Podcast # 435: 10th Anniversary Special With Live Callers

podcast435pic2We celebrate 10 years of the Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast in this episode. The first podcast went online in August of 2006. We celebrate that milestone by taking live callers from around the world including London, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Scotland and the good old US of A.
We also hear from some familiar voices from our 10 year history. This is a long one, but there are some fun questions and interactions in this one. So enjoy the celebration.


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  1. mrread7

    What a great 10 years too. So many memories and great set of callers. Sorry I was unable to make it do to my emergency at home. Maybe some time in the future. I know Melissa asks why I'm not on the podcast now and again. I just tell her, its not up to me and there are already a great set of people who make it awesome all the time. To another 10 years.

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