoli takes over. Although I really hope Copiel does the final part of Spider-Verse (i.e. ASM #14) so fingers crossed. @ #15 Al -- <blockquote> Also, whilst the scenes themselves might be touching, I still think the killing of Mayday’s family was goddam asinine and it would’ve been much better if she was meeting everyone as her usual self. </blockquote> Same here. @#17 Evan -- Thank you very much, good sir! And don't forget to check out the other reviews besides Andrew and myself. :) @#18 Ben and #19 Dapperfex -- If we get a scene in during Spider-Verse with Supaidaman going "Change Leopardon!" and then flying into his giant mecha to attack Morlun and the Inheritors, I'll be one very happy nerd, let me tell you! @#RDMacQ -- That wouldn't surprise me, actually, as it would make sense given that she is getting a series. After all, notice how in all the promotion for the new Silk series, there's is almost no mention over how any time she's around Peter, their "spider-hormones" kick in and they're compelled to start having sex? Yeah, probably they figured it was best to downplay that aspect of her character for obvious reasons.

  4. Ben

    @19 - If Slott kills him off before he ever gets to do anything of worth I'll be severely disappointed. @20 - I really want this to be the case, she went from being a mary sue to a straight up annoying character in this issue.

  5. RDMacQ

    Anybody want to guess that Peter and Cindy's "attraction" to one another will be lessened after Spider-Verse and the defeat of Morlun and his ilk? That way Silk can go off to her OBVIOUSLY SUCCESSFUL solo series without having to deal with the baggage of dealing with her relationship with Peter.

  6. Dapperfex

    Supaidaman is the best! His cameo/role in the final battle better involve his giant robot or I'll have lost all faith.

  7. Ben

    Spider-Verse has completely lost steam, and it hasn't even really begun yet. But I'll be damned if I didn't have a huge smile across my face when I saw Supaidāman, I'm hoping that he gets a spotlight story in the Spider-Verse mini or in Team up. Rorschach Spider-Man may be one of the stupidest concepts I've ever seen.

  8. Evan

    Stillanerd, I must say that the Amazing reviews posted on the Crawlspace (yours and Andrew's alike) are proving much more enjoyable and fun to read, including the fan interaction and responses, than the very issues on which they comment! Wonderful reviews, both of you. And bravo, Crawlspace!

  9. irishfan

    just posted on the other thread a theory about the head of the mourlan clann being peter but Karn could be it, or if this bloke is guilt ridden maybe they are all represent parts of peter, the scientist, the duty bound the care free, yada yada.

  10. Al

    Also, whilst the scenes themselves might be touching, I still think the killing of Mayday's family was goddam asinine and it would've been much better if she was meeting everyone as her usual self.

  11. Al

    I'm severely mixed about retconning ASM #25 out of existence and supplanting it with SG #10-11. I love SG #10-11 but ASM #25 is a Ditko story too soo. As for Peter knowing May's his daughter, I don't think he did. I think he just thought he'd misheard her or handwaved it. A bit like Green Lantern in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon after he met his future son War Hawk. He decided to not let destiny dictate his fate and did whatever he wanted, though he wound up having War Hawk as his son anyway. With Peter he might've just forgotten or ignored the 'Dad' comment or chalked it up to not being from HIS timeline or future. Otherwise it alter's Peter's characterisation too drastically if that's at the back of his head all the time.

  12. MC3

    It's pretty cool that Slott decided to make Mayday's trip to the past in the old SG titles part of 616 continuity, even if it pretty much just kicks the original issue 25 out of that timeline's continuity...I suppose the original story is still canon to other timelines, MC2 in particular, which is alright with me, as anything that further hammers home the fact the Mephistoverse/616 is'nt the proper Spidey canon is more than welcome news.

  13. PeterParkerfan

    Now that the Spider-Verse is here.... I can't wait to see the Spider-Army kicking some Morlun butt. On a side note, Mr. Copiel should be the main artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. His art is fanfastic.

  14. Big John

    Nice Mike. i think this is my favorite review of yours. You hit all of my major quandaries, quibbles, and, um, favorite. parts. (d*mmit I can't think of a comparable "Q" word). I thought that was the only time Mayday and 616 Pete could have met but wasn't sure. Kaine's stingers sure looked Carnage-y. Officially sick of Silk - who does she think she is? "You should leave New York Peter." Woman, you leave New York! Ultimate universe designation typo, or alternate Miles Morales? Why Sable and not Felicia in Verna's hounds? Coipel art beautiful. Spider-Ham's comment to Mayday touching. Liked the back-up more than you did. All in all I would have given it a higher grade because I'm not as exasperated by this as you seem to be, but I definitely see your points. I however felt like Slott was not holding back with this, but has been in its build-up. Thanks stillanerd! Viva Crawlspace!

  15. Mike

    "They arent getting the talking cartoon pig right". You guys realize this is a book for 11 year olds, right?

  16. writrzblok

    I'll be honest, I'm really wanting to read more about the various other Spider-Men and women than Peter Parker right now. I mean, seriously. Seeing Spider-Ham almost made me squee I was so happy to see him. Also, why isn't Christos Gage writing this story? His Spider-Man work has been much better than Slott's, from what I've seen.

  17. RDMacQ

    It's good to see that my suspicion of Slott keeping with his tendency to fail to live up to the hype of the stories he sets up has- unfortunately- managed to be assured.

  18. Mike

    Will the peter parker who stopped crime by raining hostess twinkies or the spider-man from Family Guy make appearances? Why make up a rorschach spidey?

  19. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#3 Raul -- <blockquote>Nice review. You know despite its flaws I really enjoy this issue. Many people may not agree when I say, it was an awesome kickoff to spider-verse. I love the splash page of all the different spiders in the safe zone and I hope we get more interactions between the spiders in the following issues.</blockquote> Absolutely, Raul. Regardless of how one may like or dislike this issue, seeing different versions of Spider-Man teaming up together is always a delight to see. <blockquote>I liked Silk, but after issue six not so much and after this issue, I like her even less. But I still think the character has potential, because I believe there’s no such thing as bad characters, just bad writers.</blockquote> Which is a good point, as thus far, we have yet to see how Dennis Hopeless or Robbie Thompson does in characterizing her.

  20. Mike

    What will it take to make you guys happy? Am I the only who noticed..."when will you realize, you're nothing to me, except FOOD!". I felt Dan Slott yelling at me to stop caring where he's taking my imaginary fiction hero. Like looney lame Ditko, this is just a paycheck for him??

  21. Raul

    Nice review. You know despite its flaws I really enjoy this issue. Many people may not agree when I say, it was an awesome kickoff to spider-verse. I love the splash page of all the different spiders in the safe zone and I hope we get more interactions between the spiders in the following issues. I liked Silk, but after issue six not so much and after this issue, I like her even less. But I still think the character has potential, because I believe there's no such thing as bad characters, just bad writers.

  22. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#1 AndrewRoebuck -- Thank you, good sir! And great review as always from you, as well.

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