asg-28Well Folks, after it’s all been said and done, we’re headed down the home stretch here in Amazing Spider Girl. Sadly, we’re winding down the run on this title, with two issues left, Amazing Spider-Girl, as we know it, will be gone. 30 issues in this day and age is quite an accomplishment, and I believe that the Titanic Trio of creators Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and our Newest and latest interviewee Pal Sal Buscema  have crafted one of the BEST overall series finales that I’ve ever seen, and we’ve yet to read the final two issues. Yes folks, needless to say this issue blew my socks off.
But in case you’re wondering, and this is that pesky announcement that I had laid out on Tuesday, but I will indeed be reviewing the Amazing Spider-M
an Family title, taking the reins from our ever loving version of the Thing, Mr. George Berryman III. Yes Folks, we’ll be reviewing all phases of that title, including their newest feature, starting in issue five, the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL! I mean, what else would you have called it? (NOTE: Checking the internets, I’ve not been able to find actual proof from Tom Brennan, Steve Wacker, or anyone from Marvel saying that’s officially the title. BUT, judging by two things, I can say with almost certainty that this is indeed the title. Proof? Check out Part Two of the Sal Buscema interview featuring Tom and Ron, and also check out Catskill for possible alternate covers for ASG 29 and 30 and ASMF 5. Also, if you want a commission from Ron, as well as others, there is your best bet.)

After such a lenghty Intro, On with our Show.


Grim, Be My Goblin!

Script/Co Plotter: TOM DeFALCO

Pencils/Co-Plotter: RON FRENZ

Inks and Finished Art: SAL BUSCEMA

Story: Okay, from last issue, we have May being attacked by ‘Big Daddy’ Black Tarantula. Now, the reason he is after Mayday is because Araña commandeered May’s body. After Araña kissed BT, he went into a rage, stemming from an as-of-yet unexplained past history of event between the two. Mayday kisses BT, and everything is seemly back to normal. Well, cept for the fact that Araña is falling after May was fighting Nu-May in Araña’s body and May and Araña switched back. Anyway, Araña instantly reconizes the impostor and we cut to Normie deciding to offer himself to Fury for Peter to take the Goblin legacy. After Mayday leaves BT, we get Peter/Norman commenting on how Fury took what she wanted and got it. Still a very creepy scene. Finally after many of issue, May is back where she belongs, with MJ and Benjy, who knows his sister really really well and loves her, a cute cute scene in the middle of all the chaos. Meanwhile Norman/Peter takes out the Good Goblin, BT and Spider-Girl go invade the Order of the Goblin HQ, (where Norman/Peter was created) Araña Sees Nu-May’s true face, (off-panel) Peter kicks Darkdevils butt, and Peter’s clone, Kaine too. Mayday then goes off on Norman, and its revealed that she’s beating up her own father.

After she lets her guard down, Norman beats up May. But being our heroine, she doesn’t give us and We get our final splash page with Mayday, Norman/Peter and Nu-May, with MJ caught in the middle!

THOUGHTS: So we got a Kick butt issue here. Really it is an intense issue, that really goes to explore a plot point that was big during the reluanch days (cira ASM & PPSM Vol 2 25) that the best heir to the Goblin throne is Peter Parker. Far superior to Harry, or little Normie (Big Normie in this universe), it is and terrifyingly, Peter Parker, the only man equal and superior to Norman in every single way, so despite what you may think, this is a GREAT point and for the first time, a real Goblin/Spider-Girl fight, with a big huge conflict, becuase you can SEE Peter is in there, but what do you do? Classic Norman Osborn here folks. Another thing that I’ve not really mentioned in this review is that we also have pretty much confrimed who the Spirit guide of the past four issues is, the Original May Parker.  So this storyline really to me is: ‘The Final Revenge of Norman Osborn’ . It’ll be interesting to see what all goes down on the final two chapters.
From an art stand point? Golden. This book continues to excel every month, the final splash page is incredible. Just beautiful.

Now onto a fun little game that Ron Frenz started on this month’s podcast as to two panels in this months issue that Sal both penciled… and inked.

Personally I think its Page 19 Third Panel. With May fighting the Goblin.

Now Sebastien “Cbasfrench” Roy, Who called into the Podcast had this to say from the Spider-Girl Message Board at Comicboards.

> During the Sal Buscema celebratory podcast with Brad Douglas the other night, Ron Frenz challenged me to find the two pages of Amazing Spider-Girl #28 for which Sal did both the pencilling and inking. If you talk to Ron, tell him I’ve figured it out – I think I did anyways. They are:
> – Counting the Facegroup page with the recap, I would say the seventh page where Black Tarantula sends Chesbro to locate the current NY headquarters of the Goblin Cult and Spider-Girl swings away to run a personal errand, was done by Sal. I’m certain about it.
> – The last page splash, to me, screams Buscema, though I have to admit that I’m really not sure. Finding the first one was easy, but the second one was some tough.
> Tell him I’m waiting for my prize!! lol \:-P
> Sebastien “Cbasfrench” Roy

Now I think he got the first one right, but I think I managed to get the second one. See if YOU the Fans can pick up on if sal drew a panel or not. Leave it on the Message Board here, or in the Comments Below.

FINAL RATING: 5 for 5. This issue was too good to not have it. And Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the first Perfect score of the new year!


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