Podcast #446-Friday Night Wolverine Fight

podcast446picGeorge takes us back to 1987 with this intense fight between Spider-Man and Wolverine. The two were in Berlin and Ned Leeds didn’t make it out alive. The two fight in the cemetery and it’s brutal.


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  1. Jack

    Hooray!P.S. My original comment is a thumbs-up to JR, too. Once he gets interested, his depths of background knowledge flows forth.

  2. George at Work

    I will reset the password on the admin side when I get home and will email you with the new password. All you will have to do is login with the new password - then you can change it as you like. :)

  3. Jack

    Yes. I type it in in order to re-set the password, but for some reason the system kept telling me it didn't recognize it.

  4. Jack

    Unfortunately that's my problem! The CS system won't recognize my e-mail addy or password. I;ve tried Mr. Noodle (old) and Spider-Padre (the one you suggested). So when I do the next step and make the request for a password reset, it says it doesn't recognize either of my email addresses. So I'm basically stymied; I can't figure if I'm doing something wrong, or if the system is doing it.

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