Podcast #458-Spider-History February 1989

JR takes us back to February 1989 for this edition of Spider-History. This episode features the first fight between the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin. Too bad it wasn’t Norman and Roderick. Peter also has a wardrobe malfunction in the Marvel Fanfare issue. Spidey also tries to survive the X-Men crossover Inferno. Here are the issues tackled in this episode.
*Web of Spider-Man #47
*Amazing Spider-Man #312
*Spectacular Spider-Man #147
*Marvel Fanfare # 42


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(2) Comments

  1. George Berryman

    Just now getting to listen to this and In full disclosure... I wasn't on this podcast because I was worn out and went to bed. Don't take that as an endorsement of Inferno though! Heh!

  2. Jonathon O'Neal

    I don't usually comment, but I noticed something while following along. You'll notice that Hobgoblin's hood/cape is torn in places and has holes. If I remember correctly, Macendale was also so incompetent that he couldn't fix his own stolen costume (if not stated, then it might have been my own inference when I read these stories). All Macendale had was the costume, glider, and equipment stolen from Ned Leeds after he was killed. When the Hobgoblin was first created, he is shown making his costume and changing goblin equipment. Macendale might not have had the knowledge or means that Roderick Kingsley had with the fashion industry, but apparently, he didn't even have enough knowledge and skill to repair his costume as Peter has over the years. I wonder how much of his incompetence was planned and/or how much occurred organically. As a writer myself, I can say that sometimes characters can take on lives of their own not originally intended by the writer(s).

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