Silk #4 Review (Spoilers)

Silk 4This issue features not only some pretty fantastic guests, but the series’ first guest artist as well. How does Annapaola Martello fare with Cindy and the Fantastic Four?


Silk #4: Date Night

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Annapaola Martello

Colorist: Ian Herring

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Editors: Devin Lewis & Ellie Pyle & Nick Lowe

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso




Silk JonahIf I Were Anxious, I Couldn’t Dance: Cindy spends the day with the Fantastic Four, while Reed runs tests on her to see what could be causing fluctuations in her powers. Cindy believes it could be the radiation from Spider-Verse, but Reed believes it to be more psychological. He asks Cindy if she has a history of anxiety after her time in the bunker, which leads Cindy into punching Peter for telling the FF about her personal life. Also out of spite, she agrees to go on a date with Johnny Storm. 

Cindy heads to work, but Jonah tells her they don’t have the budget to support her working on the weekends, so she’s outed into being social with Lola. After some dancing and emotional support from Lola, she goes on an awkward date with Johnny Storm, which they both ditch to suit up. As the sun is coming up, Johnny gives her a pep talk on how to beat Black Cat and Cindy kisses him on the cheek. The issue ends with Black Cat sending a tech powered goon squad after Silk.

He’s The Worst: Last issue focused almost entirely on Silk, so it’s nice that this issue focuses so heavily on Cindy. Having her spend time with the Fantastic Four is a nice change of scenery for the series, even if she only really interacts with two of them (Ben does little but moan and make plays on his catchphrases, while Sue has like three lines.) There is a really nice scene with Reed and Cindy where they discuss anxiety and Reed confides to her that he constantly has to think about holding himself together, so anxiety is something he’s dealt with in the past. He also puts her through a Danger Room esqe scenario where Cindy has to go up against a Reed controlled Galactus. Unfortunately, we don’t see much of this fight.

Silk HobbitThe big focus of the issue is her date with Johnny Storm and I’m actually kind of glad it didn’t take things too far romantically for them. Johnny has Inhuman plans in his future post Secret War, but he is used to good effect here. First, we get to see some playful banter with Peter that turns into a spiteful date, which turns into a boring date, that becomes a superpowers date. His pep talk with Cindy leads nicely into the issue’s end, with next issue promising a team-up with Spider-Man against Black Cat. With Secret War looming and ASM wrapped, maybe we’ll see the conclusion to Black Cat’s villainy in Silk? 

The biggest con I have with this issue is Annapaola Martello’s art. She has a strong sense of movement, cool backgrounds, and the action is easy to follow, which is why it’s so bizarre she is doing an issue that is mostly talking. Everyone’s face looks off and while there are a few examples of exaggerated expressions that work, it’s quite off putting for most of the issue. I have to give credit to Ian Herring though, he tries out a new style of coloring that is more muted than his usual work and I think it works in the art’s favor. And he still uses the color red for a showing of strength, it’s a nice bit of visual consistency. 

Verdict: This issue feels a little out of place, placing a heavy emphasis on Silk’s anxiety an issue before the conclusion of the storyline. While there is some fun scenes with half the Fantastic Four, the issue is hurt by the art. Martello’s work is easy to follow but doesn’t have the same visual consistency that Stacey Lee brings to the title. Neither good nor bad, this issue just kind of is. 

Silk SlobberingPros:

  • Ian Herring’s colors
  • Fun interactions 


  • Feels weird to be focusing on this now
  • Art