Podcast # 444- Gerry Conway Interview

podcast444picWe welcome writer Gerry Conway to the podcast. Conway is currently writing the Carnage and Renew Your Vows books for Marvel. This is his third time getting a crack at writing the webhead after a long absense and it’s a welcome return.
During the interview we discuss.
*Why killing Gwen Stacy was the best thing to happen to the character
*How Mary Jane was a much better love interest for Peter Parker.
*Why Stan Lee possibly wrote Gwen as the main love interest
*Why he wanted to kill Norman and set up Harry as the main goblin
*His time working with Steve Ditko on a Spider-Man annual in the 1980s.
*His time working with JR from our podcast on the book Webslinger,
*The differences in working in comics in the 70’s and today.
*We also answer your dozens of questions from our message board.
*Discussion on the differences on working with John Romita, Gil Kane and Ross Andru
*Discussion on the new ongoing Renew Your Vows.


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(4) Comments

  1. Sano

    Would love to hear his thoughts on making MJ a Super Hero. Originally, I thought it was a stupid idea but after reading Revew Your Vows issue 1, it makes me wonder why this wasn't done years ago lol! Gonna listen to the Podcast later today!

  2. RDMacQ

    @Jack- Well, keep in mind that Slott is the only writer on the only title featuring Marvel's flagship character. And sales were pretty much the same- if not higher- before BND happened. Yes, sales were high during Superior Spider-Man, but that's a pretty old sales trick that Mark Gruenwald called out when he discussed replacing Steve Rogers with John Walker back in the day.Also keep in mind that he's had a lot of reboots and relaunches, had at least two anniversary issues under his belt, and benefitted from tying into the ASM films, and there are a lot of mitigating factors to consider.Yes, ASM gets good sales under his direction. But it's also the ONLY Spider-Man book on the market. So either you follow along with it to learn about Spider-Man's further adventures. or you don't. There's no "Spectacular" or "Web Of" for readers to choose from in turn.And it's hardly as if Spider-Man was an obscure title that no one had heard of and Slott rescued it from obscurity. And we also have to remember that Slott's name doesn't bring sales to other titles. So I don't think it's as clear cut as some make it out to be.

  3. Jack

    Conway was really good at being gracious and diplomatic. He comes off as the non-Slott -- I think the nearest thing he got to a real criticism was his testimony about how bad his 5-year experience on Law & Order had been.Is it really true that Slott's stuff "sells like crazy", though?I also didn't realize until now that this RYV is not the dystopic Regent mini-series universe, either.

  4. hornacek

    As much as I'm looking forward to hearing Conway discuss pretty much all of these questions, it's the J.R. one I'm most interested in.

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