Kevin Feige Talks Sony/Marvel Spider-Man Deal & Specifics

FeigeMarvelWhile promoting the upcoming Ant-Man film with Paul Rudd (which I think may be Marvel’s first stumble), Kevin Feige talked to the Hollywood Reporter about Marvel’s deal with Sony and got into specifics about how the upcoming Spidey movies will be produced.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

HR: After Civil War, how much will Marvel be involved in Sony’s Spider-Man movie?

FEIGE: Well, we’re producing it for Sony. It’s exciting, and we’re treating it like we treat all of our films. To try to make the best version now of Spider-Man and a version of Spider-Man that inhabits this universe that we’ve created. We’re in lockstep with [Sony Motion Picture Group chairman] Tom Rothman and [producer] Amy Pascal at every turn.

HR: So some of your Marvel characters will show up in the Sony Spider-Man movies?

FEIGE: Specifics of the story aside, the agreement that has been made between Sony and Marvel is that we could do that.

HR: Do you risk giving up any of your autonomy by working with Sony?

FEIGE: Without getting into the contracts, it’s definitely a Sony picture, produced by Marvel Studios. We’ve been working with each other for a number of months now. It’s been just as healthy as any of our internal discussions. We just look at it as having additional team members. We wouldn’t want to do it if we couldn’t do it in the way we’ve done all the other movies, and I think that’s what Sony wants from us.

You can read the rest at the Hollywood Reporter. Feige also talks a bit about what may happen when contracts start running out and talks a little bit about the upcoming Black Panther and Captain Marvel projects.

Also, regarding the “Marvel characters showing up in Sony Spidey movie” thing. That’s not new. I was reading AICN earlier and they were acting like that tidbit was somehow ‘new’ news. It’s not, and we’ve covered that here before. It was in Sony & Marvel’s press release from February. We also talked about how much potential that holds on the podcast following the announcement.

–George Berryman!

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  1. George Berryman - Post author

    @2 - That the film will be Marvel's first fumble. If I'd meant Rudd (which I didn't, because I like him) I'd have said "whose casting I think will be Marvel's first fumble." :cool:

  2. C-Spider31

    "While promoting the upcoming Ant-Man with Paul Rudd (which I think may be Marvel's first fumble)" Are you saying the movie will be Marvel's first fumble, or Paul Rudd's casting will be Marvel's first fumble? Sorry, just a little confused.

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