Spidey Review #8

“Lights Out!”

ThSPIDEY2015008_DC11e villain for the week is Electro!

Writer- Robbie Thompson

Artist- Nathan Stockman

Colors- Jim Campbell

Lettering- Travis Lanham

Cover Artists- Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez

Story- Peter’s “not date” with Gwen is interrupted by an unexpected blackout. Peter as Spidey goes to investigate the source and is ambushed by Electro. Electro has siphoned the city’s power and aims to use it against Spidey. Spidey has some initial problems dealing with Electro but eventually he manages to outsmart and defeat his foe.

Spidey makes Electro chase him through a powerless subway station. In chasing Spidey through the subway, it leads Electro away from bystanders and forces him to use up his power. Once Electro is powerless and cornered Spidey webs him up and delivers him to the police. As Electro is driven off to prison, the police car is turned over in an explosion. The explosion is caused by five villains that Spidey has stopped in the past. These villains include: Dr. Octopus, the Vulture, Mysterio, the Sandman and Kraven the hunter. They want Electro’s help in taking down Spider-Man.SPIDEY2015008_int3-1

Analysis- This issue of Spidey is exactly what you can expect from any issue of these Spidey issues. I will say that the issues have improved from the initial entries. Although the plots are still simplistic, these newer issues have done away with the unoriginal morals and the overly convenient ways Spidey beats his villains. But Spidey does follow the same predictable formula- Peter spends time thinking about Gwen, a villain introduces himself and Spidey defeats the villain. Issue #8 aside from the ending (which previews the Sinister Six) is more of the same. The issue does have its positive and negatives but is largely an average issue.

Positives- (1)  the quips and comedy of the issue is decent. as I have said before it is very important for the quips and comedy of a Spider-Man comic to be at least decent. There are moments of this issue that did make me laugh so I had to give the comic that.

(2) The way in which Spidey defeats Electro is simple but I have to praise it. For although Spidey comes up with a simple solution it is not overly convenient like earlier issues of Spidey.

(3) The comic does some work in developing Peter and Gwen’s relationship further.

Negatives- (1) I am disappointed that this issue did not follow up on Peter and Gwen tutoring Flash. I was interested in seeing Peter’s and Flash’s interaction and overall dynamic changing.

(2) Issue #8 feels so average almost forgettable when compared to issues like issue No. 5 and No. 7.

Art- We got a new artist for this issue, Nathan Stockman. The action sequences are well done, the body structure is good and the facial expression are well done as well (although for some reason Peter and Gwen’s faces give me the impression we are in some 1960’s sitcom). I have to wonder if we are getting a new artist every couple of issues.

Grade- C+ The issue is average in terms of the “Spidey” comics, in other words more of the same. If you have been enjoying this depiction of Spider-Man/Peter Parker thus far than you will likely enjoy it this issue.SPIDEY2015008_int3-3


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(3) Comments

  1. krankyboy

    Nathan Stockman is a huge improvement over Andre Aruajo. Thank God that guy is gone. Likewise, I had fun with this issue as well. If you dug Marvel Adventures (one and done adventure stories in a classic vein) you will definitely enjoy this series. If not, then it clearly won't be for you.

  2. DCMarvelFanGuy

    I had fun with this issue. Nathan Stockman actually made Electro look pretty intimidating.

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