Podcast 370- Spider-Cave Design, Avengers 2 Thoughts, Slott on Mary Jane

podcast370picThe podcast returns with a supersized episode. This one runs more than two hours. Highlights include:
*Itune reviews
*How to design the perfect comic book man cave
*Thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron
*Thoughts on the Netflix Daredevil show and how Spidey should show up.
*Michael Bailey discusses a black Superman. 
*Is Secret Wars making us buy less comics?
*Brad learns to never mispronounce Dr. Strange’s girlfreind Clea. It’s “Clea-UH.” 
*Disucssion of Dan Slott’s thoughts on Tom Defalco ruining Mary Jane’s character. 


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  1. Jim Wojton

    Which (I forgot to add) Gerry Conway is currently trying to rectify somewhat in his story.

  2. Jim Wojton

    Welcome back to all! Ironic how Slott thinks Defalco ruined Mary Jane, since Slott's doing precisely that to Felicia Hardy/Black Cat!!

  3. tnr105

    "Disucssion of Dan Slott’s thoughts on Tom Defalco ruining Mary Jane’s character. " Huh. I THOUGHT I heard some ugly laughter coming all the way from Texas last week...

  4. AmFan15

    So glad to hear you guys (and gal) again! You guys are one of the only podcasts I listen to, and the ONLY one that regularly updates. You always keep me laughing, and some times tell me some things I never knew. I laughed my ass off at the Clea debate...although, by now you guys should be used to Brad's mispronunciations. What island did Wonder Woman come from again? I feel your pain about both Marvel and DC today, guys. The ONLY Marvel book I've been picking up is Spider-Man 2099, and that's only because Peter David has proven to me that, even in the midst of the most bloated, convoluted crossover events, he can come out with consistently interesting books. Even though I want the marriage back, I share your fears about the Renew Your Vows story. If there was ANYONE else writing this book, I'd pick up at least the first two issues, just to see how it was handled. But I've seen to many of Dan Slott's antics over the years to have any faith in this. It's most likely going to be yet another way for him to give the middle finger to the fans, and I refuse to go along with it. Speaking of Mr Slott, I never knew about his origin story. It's beyond me how that kind of chicanery didn't get him the boot immediately...let alone being handed the reins to Marvel's flagship title.

  5. Markus Krenn

    HOOOO - EFFIN - RAYYYYY !!!! Glad you guys are back. Welcome back Brad especially

  6. PersonMan

    What, 370? No "Episode # 1 in an all new direction, new era in greatness because YOU demanded it" re-numbering? Seriously, though, welcome back! I've only heard up to the end of the Itunes reviews before I had to get out of the car, but glad to hear you again. By the way, I also love the look on the new mobile site. Good job!

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