Podcast # 357-Dressing up as Spidey, ASM121 Alternate Death, Gateway to Spider-Man

podcast357picWe answer your dozens of message board questions in this episode include.
*Have you ever dressed up as a Spider-Man character before? 
*If you could go back and kill someone besides Gwen in Amazing Spider-Man # 121, who would it be? 
*What is a good run of Spider-Man post 1990?
*What are our favorite non-Mary Jane female moments in Spider-Man’s history?


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(4) Comments

  1. herbiepopnecker

    I peeked in my friends' window in a Spider-Man mask for their two lads - of course they know who I was! Loved it nonetheless.

  2. hornacek

    I would guess that the majority of the film-going public had no idea that Gwen died in the comics. I saw the film with my sister and her husband, and after it was over I asked if she knew that Gwen was going to die and she did not, she was genuinely shocked. I told her "Yeah, she died in the comics back in the 70s" and she said "You should have warned me!"

  3. Jack Brooks

    I would have been excited if Sony had pulled a surprise and NOT killed Gwen, justified on the principle that the MCU is not the comics universe so they're allowed to deviate and do unexpected stuff. Emma Stone has been outstanding, one of the few good things about this current series. I'm sorry they stuck to the original story.

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