Podcast # 351-ASM # 11 and #12 Reviews

podcast351picThe Spider-Panel is back for it’s first review of 2015. We tackle reviews of 
*Amazing Spider-Man # 11
*Amazing Spider-Man #12


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  1. Matt Robert McKenzie

    I thank you all for pointing out ALL my gripes with Dan Slott's writing (nothing to say about his disgusting attitude on social media.) and this just cements it.But I WILL defend the TIE-IN books to the death, because THOSE deal with smaller casts that you CAN, more often than not, invest your time and effort in. But then we always have to go back to Slott's bullshit main issues that make my grandmother's 14-year-old corpse look postively pristine, god rest her soul. I mean fuck this guy, fuck his books, fuck his piss poor treatment of his detractors AND his fans, and the sooner he gets das boot, the better.

  2. Jack

    Even light-hearted stuff can be written with care. A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories are charming and old-fashioned, but they were put together with excellence. Also true for sci-fi/fantasy writers -- there are better and worse Marvel writers.I sign off on Brad Douglas' comment in the recent podcast, that Slott is "frustrating." When Slott is on, he's really on. That's when he deserves grade A's. But he isn't consistent, and shows the same flaws repeatedly (distorted characterizations, plot trumping characters, loads of plot holes and contrivances).

  3. Mike

    Eh, it's only not fun if you keep yourself from enjoying it. The panel you used as the thumbnail was hilarious.

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