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Spider-Man:Quality of Life #4
The Story: Yith, Lizard and Spidey finish their Mini Series with deaths, in a CGI format, done with great precision by the Blue Dream Studio's Scott Christian Sava!
The Good: The Art, as usual. With every issue, Scott's CGI gets better and better, it's kinda like a video game, or game in general, keep going at it, and you'll kick more ass the longer you play! The Story was very touching too, the death of Martha Conners, that's big. Yith turning on her now former business partner was great, just one shot from an Uzi, nice though. I really DO hope to see more comics like this, Scott work is truly amazing.
The Bad: Ok, this is being a nit picking fool, but still I HAVE to say because I'm an idiot: Not too many cars on the streets. I mean usually in NYC the streets are packed with cars, but in defense, I mean its gotta be hell doing each little car as background, background isn't really AS important as the characters themselves.
The Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Greg and Scott pulled off an excellent mini series, and I truly tip my hat to them for their work.

Spider-Man: Quality of Life #3

The Story: Spidey tries to find some info on Monano for the Doc, but Yith gets in the way! And it seems like Billy has fallen a victim to the same thing as his mother!
The Good: The Art. Scott Sava has done an AMAZING job on this series, and I'd bet that there will be more comics like this in the near future! The story is doing good, but one may raise the question: What about Spider-Man: Lifeline?
The Bad: The Bad? Martha and Billy might die. That's DAMN bad....
The Rating: 4 out of 5, these issues are GREAT!

SPIDER-MAN: Quality of Life #2
The Story:
A continuation of last issues pending battle! The battle ran much like this: Yith shoots like crazy, The Lizard runs like hell, ans Spidey gets in the usual! Afterwards, Pete does more research on Monnano, while Curt's son falls victim to the same thing his wife did.
The Good: Another great round of art by Scott, and a very good job on story this time around by Greg. Some of the images I liked best were where Spidey would either Shoot a webline, or be midswing. Another great thing is how Scott did Ben Urich. I always though of Ben the way he did him, the face was how he looks to me. Another thing I loved was the image of Spidey and the Lizard BOTH running from Yith's bullets through the glass.
The Bad: Yith's snake like body was creepy...she looks better when she's where the long skirt. Nothing really else!
The Rating: I give it: a 4 out of 5. Better job on the story this time!

SPIDER-MAN: Quality of Life #1
The Story: A 3-D epic written by Greg Rucka, and art by Scott Sava.  pretty good story, I say. The first seven pages was a chase with Doc Ock and Spidey, and the rest was about Martha Connors illness, caused by some chemicals a company called Monnano used. By the end we see the Lizard unleashed again, and a new female by the name of Yith. The last page showed her with her big guns...and the uzis were big too!
The Good: A very well done story written by Rucka. And the artwork, truly fantastic. It must take Scott sometime to do these issues. I really liked how the Lizard was done. THAT'S how I see the Lizard, as what he is, A LIZARD. Not some dino-like man with a lab coat, black shirt and purple pants. I definately liked the way Scott had everyone. Jonah with his unbuttoned collar, loose tie, rolled up sleeves, and that little Hitler mustache. And Robbie looked how he always should look. Yith...aaahhh Yith...I definately liked Yith up until the point I found out she was a Lizard like being...but she is a pretty good villain non the less.
The Bad:, I didn't quite find anything REALLY REALLY wrong with the comic. The story was so-so this issue, but hopfully next month's issues gonna be good! As this one left, it looks like the next one WILL be good!
The Rating: I give it: a 3.5 out of 5.