Podcast #461-Reviews ASM (Vol 4) #25 &26, Clone Conspiracy, Renew Your Vows # 5 & 6

In this episode we review the following titles:
Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 4) #25 & 26
Clone Conspiracy: Omega
Renew Your Vows #5 & 6


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(8) Comments

  1. Frontier

    @Javi - Yeah, they couldn't even get into the cons for #6. JR didn't seem too crazy about it so I was curious to get more of his thoughts.

  2. Javi Trujillo

    I'd love to see you guys tackle RYV first sometime. There is so much deliberation over ASM that it feels like RYV gets short shrift, in part due to the episode running long and folks getting tired by the time you get to it.

  3. George Berryman

    "Great podcast! George finally gives RYV an A. Hooray!" The tone shift that started with the X-Men arc could be what takes this book from 'good' to 'great' for me!

  4. Sano

    Great podcast! George finally gives RYV an A. Hooray! I vaguely remember Aunt May urging Peter Parker to give her a grandchild when they lived in the Avengers tower. Don't recall if this was in JMS' ASM or in Bendis' New Avengers. Actually not 100% sure either way. I am 100% sure that she tells Peter that she wants a grandchild in Spider-Man The Darkest Hour, a prose novel by Jim Butcher of the Dresden Files fame. The story is not in continuity and if you believed it was at one time, Spider-Verse makes it impossible because it also deals with other beings like Morlun going after Spider-Man. It's a great book though. Lots of Rhino and Black Cat. Married Spider-Man! What's not to love?

  5. Matt Byrd

    Let's face it Marvel has been in the hole of true sales ever since they are editorially driven since "Civil War". Then they put a writer that only cares about his own words on their flagship character book and till we as comic fans stop buying their junk stories nothing will change and we all know this, I think?

  6. Jack

    It wouldn't be hard to undo. Let the MU become convinced (somehow) that Peter was being mind-controlled by Ock, or Scorpio, or Hydra, and that's why Peter was doing crazy things. Everybody everywhere feels sorry for Peter. Peter says in an interview, "I'm a good scientist, but I'm no CEO!". "Why was Spider-Man involved, Peter?" "Oh, we all know what a glory-hog he is. And yet, somehow, I think he knew something was wrong and was trying to help me." Everybody pats Peter on the back sympathetically, and forgets about PI forever. MU citizens have the memories of fruit-flies anyway.

  7. Enigma_2099

    Why does it feel like Slott is basically trying to salt the earth before his eventual departure from this book?

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