Spider-Man News from C2E2

The large comic book and entertainment convention known as the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) has revealed some very interesting Spider news for both Spider-Man and his alternate titles.

Revealed at C2E2 by writer Jason Latour, our favorite alternate universe Gwen Stacy’s series will be ending in June for the time being and heading over to the Secret Wars: Spider-Verse series.

From CBR:

Asked if there were plans for Spider-Gwen after her current series ends, Latour said, “There will be things that happen.” Immediately, the character will appear in the “Secret Wars” tie-in series “Spider-Verse.”

In “Spider-Gwen,” Gwen Stacy will interact with Peter Parker in a very emotional scene, but Latour said the creative team also has plans for “Felicia Hardy the Black Cat and ninjas and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

Editor Nick Lowe then talked about the connection between Secret Wars and Spider-Verse, which picks up from the end of the event and stars Spider-Gwen.

Again, from CBR:

“Spider-Gwen is in it, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, everyone is in it,” said Lowe. “That book takes ‘Spider-Verse’ to the next level.”

Next level huh? It was also revealed during the Secret Wars panel that there is a Spider School that might include a certain Spider-Man universe characters in the Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu mini series starting in July. Spider-Woman writer Denis Hopeless is saying that he wanted to go back to street level.

Again, from CBR:

“It’s very ’80s Daredevil, her running around and punching people in the face. Now the world’s going to end and we’re taking that away from her.” Hopeless praised Rodriguez’s art, saying that people should at least buy it just for the art.

Dan Slott did not reveal anything about Renew Your Vows or anything Spider-Man related. Slott talked about his art team on Silver Surfer being nominated for the Eiser Awards.

On Sunday during the Marvel Unlimited Panel my buddy, Jeff in the field said that Latour is planning on Spider-Gwen continuing after Secret Wars is finished.

From CBR

“In the fourth issue, we take a much needed breath of fresh air and meet her neighbors and the people she grew up around, who just happen to be Aunt May and Uncle Ben,” said Latour. “It was very emotionally driven. I had a lot of fun writing it. I’ve written a lot of characters that channel my father, but this is one of the few that channels my mom.”

More was explained on how the Spider-Verse series will work:

“Dan Slott set us up for this series in the end of ‘Spider-Verse,'” “You have Arana and Spider-UK at the end, wondering what they’re going to do. That’s what were’ doing in this series. It stars Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Arana, Spider-UK, Spider-Man India and Spider-Ham. The first issue is over-sized with a Spider-Ham backup.”

Jeff in the field said that Spider-Man Noir is featured largely in issue #3.

Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott finally revealed more about Amazing Spider-Man #18 and Renew your Vows also from CBR

“Amazing Spider-Man” #18 is the last issue before the “Secret Wars” event comes. The issue will feature Black Cat’s continuation down an evil road, and pages from the issue depicted Ghost fighting Spider-Man. Two full page shots of Ghost and Black Cat by Humberto Ramos were revealed, with the characters standing in the midst of flames. Slott noted that Peter Parker’s supporting cast will be returning for this story, after taking a bit of a backseat during “Spider-Verse.”
“It’s a world where Spider-Man and Mary Jane have always remained married,” said Slott. The writer told those in attendance a big secret about the daughter depicted on the cover, saying that she’s not what everyone expects. Interior pages from the issue appeared next depicting Mary Jane and Peter going through an average day, mixing web fluid on the kitchen table, before segueing into a more serious talk about how they can keep his secret identity hidden from his little daughter.

From Newsarama

“The World of 2099 is one of the first world’s we set up during Secret Wars. Peter David is just incredible with setting everything up.” When asked about where that leaves Miguel O’Hara and the rest of the Spider-Man 2099 characters, Lowe responded: “It will be around as long as people want it.” “You never know.”

Our buddy Jeff in the field reported that Spider-Woman will feature in A-Force by G. Willow Wilson but nothing was explained how it might be connected with the main Spider-Woman series since Jessica in that realm is in her classic costume.

Also from Newsarama

Renew Your Vows features a villain named Regent. Spider-Man will put on his black costume at Mary Jane’s instruction in the series. The Battleworld domain which Renew Your Vows is set in has been named “The Regency,” so the Regent seems to be tied into that.

From CBR

Howard the Human is a series by Skottie Young and Jim Mahfood. The detective will be in New Quack City, an animal-filled version of the MU that will feature cameos from Black Cat and Kingpin.

Special thanks to my buddy Jeff who was at the last two panels today to give us a little something extra.

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  1. May's Older, Overprotective Sister

    #20 You're the only one I've seen insisting things "don't matter" ibecause RYV is an alternate universe. No one else has suggested anything close to that. It's clear elements of this story are meant to factor into post-Secret Wars stories, just as it is clear RYV is, indeed, set in alternate reality.

  2. Frontier

    I'd wait to guess how RYV might actually effect the Spider-side of things post-Secret War until we see how 616!Peter factors into things. No matter how much Marvel is advertising all of their Secret Wars books as being important, which goes along well with how great they are at hyperbole even if it does turn out to be accurate, I'll primarily be focused on the 616 characters to determine what will or won't be in the new universe.

  3. RDMacQ

    @#16- But the creators have made it clear- even in the panel this article is covering- that Renew Your Vows is going to have an impact on the main series, it is going to change everything, and for all intents and purposes, this is going to be the "main" Spider-Man title for the entire event. So I don't get the notion that this somehow won't "matter" in the long run, since everything every single creator involved with the project has said about it confirms the exact opposite.

  4. Al

    Yeah, Venom Agenda was a one shot where MJ attacked Venom and then Venom the finale came after that

  5. Chase the Blues Away

    #12: The reason why we are calling this an "alternate reality" is because IT IS AN ALTERNATE REALITY. We know it features one of the Spider-Men shown in the "It's the Little Things" story by Slott in Spider-Verse #2. We know neither Spider-Man is 616 Peter Parker. We know this is a reality where Peter and Mary Jane are married and raising their daughter. Calling a duck a duck does not mean we fear the duck is "fake," a "lie" or "doesn't matter." Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and an alternate reality is an alternate reality. In fact, nearly every Secret Wars tie-in books is set in an alternate reality, i.e. not 616, from House of M to Civil War to Planet Hulk to 1602 to Age of Ultron to Marvel Zombies to Spider-Verse to Spider-Island to MC2 to, yes, Renew Your Vows and more. That's the premise of Secret Wars and its Battleworlds: the multiverses collide!!! So claiming we're somehow Chicken Littles for factually using the words "alternate reality" is...counterintuitive.

  6. Tommy

    Yeah, that reminds me, Al. MJ also stood up to Venom in The Venom Agenda one-shot that set up the status quo for the last few mini series he had. And of course there was the Planet of the Symbiotes storyline.

  7. ryan3178

    Its going to be interesting how RYV does play out at this point. As now stated at C2E2 this is about where the marriage was never taken away and from what it seems Aunt May is dead in this reality and Peter's ID is not outed.

  8. Al

    @#8-MJ hasn’t been truely terrified of the costume though. In McFarlan’es No Adjective run she didn’t LIKE him wearing it but it wasn’t like she was rocking in a corner. In Maximum Carnage she was angry Venom was in her home, but not scared or anything. But yes this is an alternate universe. I hope the kid is still called May. Here is a wacky idea, what if the Black costume is a) Tied into an alternate take on Back in Black or b) What if it actually WAS the black costumed Spider-Man from Spider-Verse #2 that this story is about, NOT the one with a wedding ring?

  9. RDMacQ

    @#8- Stillanerd- I don't think that we can keep using the rationalization that "This is just an alternate reality" to try and justify concerns for this story. Every creator involved in this and every other story has insisted that these titles are important, they feature the "real" characters and they do matter. Renew Your Vows more than anything else, since it has gotten far more press than any other title and all creators involved have talked about how important it will be later on. And in regards to MJ and the black costume, we could also look upon this in a positive light, as one of the biggest fears of this series is that Peter puts on the black costume to "avenge" MJ or his daughter's death. With this revelation, it shows that this isn't going to be true, at least up till the third part of the story. And if it is MJ doing it, it could be seen as her not letting her fears control her, and supporting Peter in what could be a dark time. In other words, instead of it being a story that would supposedly show how weak and detrimental MJ and her bond with Peter is, it instead shows how the pair make each other better.

  10. Dr. Pooper

    I like how they never once promoted Spider-Gwen as a mini series but as an ongoing and now they start acting like it's a mini series that's softly ending to pave way for the big event.

  11. Ryan3178

    Something that I forgot to post from the preview of cover #1 of Armor Wars by James Robinson is that a woman is standing next to a grave that reads: "Here likes Peter Urich, Sypder-man."

  12. Frontier

    @#8 - Maybe, but then again, can we really trust Slott to write Mary Jane correctly? Y'know, it's kinda sad that just as Jess both in-universe and out was getting a new direction that people seemed to like, Secret Wars hits and she's shoved back into Cosmic craziness. At least it sounds like Hopeless will be addressing that in the book, and it's nice that we'll have Spider-Woman back in her classic costume in A-Force. Black Cat in Spider-Gwen? That has the potential to be awesome. I'd love to see how they'd redesign Felicia.

  13. Stillanerd

    <blockquote>Spider-Man will put on his black costume at Mary Jane’s instruction in the series.</blockquote> Okay, now I know that &lt;Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows</i> is definitely an alternate universe because there have been dozens of examples over the years (including by Slott in the "Darkest Hours" story for <i>Superior Spider-Man</i>) in which Mary Jane is terrified of the black costume due to her encounter with Venom. It's the reason why Peter went back to his classic red and blue costume in ASM #300, and when he though about putting it on again for that one story in Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man comic, he and MJ got into a huge argument over it. So there better be a reason for why MJ, who is arguably should be afraid of that costume, tells Peter to put it on in this story. Maybe, and I'm just guessing here, she tells Peter to put it on because Venom or some other villain has kidnapped their daughter and she wants Peter to strike fear into them and show that the bad guys they're not dealing with the "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" went in comes to the safety of their daughter?

  14. RDMacQ

    Given how big Renew Your Vows is supposed to be, I'm not surprised that they are remaining mum about the whole story. It was one of if not the last titles to be announced as tying into Secret Wars. I think that the creators are going to try to keep a lid on as much of the story as possible until it debuts. We'll probably learn more about the ramifications of this story come June.

  15. asdf

    There's no way Spider-Gwen isn't coming back. Just last month, it was the #4 book. http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2015/2015-03.html

  16. Ben

    So most of this sounds bad. The only thing I hope that comes out of Secret Wars is another Spider-Man Noir solo series.

  17. Javi Trujillo

    So, no more Spider-Gwen???? Is Rodriguez working on Spider-Verse? I really don't care to follow Secret Wars: Spider-Verse!

  18. Jeff Gutman

    Spider-gwen cancelled high? There goes another title that I was buying. At this rate, I won't be buying anything from Marvel once secret wars starts because I have zero interest in the event and even less in anything spiderverse related.

  19. ryan3178 - Post author

    Yep, so we will know soon. I was double checking with my friends who are there about the talk about Spider-Gwen being a mini series and yes, they did say it was going to be since Gwen will be in Spider-Verse during the rest of Secret Wars and not her main title. Of course, that could change during Warzones.

  20. Phantom Roxas

    "Dan Slott did not reveal anything about Renew Your Vows or anything Spider-Man related. Slott talked about his art team on Silver Surfer being nominated for the Eiser Awards and its the craziest book he has never worked on or read." On the one hand, this has me concerned about just how little interest Slott has in Renew Your Vows, but then again, I'm assuming that this was from the Last Days panel, while any information from Renew Your Vows would most likely come from the Warzones panel, which should be in a few hours.

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