Podcast # 423-First Female Villain, Casting 1960 Spidey Film, Lack of Bugle cast

podcast423picThe gang answers your dozens of message board questions. Some highlights include:
*Why hasn’t Spidey fought Princess Python more since she was Spidey’s first female villain?
*Who would be cast in a 1960s Spider-Man film?
*What do you think of the lack of the Daily Bugle cast in the recent books?
*What is a bigger victory? Norman stealing baby Parker or Ock swapping brains with Spidey?


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(6) Comments

  1. Jack

    Here are some ideas for a 1960s-cast Spider-Man movie:Robert Walker, Jr (Peter Parker). Hume Cronyn (Uncle Ben). Jessica Tandy (Aunt May). Barbara Anderson, Diana Muldaur (Gwen Stacy). Shirley Maclaine, Ann-Margaret (MJ Watson). Tab Hunter (Flash Thompson) Carl Reiner (J Jonah Jameson) Ossie Davis (Robbie Robertson).Peter is the hardest one to pick. Yvonne Craig, Elinor Donohue (Betty Brant)

  2. xonathan

    The boxing moment on ASM #372 was a side story. Each issue of the Spider-Slayer saga had a side story at the end that then connected to something that was coming. I can't remember who he was boxing with (Flash maybe) but Peter was reminiscing about past events as he was boxing and then Venom's return was teased.

  3. George Berryman

    I incorrectly mention 'Mortimer Toynbee' as the character appearing in ASM Annual #14. Mortimer Toynbee is in fact the real name of the Brotherhood of Mutants' Toad. The character appearing in that annual was Lucius Dilby.

  4. Brad Douglas - Post author

    This was recorded back in April. I'll post the new thread right now.Here ya go. http://spidermancrawlspace.com/wwwboard/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13144

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