ToyFair 2015: Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider (!), Avengers, Ant-Man,Upcoming Spider-Man Wave

SpiderManLegends-wave1-Spider-Man SpiderManLegends-Wave2-Scarlet-SpiderZach here. I almost made this post tagged:

Hasbro gives you so many more action figures, you’ll go broke buying them all!

So this weekend is the annual NYC Toyfair. Yesterday Hasbro did it’s Marvel Panel and for you legends collectors, I’ll ssay this: Damn. Not only do you get to have the shot of getting nearly all your favorite Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you get to collect your favorite Comic versions (Like Ant-Man and Wasp!) Intermixed in! One of the great things that has been done with Legends is interspersing the movies and comics into the waves.
Of course, I’ll be talking more about the Spider-Man Legends that were revealed, but I’d be remiss to not talk the other lines since there are fans of those things too. We will have all the images at the gallery below, but here we go: First up.. Spider-Man. NOTE: The Official images of the upcoming Spider-Man Wave 1 have been released. I’ll provide those as well. Although, we’ve seen leaked images for weeks, it’s still nice to see them in full color.

From Marvelous News  (The Images are from here)
Today’s ToyFare Convention in NYC, Spider-Man Legends Infinite Series Wave 2 will consist of:

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider
J. Jonah Jamerson
Kraven The Hunter
Misty Knight (A figure that will excite Berryman)
White Tiger
Superior Venom
Ghost Rider.
The Build a Figure is Comic Rhino. He’s big. (But not the Hulk Buster Big. That thing is huge.)

(after the jump, what’s exciting images. Lots. of. Images.

What am I excited for?


Yes the glorious 6 inch figure will be mine. (My wife has already said yes. :)) While the overall mold is standard, having the belt and all the details surrounding the character such as the pouches and webshooters make this the best looking Scarlet ever made. (and I adore my Spider-Man Classics Toy Biz) so Clone Fans… REJOICE. Kraven the Hunter looks like a boss. He’s very well done and a bit modern. Very cool. Jonah was announced, but there is no images of him. He wasn’t ready for his close up I guess. The Ghost Rider is epic. I was originally like… Wha? But now I’d buy him with some pocket change. The Build a figure is good, but I’m not overly impressed. So I’ll pass. I know there are some Misty Knight Fans, out there but I’m not enthused myself of the figure. White Tiger is from the comics. So, you can be assured she doesn’t suck.

The 3.75 Inch scale was also announced, and it consists of:

Kaine Scarlet Spider
Gold Ultron
More Images below.

Three Avengers waves are as follows:

Age of Ultron Wave 1
Iron Man
THANOS Build-A-Figure
*Should be available soon or right now.


Avengers Wave 3:
War Machine
Doc Strange
Build-A-Figure is Hulkbuster

Ant-Man Legends:
Ant Man
Giant Man
Ultron Movie version is Build a Figure

Also included: 
Amazon 4 Pack of Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye and Banner Legends
Exclusive 4 Pack (3.75 inch) Widow, Cap, Iron Man, Fury
Movie Ant Man with Small Ant Man and Flying Ant.

Spider-Man Wave 2 (wave 1 was last years ASM Movie wave) images 
USM Spider-Woman
Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure


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  1. Stuart Green

    Actually, the 6" Spider-Man line figure is the Chameleon. He comes with J. Jonah Jameson and Hammerhead alternate heads, so it's like owning 3 toys. Here's the photo: I like the Sandman and Doc Ock Marvel Infinite Series toys they're making, though I wish Doc Ock had his more traditional looking sunglasses and the tentacles don't look bendy, I think they're articulated. I hope we get some more classic villains down the line for the new 6" Spider-Man toys, like a new Doctor Octopus and/or Shocker, as well as some alternate costumes for classic villains that haven't been made into toys yet, like the Marvel Knights Spider-Man costumes for Vulture and Electro in Mark Millar's run.

  2. Ben

    Loving that Scarlet Spider figure. I didn’t see it mentioned in this article, but other sites are reporting that a Miles Morales figure has also been announced?

  3. SamK

    It's always fun to try and figure out what figures will warm the pegs for the next year or more. Spidey's first wave, it's been Superior Spidey figure... they're still falling off the peg around here. I don't see that Ramos Venom selling very well. Or sad to say the JJJ won't sell well either. JJJ's figures have never sold well. But for $20 a figure, not many figures sale that well these days. I'll get a few of the Spidey ones, if I run into them, and have some extra cash for them. Keep On Thwipin'!!!! Sam

  4. AmFan15

    I don't see any pictures or reference to a JJJ figure on that link. Of all the figures, that's the one I'd like to see most.

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