Podcast # 372-Renew Your Vows, ASM 17, 18, 16.1, 17.1, 18.1 Reviews

podcast372picThis is a giant sized episode where we catch up on all the Amazing Spider-Man issues for the last few months. Here’s what we’re tackling. 
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 1 is reviewed by JR
Amazing Spider-Man #17 is reviewed by Ashley
Amazing Spider-Man #18 is reviewed by Mike
Amazing Spider-Man # 16.1 is reviewed by George
Amazing Spider-Man # 17.1 is reviewed by Mike 
Amazing Spider-Man # 18.1 is reviewed by Ashley


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(5) Comments

  1. cronotose

    @2 While I agree that acknowledging you're acting out of hate isn't automatically one dimensional and poor writing, that requires we take the character out of context. In context, he was written one dimensionally and poorly, which makes such a poorly fleshed out motivation look all the more like lazy writing. Further, hating corporations in general strikes me as very strange, bordering on the spectacularly unintelligent. A corporation is a system of organization. That's all. In spite of outrageous rhetoric on the internet, simply being a corporation does not say one thing about your organization or what it is trying to do. I can see hating specific corporations, but hating corporations in general is like saying "I hate revocable living trusts". It makes no sense because the thing you've declared war against has no traits on its own to have that kind of passion over. What people usually mean when they say this is "I hate the kind of corporation that interfaces with the public frequently and I have had bad experiences with, but aren't educated enough to know that this is only one type of institution to use the organizational scheme." While I'm on the topic, Is Parker Industries even a corporation? I forget how they set up the company. Its not exactly typical for such a small operation that isn't publicly traded to bother becoming a corporation. Although if Ghost really hates all people who use that organizational structure, I would very much like to see him destroy the corporation for public broadcasting, and accidentally destroy sesame street. We then would get to see a tear slowly fall down Ghost's cheek as we transition into a flashback. There we learn that growing up, Grover was Ghost's hero and only friend. Thanks for another great podcast guys. Question about Renew your Vows though. I haven't been reading Secret Wars, so I'm a little confused. How exactly did this guy kill the Avengers when that's not the situation I've seen the Avengers in, in all the Secret Wars ads I've seen? There's 616 Peter and this new married Peter? Hearing this it gives me a dramatically different picture of Battleworld than all the Secret Wars reviews I've read.

  2. AHunter

    Welcome Back, as always your reviews are not only information but entertaining as well. Just couple things. 1. I do agree with your review of Renew Your Vows, to me it was the best representation of Peter and MJ has written by Slott, I should say the only one, the rest, need I say. 2. Regarding Black Cat, yes Slotts version again need I say, Conways' in 18.1 perfect, I said toi myself if Conway was writing Black Cat change in status quo and this is what he came up with, I don't think I'd have a problem with it. again welcome back and looking forward to many more informative and entertaining podcasts.

  3. DCMarvelFanGuy

    Okay, so listening to more of the podcast, I have to admit that the whole "If coroporations are people, then i'm a muderer! HAHAHAHAH" was cheesy and one-dimensional! I still retain that the whole "destroying something because I hate them" isn't. There is a reason why he hates them, but it's not stated here. I'm just a bit defensive because Ghost is one of my favorite villians when written well. He was great in many Iron Man runs and also in Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts. Just didn't really like what Slott did with him here. Still, being a Ghost fan, I tried my best to find some redeaming qualitites here. Oh well...

  4. DCMarvelFanGuy

    I'm sorry! I love you're reviews, but I have to strongly disagree with Ashley on Ghost's Tangent! I didn't much like the story either, but there was nothing wrong with Ghost saying "I destroy corporations because I hate them!" Hating something doesn't make you evil. I know there are lots of people who phrase that differently, but I also know plenty of people (in real life) who are just upfront about things like that! There's really nothing wrong with that. Ghost does think coprporations are evil, so he hates them! It doesn't make you "moustache twirling" to admit you do things out of spite. It just means you're more honest with yourself. Punisher kills criminals because he hates them. Obviously there is more to the story of why he hates, but that's the bottom line. Reverse Flash goes after the Flash, because he simply hates him (the reason he hates him didn't stem simply, but that's more or less the reason). Venom goes after Spidey because he hates him and so on and so forth. What would have been a really cartoonish one-dimensional thing for Ghost to say would be: "I destroy corporations BECAUSE I CAN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA" But that's not what he said. Again, Love the podcast, love the panel, this just really stuck out to me because I've been upfront about stuff like that also.

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