Rare Ditko Picture Found

Ditko1970sSean Howe who wrote the amazing Marvel Comics: The Untold Story recently discovered a rare 1970s picture of Spider-Man Co-Creator Steve Ditko. I only know of a few pictures of the man, so it’s nice to see another one, even though it’s decades old. 

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  1. Web-Head

    @Lockdown That cover for #700 was a rejected cover for Amazing Fantasy 15. There's no way at all Ditko would come back for anything. Those 41 issues from the 60s are it.

  2. Jeff Gutman

    Ladies and Gentleman, the real Peter Parker.... I do think that Ditko based Peter's appearance on his own - at least up until Peter lost his glasses in ASM#8. Check out Ditko's high school yearbook online sometime. That IS Peter Parker.

  3. hornacek

    Wasn't there a story about when was drawing Rom for Marvel and there was one panel that showed every Marvel superhero and another artist added Spider-Man in the background to make it look like Ditko had drawn Spidey again? Was this mentioned on a podcast or am I imagining that?

  4. Bill

    Awesome pic! Thanks for sharing. Love me some Ditko! I don't know if I agree with his philosophy or politics, but he's definitely one of my favorite artists of all time. It's a shame he had such a bad falling out with Stan that he refused to ever draw even a single image of Spider-Man again. I'm sure at some point over the years Marvel must have offered him a lot of money to do a one shot or even a pin-up, but the man can hold a grudge. Oh well, at least no one can say Steve Ditko doesn't have the courage of his convictions.

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