Podcast # 422-Homecoming Title, Slott on until 2018, MJ Iron Spider ,

podcast422Here are some of the news headlines the gang tackles in this episode.

*Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Name
*Spider-Man is a Democrat?
*Kingpin returns in Civil War 2
*Michael Keaton as Vulture
*Dan Slott on until ASM until 2018?
*Spider-Man has a court date?
*What is Dead No More?
*Mary Jane is in the spider-armor?
*Andrew Garfield reflects on his time as Spider-Man.
*Time Square passes new legislation on cosplaying Spider-Men.


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(3) Comments

  1. George Berryman

    Deadline reporting Keaton was enough for me to believe. http://deadline.com/2016/05/jeff-goldblum-karl-urban-thor-ragnorak-michael-keaton-spider-man-homecoming-1201760365/

  2. Frontier

    @George - I don't think it's been confirmed or that he's signed on, but that he's back in talks and that it looks likely he'll take on the role.

  3. George Berryman

    FYI, we recorded this awhile back - before Captain America: Civil War had come out. Since then Michael Keaton it's been reported that he has in fact signed on for the next Spidey movie as the Vulture.

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